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Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro
Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro

Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.75" x .875" x .875"

Shipping Weight: 16 oz.


Price: $3,500.00


This magnificent museum-quality hand-carved 1.75 inch high Amber Buddha's Head pendant, weighing 18 grams or .64 ounces, was designed and hand carved by Pedro Michel, a talented artist and shamanic practitioner who resides in Tokyo, Japan.

Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro Michel

The Amber Buddha Head pendant comes complete with a leather cord threaded through the top of the pendant in its own jewelry box for safekeeping.

Pedro Michel is a magical artisan from Mexico who creates Sacred Gemstone Art to wear & place on your altar. Pedro's work is in museums around the world. Pedro is a practitioner of Mystery School teachings of East & West including Shamanism, Sankhya Yoga, sacred geometry and the art & magic of working with sacred gemstones. Pedro's work is imbued with a deep beauty & powerful energy signature that makes each of his gemstone creations a valued collector's item and a Lightworker's power tool. Each gemstone is selected for its esoteric properties to resonate specifically with the Deity or Angel depicted.

Pedro traveled throughout Asia cataloguing, photographing and collecting sacred imagery from temples, shrines and stupas, and now faithfully reproduces these authentic sacred objects into miniature artworks that can be worn around the neck! 

This Buddha head displays many of the iconographical elements that are so well known to Buddhist practitioners and art historians worldwide. The Buddha has a tranquil facial expression, with eyes closed and a relaxed mouth indicating the Buddha's immersion in a meditative state, beyond the emotions of happiness or sadness that might by indicated by upturned or downturned lips.

The Buddha is depicted with a dot between his eyebrows, called the uma, indicating that the Buddha's third eye is activated and energized, and referring to the Buddha's supernal clairvoyant vision which penetrates all the worlds with equal ease.

Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro Michel

The Buddha's elongated earlobes are a reference to his power to heal suffering human beings, which is based in large part on the Buddha's incomparable ability to listen to the complaints of all humanity, and to hear the messages about their karmic state which unerlie their conscious and unconscious prayers and plaints.

The Buddha has short curly hair on his head to indicate that the Prince had cut off the royal topknot which was the perogative of royal families in that day and place. Historical accounts of the life of Buddha indicate that he actually had a shaved head, but artistic license is used in most Buddhist iconography to depict Buddha's hair as neither short nor long, a metaphor for his famed Middle Path of spiritual attainment.

Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro Michel

There is also a three dimensional oval on top of this Buddha head, which is also seen in various Japanese and Chinese depictions of the Buddha's head, which is called the Ushnisha. This Ushnisha is thought to represent a spiritual crown, and perhaps the energy that flows into and out of the open crown chakra which signifies the attainment of enlightenment. In this depiction of the Buddha's head this oval is also covered with curls, and is no doubt a reference to the Princely topknot Buddha sacrificed as he entered his spiritual path to enlightenment. 

The Metaphyiscal and Mineralogical Properties of Amber

Amber is one of the few non-mineral gemstones popular with lovers of fine jewelry throughout the ages. Amber is fossilized tree sap which is on average 30-90 million years old. Amber talismans and other amber artifacts dating from the Stone Age abound in archaeological sites in Prussia, Denmark and Schlesswig-Holstein.

Amber is a stone of purification, cleansing and personal empowerment, sacred to Shamanistic practitioners and spiritual healers around the world for aeons of time. Crystal healers use amber to transmute negative energies into positive energies. Prehistoric shamanistic practices included the burning of amber in fire ceremonies designed to cleanse the environment of all detrimental influences.

Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro MichelAmber is considered to be a golden stone of manifestation, empowering the bearer to manifest their desires and dreams into material reality, bringing love into one's life, strengthening marriage vows, and bringing good luck and protection to spiritual warriors. 

In Greek mythology, Phaeton, beloved son of the Sun-God Helios, borrowed his father's chariot, the vehicle of the Sun, and drove the chariot too close to the Earth, scorching the landscape. Zeus, enraged at this rash disruption of the harmoy of the spheres, hurled a thunderbolt at the young upstart, catapaulting him to his death, plunging him into the river Eridanus. "In pity for the unceasing grief of Phaëthon’s sisters, Zeus turned them into poplars, from which, it was believed, their tears oozed forth and became amber, the stone of light; a poetic fancy due to the association of êlectron 'amber' with êlectôr 'the beaming sun,' " explains British Hellenic scholar L.C.L. Smyth in his description of Aeschylus' lost play The Heliades.

Amber played a role in our early understanding of electricity. If you rub amber on a piece of wool it becomes charged with static electricity in the form of electrons. Place a feather on the ground or a table below the amber and the strong negative charge in the amber will repel the electrons in the feather. Electrons will travel into the ground below the feather, leaving the feather with a net positive charge, and then the feather will be attracted to the amber. Remember that according to the law of attraction, opposites attract. The modern term electron was coined in 1891 by the Irish physicist George Stoney, using the Greek word for amber, because of its electrostatic properties
Hand Carved Amber Buddha Pendant by Pedro Michel

The golden color of amber signals a resonance with the crown chakra, which is considered to be gold, violet or white in the Western chakra system. Working on the seventh, or crown chakra, amber opens the gateway to Higher Mind, strengthening the energetic connection between the personality and the Higher Self, and helping us to achieve conscious awareness of our Higher Purpose in everything we do and say throughout our busy lives.

This gemstone pendant has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires. 

Use this powerful gemstone pendant with loving wisdom and respect its long journey in the Earth that has lasted for many long historical cycles. 

Above weight is shipping weight. Net weight of this pendant is .64 ounces or 18 grams.