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June 2018 Capricorn Full Moon, Cancer Solar Festival Cosmic Weather Forecast

By Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry on Jun 26, 2018

Cognitive dissonance during hurricane season and the future of real estate values and climate change denial in South Florida. This Full Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Saturn as Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius, creating strong feelings of anxiety, frustration, and anger, but the cosmic climate is conducive to spiritual practices such as channeling, prognostication and meditation.

Summer Solstice, Archangel Uriel and St. John's Day 2018

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jun 18, 2018

Now is the time when the power of the individual to make conscious choices is at its maximum. The Sabian symbol for the first degree of Cancer is "On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one." The revolution has begun. This is a pivotal moment in the annual cycle of seasons, a time to initiate dramatic changes in your world. Where in your world is a revolution needed? Resolve to be true to yourself and your personal beliefs. In truth is strength, and through strength, the world can be renewed.

Love Partners: How To Know When Your Seven Bodies Are In Alignment

By Curtis Lang on May 10, 2008

Compatibility depends upon the subtle energy exchanges between you and your lover, and these exchanges reflect the alignment of all seven bodies.

Festival of Goodwill, Sagittarius Full Moon, Gemini Global Festival Cosmic Weather Forecast and Meditation

By Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry on May 29, 2018

Uranus just entered Taurus. I expect to see technological innovations combined with a growing awareness of the environmental cost of pre-existing and new components of the Industrial Revolution and petroleum based technologies. Conflict between the fossil fuel industries and environmentalists will reach a boiling point.

The Crystal Wisdom of Marcel Vogel: Chapter 8

By Marcel Vogel, edited by Curtis Lang on May 6, 2013

Marcel Vogel's step-by-step guide to conducting a healing session with a Vogel-cut crystal healing wand. We begin with Marcel’s explanation of the origins of human disease. Next a look at the human endocrine system of glands and hormones, which Marcel uses as a transmission system for Universal Life Force energy delivered by the practitioner through the Vogel-cut healing wand during crystal healing sessions.

Rose Cardamom Lassi

By Jane Sherry on Aug 23, 2011

Make this delicious easy healthful and fragrant drink for any special occasion. A lovely way to add fragrance to a Holiday Meal!

Brussel Sprouts Fast & Fancy

By Jane Sherry on Nov 5, 2009

Even people who swear they despise brussel sprouts will love this dish. A great fast & fancy side vegetable dish to grace any autumn or holiday table.

Chapter 5: Sunrise Meditation

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jun 27, 2008

Reflect on the rising sun and reflect on the qualities of the sun you would like to make your own. This meditation combines techniques taught by yoga masters and techniques taught by Aquarian Western teachers.

Beet Soup Recipe

By Jane Sherry on Sep 19, 2007

This delicious healthy spring, summer or autumn soup needs a minimum of ingredients and preparation. I recommend using heirloom beets.