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DT Bridge Lithium Wand
DT Bridge Lithium Wand DT Bridge Lithium Wand DT Bridge Lithium Wand

DT Bridge Lithium Wand

Dimensions (HxWxD): 2" x .4" x .25"

Shipping Weight: 9.6 oz.


Price: $15.00

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This DT Mauve Keystone Lithium Wand comes from Piatã, Bahia in Brazil, weighs over 1 1/2 ounces and is around 2.5 inches in length. 

This is an especially heavy variety of Lithium Quartz. This unique Lithium Point has beautiful energy and tremendous power, which will soothe you & quiet the mind.

This Lithium point displays a prominent keystone crystal protruding from the shaft, at the female termination tip.

DT Bridge Lithium Wand

This is a good piece to use in energy treatments or to place on your altar.  It is a perfect size to place in your pocket, to sleep with at night either in your left hand or under your pillow or to place in a medicine bag. Sleeping with Lithium will certainly assist you in achieving a more restful sleep! This lovely lithium point would be ideal for use in acupressure treatments. The points are clearly defined but not razor sharp.

Mineralogical and Metaphysical Properties of Bridge Crystals

Bridge crystals are crystals which partially penetrate and partially extrude from, larger crystal formations. Such crystals help the individual bridge the gap between self and others, reducing the illusion of separation. In addition bridge crystals help the individual traverse the abyss between the material and spiritual worlds, and establish communication with Beings of Light inhabiting higher worlds, and with extraterrestrial intelligences of all kinds.

DT Bridge Lithium Wand

Mineralogical and Metaphysical Properties of Lithium Quartz

Our Lithium Quartz Crystal Points are from the township of Piatã in Bahia, Brazil.  To date, this region of Brazil is the only place on Earth where this beautiful Lithium Quartz is found, and annual production of this mineral is small.  Most Lithium Quartz specimens found are single points, and while clusters do exist, they are quite rare (and very expensive).

Lithium Quartz Crystal is pure clear quartz with inclusions of magenta-colored, lavender or pinkish grey mineral inclusions containing Lithium.

DT Bridge Lithium Wand

It is the presence of the Lithium that makes this Quartz Crystal so special.  The Lithium contained in this Quartz is the same mineral used in antidepressant medication, but in its pure form as it comes out of the Earth.  When combined with Clear Quartz, the natural antidepressant properties of Lithium are amplified.

Lithium Quartz brings emotional peace, stress release, and relaxation. A powerful, yet gentle healer, Lithium Quartz balances the brain and the emotions. Lithium Quartz uplifts the mental and emotional bodies, and gently moves repressed anger and grief to the surface for healing. Lithium Quartz Crystal can also heal emotional issues from past lives.

Lithium Quartz can also activate and cleanse all of the Chakras. In Reiki and crystal healing sessions with our clients, and in self-treatment, we have found Lithium Quartz to induce deep relaxation in the most recalcitrant subjects, and to calm and soothe physcial, emotional and mental turbulence. For this reason, Lithium Quartz is also a desirable meditational aid.

We also find that just having lithium quartz around enhances a feeling of centered calm in any environment.

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires. 
We know that you will use this powerful crystal with loving wisdom and respect its long journey in the Earth that has lasted for many long historical cycles. This crystal is a powerful tool, a love-gift from the Divine Mother.

Note: Above weight is shipping weight. Actual Weight is 45 grams or 1.59 ounces.