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Lammas, Blessing of the First Harvests

By Jane Sherry & Curtis Lang on Aug 1, 2017

Lammas, heat of the year, blessing of the first harvests, join us in expressing our gratitude for Mother Earth's abundance."Put the dirt as your mother!"

Summer Solstice, Archangel Uriel and St. John's Day 2017

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jun 20, 2017

Now is the time when the power of the individual to make conscious choices is at its maximum. The Sabian symbol for the first degree of Cancer is "On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one." The revolution has begun. This is a pivotal moment in the annual cycle of seasons, a time to initiate dramatic changes in your world. Where in your world is a revolution needed? Resolve to be true to yourself and your personal beliefs. In truth is strength, and through strength, the world can be renewed.

Summer Quinoa Salad with Vegetables served with Tomato, Peach & Corn Relish

By Jane Sherry on Aug 5, 2016

This main course grain & vegetable 'salad' has been the hit dish of this summer season in our household for home or pot luck meals. The cooked quinoa, mixed with roast potatoes or tofu along with the freshest just cooked green vegetables from the farmer's market, lightly seasoned with the tastes of summer, make this dish not only easy to prepare but delicious to eat & filled with protein for someone on a vegetarian diet!

Yummy Quick & Easy Zucchini Soup

By Jane Sherry on Apr 2, 2016

Summer time staple!! Zucchini Soup, nourishing, fast, simple & one way to use up that preponderance of Zucchinis!

Chapter 5: Sunrise Meditation

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jun 27, 2008

Reflect on the rising sun and reflect on the qualities of the sun you would like to make your own. This meditation combines techniques taught by yoga masters and techniques taught by Aquarian Western teachers.

August 2017 Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse, Leo Solar Festival Cosmic Weather Forecast

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Aug 4, 2017

Cosmic weather patterns indicate a stormy month, suffused with the fogs of astral glamours, and prone to the eruption of severe individual and collective conflicts, during a time of intense retrograde planetary movements, signaling potential difficulty in pursuing our goals and in dealing with conflicts that may arise. However if we can harmonize Higher Mind with our egotistical rational consciousness, we will find that inspiration, creativity, and spiritual practices are dramatically enhanced.

July 2017 Full Moon in Capricorn, Cancer Solar Festival Cosmic Weather Forecast

By Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry on Jul 9, 2017

The Cancer Full Moon puts the Cosmic focus on relationships and families, governed by Cancer as Great Mother. The incendiary nature of this Full Moon T-square/weak Cardinal Cross indicates the potential for simmering relationship issues to boil over in unexpected ways. It's important to remain calm in the face of perceived provocation, and to keep firmly focused on the big picture, rather than being triggered by passing emotional squalls or slights.

Spirits of Stone: Chapter 7 -- Quartz Crystals and Digital Technology

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jan 14, 2016

The digital age is powered by quartz crystals. Pierre and Jacques Curie first demonstrated the piezoelectric effect in quartz crystals in 1880, stimulating a flood of technological advances utilizing quartz crystals. Who could have predicted at that time that experiments using tin foil, glue, magnets, wire and a jeweler's saw would set the stage for the development of electric guitars, radar, sonar, computers, and a vast range of digital technologies within the next 100 years?

Psychic Self Defense

By Jane Sherry on Sep 20, 2010

Do you ever feel overly impacted by the emotional turmoil around you at home, work or out in the world? Or by the moods of your loved ones? Do you wonder if the emotions you are feeling sometimes aren't your own? Do you feel that sometimes when you walk into a room, that your energy changes to reflect whatever's going on around you? Empathy is the forerunner of compassion, and therefore a potentially very positive experience. However there is a danger involved in the empathic experience we should all understand.

Beet Soup Recipe

By Jane Sherry on Sep 19, 2007

This delicious healthy spring, summer or autumn soup needs a minimum of ingredients and preparation. I recommend using heirloom beets.