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Temporary Store Closing While We Move, 

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Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown
Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown

Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.3" x 0.85" x 0.25"

Shipping Weight: 12 oz.


Price: $199.00


This beautiful purple Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown exhibits a lovely swirling pattern of lavender and deep violet and has a pearlescent appearance caused by the striations of mineral fibers beneath the surface of the stone. 

Use this powerful & lovely stone to help align your life with your Higher Purpose. You can use this stone in pockets, in healing work or to simply enjoy its Beauty & connection to the Divine. 

Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown

Charoite is known as an Ascension Stone because of Charoite's violet-lilac coloration, which is associated with the crown chakra in the Western chakra system, The Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic and the Violet Flame of the Ascended Master Count St. Germain.

Morganite is a pink gemstone which is mineralogically a sister stone of the emerald. Morganite is used to energize and activate the heart chakra, to help heal emotional wounds of all kinds, and to assist in the development of Self-Love.

The combination of Charoite and Morganite helps to activate and energize the higher chakras, uniting heart and crown, and assists the bearer in steering a path in life that closely reflects one's Higher Purpose.

Mineralogical and Metaphysical Properties of Charoite

Charoite is a rare silicate mineral from Russia, where it was discovered in Siberia in 1978, so this is a relatively new mineral for both collectors and Lightworkers. Charoite is a silky, vitreous, translucent mineral that varies in coloration from violet to deep lilac, and exhibits a striking fibrous texture, which sometimes produces lovely swirls of texture and color, making this gemstone a favorite of jewelers.

Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown

Charoite is known as a stone of alchemical transformation, facilitating attunement with one's life purpose, helping transmute negative behavior patterns, healing deeply held fears and the spiritual scars left by traumatic events in our lives.

Charoite is said to strengthen the will forces when they are directed in pursuit of the higher purpose, giving courage to pursue the path of Spirit in our lives.

Charoite can also strengthen the connection with inner spiritual guidance when used during meditation or while doing conscious "dreamwork".

These properties are related to Charoite's energy signature.

Charoite is known as an Ascension Stone because of Charoite's violet-lilac coloration, which is associated with the crown chakra in the Western chakra system. 

The color violet is the color of the seventh, or crown chakra, in the human energy body, and the Violet Ray is the Seventh of the Seven Rays of Creation. The Seventh Ray is one aspect of the Holy Spirit, a combination of the blue flame of faith and the pink flame of love.

Count St. GermainThe Ascended Master who is Master of the Seventh Ray is Count St. Germain, the eighteenth century reincarnation of the Western Mystic and Adept Christian Rosenkreuz, apochryphal founder of the Rosicrucian Order. The Seventh Ray focus greatly on the use of ceremonial magic and alchemy to purify and transmute the lower, animal instincts of humanity into higher impulses, higher thought-forms, more evolved emotional states, and more purified energetic signatures at all levels of being.

In the pantheon of modern day New Age Guides and Teachers, the Count Saint Germain is called "The World Teacher" and "The Master of the Violet Ray" and is thought to communicate mind-to-mind with many, many students around the world. There is thought to be a large contingent of his students alive today in the United States, the center of modern Empire, just as Paris was the center of European Empire at the time of St. Germain.

Many New Age students of St. Germain utilize crystals and gemstones in their spiritual practice, for healing and in meditation, in a modern alchemical quest for Higher Self, Higher Mind and Higher Purpose. Modern New Age practice encompasses a belief in the theory of karma and reincarnation. The belief in reincarnation has its roots in the Hindu and Egyptian Mystery School traditions, and is fundamental to the Greek Mystery School Tradition of the pre-Socratic philosophers, as we discuss at great length in the online E-Book “Spirits of Stone: A Lightworker's Guide to Crystals for Healing and Meditation.

New Age students of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings often utilize crystals and gemstones, along with meditation techniques, Reiki and past life regression therapy to access memories of past lives, and to release the detrimental patterns of behavior, negative emotions and outmoded mental maps of the world imprinted in our cells, our hearts, our minds and our karma from traumas experienced aeons ago.

Many of these modern acolytes of the Great Alchemist utilize crystals and gemstones thought to resonate with the energy vibration of the Violet Ray, under the guidance of Master St. Germain for purification and to raise the kundalini energy in a quest for Unity Consciousness. 

Mineralogical and Metaphysical Properties of Morganite

Morganite is a form of beryl, or beryllium aluminum silicate, composed of hexagonal crystals, which can reach gigantic sizes of up to 9 meters long, weighing several tons. Beryl occurs most frequently as grayish-white, yellowish-white or pale blue-green crystals, but there are several gemstone varieties of beryl, including emerald (green), aquamarine (blue) and morganite (rose).

Morganite has an affinity with the heart chakra, which is often associated with the color pink or rose in New Age systems of thought. Crystal healers use morganite to vivify, strengthen, and open the heart chakra. Morganite is said to help develop loving relationships, to strengthen existing love relationships, and to help the bearer understand and manifest balanced relationships between loved ones, between the sexes, and between the races.

Charoite Pendant with Oval Morganite Gemstone Crown

Morganite has been used for millennia as an aid to social interactions by communities of indigenous peoples around the world, because this magical stone promotes the experience of brotherhood and sisterhood among those involved in group activities. When used in a group setting, morganite facilitates heart-felt speech and heart-felt listening by all parties.

Morganite is also a crystal containing the energetic records of past civilizations, and is suitable for use as a "story stone" by intuitives and clairvoyants who can tune into the energetic recordings contained within the crystal, which were captured during the many, many millennia of the crystal's growth cycle.

This crystal has been cleaned and charged with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energetic attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing so it will continue to channel and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also been cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires.

Use this powerful crystal with loving care and respect its long evolutionary journey deep in the Earth, which has developed its unique metaphysical properties and beautiful appearance.

This pendant comes with a simple sterling silver chain which will sit upon the heart chakra, where it will be of most beneficial resonance.

Note: Weight above is shipping weight. Average weight of this pendant is .25 oz. or 7.1 grams. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly in appearance. Each piece is guaranteed to be beautiful and to meet with your complete satisfaction!