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I have been creating photographs since the days of polaroids when I lived on John Street in NYC in the early 1970's. As cameras have evolved through the decades, I have used this medium not just for creating art, but also as a form of visual journaling. I've kept diaries, journals and poetry writing throughout the decades and my limited edition artist book, called Venus Unbound, published by Granary Books in NYC uses text from a dozen years of dream journals. Photographs have become a visual diary, keeping track of the many landscapes in which I have lived and worked.

My work hopes to function as a bridge for the mind to the realm of myth and hieroglyph, as a ritual in which the viewer consciously or unconsciously regains contact with the higher realms of consciousness embodied by intuition, mystical unity, and divine play. We are the continuous and conscious witness to our own evolution.

Read more about the artwork I have created for more than 40 years in my Artist's Statement and see my resume for a catalog of exhibitions and information on my collectors.


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