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MASSIVE PRICE DROP: Giant Blue Topaz Teardrop Gemstone
MASSIVE PRICE DROP: Giant Blue Topaz Teardrop Gemstone MASSIVE PRICE DROP: Giant Blue Topaz Teardrop Gemstone MASSIVE PRICE DROP: Giant Blue Topaz Teardrop Gemstone MASSIVE PRICE DROP: Giant Blue Topaz Teardrop Gemstone MASSIVE PRICE DROP: Giant Blue Topaz Teardrop Gemstone

MASSIVE PRICE DROP: Giant Blue Topaz Teardrop Gemstone

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.75" x 1.25" x 0.75"

Shipping Weight: 10 oz.


Price: $999.00


MASSIVE PRICE DROP: Original retail price was $1575, NOW ONLY $999, 37% OFF original retail price!

This rare, gorgeous, natural, untreated, unheated teardrop shaped, highly faceted AAA Brazilian Blue Topaz oval gemstone, weighing 195 carats, or 1.4 ounces, comes from the province of Rondonia, in Northwest Brazil.

We obtained this gorgeous specimen from a mine owning family in Brazil we have known for years, and we are certain that it is indeed all natural and untreated. The color alone is evidence of its authenticity, since this natural, untreated gemstone ranges from bright turquoise to sky blue, with occasional zones of dark blue in AAA speciments. and heat treated blue topaz is a very different darker blue. This natural Brazilian blue topaz gemstone is also infused with zones of deep blue coloration and exhibits amazing translucent brilliance.

Giant Blue Topaz Teardrop Gemstone

This gemstone measures 1.75 inches by 1.25 inchrd wide and .75 inches deep, so the stone has enough depth to generate substantial bling.

Metaphysical and Mineralogical Properties of Blue Topaz

Topaz is an extremely hard gemstone composed of Aluminum Fluorsilicate, which often grows as orthorhombic crystals in igneous, high-temperature rock formations. Gem quality Topaz can be found in a variety of colors, from colorless to pale greenish-yellow, yellow, orange-yellow and even blue.

Topaz is a prismatic crystal which seems to hold the qualities of the etheric, both as an attractor and as a conductor. It aids in manifestation through catalytic action "while the vibratory resonance acts with an ethereal magnetic effect" and can be used to manifest health and to "correct disorders of the body" according to Melody. She further states in her book, "Love is in the Earth" that topaz is "a stone of true love and success in all endeavors".

Giant Blue Topaz Teardrop Gemstone

Topaz gets its name from the ancient Red Sea island once known as "Topazios", now called St. John's. Legend has it that the word "Topazios" meant "to seek" and that the island where this stone was first found was always surrounded by thick fog, making access to the stone difficult at best. 

Topaz has been considered a valuable spiritual ally by the African bushmen for millennia.Their shamanic practitioners have used Topaz in traditional healing ceremonies, to connect with spirits departed from the Earth plane, and especially to attract wealth and health. 

Topaz is known as a stone of love and worldly success. Topaz infuses the wearer with confidence while dispelling the fog of self-doubts and expels negativity from the user while encouraging attitudes of playfulness, joy and creativity. For these reasons, Topaz is thought to be the ideal stone to strengthen attitudes and energies of self-love.

Giant Blue Topaz Teardrop Gemstone

Blue Topaz is a rare find indeed, and resonates with the energy of the throat chakra, which is associated with the color blue in the Western chakra system. Blue Topaz assists us in speaking our own truth, in a way that is easily understood by others, and thus is indicated for those working in theater, electronic media, and other activities requiring good communications skills. Blue Topaz also helps us to manifest our own inner truth, our Higher Purpose, all those goals and desires which align with our own best and highest good and which promote the achivement of the best and highest good of all those with whom we are connected in this life.

The energy of Blue Topaz is tremendously supportive of deep meditation in which the egoistic personality is uplifted to the Higher Realms where Higher Mind and Cosmic Consciousness reside.

The Star: Tarot Trump XVIIIn meditation with this Blue Topaz Gemstone, Jane and I connected directly with the energy of the Great Mother in her aspect as the Goddess of the Starry Night Sky, depicted by Tarot Trump #17, The Star.

Jane and I felt a tremendous sense of relaxation within the body, and an an emotional releasing which loosened the grip of various negative emotions with which we were struggling prior to the meditation session with Blue Topaz. The relaxation of physical and emotional bodies was followed by a sense of mental ascension, a strong feeling of connecting to realms of Universal consciousness often depicted in art and mysticism by pictures of the starry night sky.

Best of all, the Blue Topaz triggered a meditation experience characterized by a feeling of being filled with the energy of the Star Goddess, which is electric, cool, heating, and soothing. Mental activity resolves into Silence and a felt sense of the peace which passeth understanding.

The Blue Topaz energy signature resonates with the very highest frequency of energy associated with the Great Goddess in her role as creatrix and sustainer of the Universe. The color of brilliant electric blue and the seven-sided star are associated with the transcendent energy signature of the Goddess Nuith, the Egyptian Goddess of the Night Sky, who is associated with divinely ordained synchronicities, the bliss of unconditional love blessed by harmonious constellations of stars, and the "mystico unio" of adepts on the path of meditation.

As with all of our crystals and jewelry at Satya Center, these are first cleaned and cleared with Reiki energy, color and prayer, and then given a Reiki attunement.

Note: Weight above is shipping weight. Net weight 39 grams, 1.4 ounces or 195 carats.