We Are Closed Through July 8, 2020 For the Holiday

Most Inventory is Pre-Covid, New Inventory is All Cleaned! Stay Healthy!




We Are Closed Through July 8, 2020 For the Holiday

Most Inventory is Pre-Covid, New Inventory is All Cleaned! Stay Healthy!


Mother of Pearl Kuan Yin w/ BiColor Tourmaline
Mother of Pearl Kuan Yin w/ BiColor Tourmaline Mother of Pearl Kuan Yin w/ BiColor Tourmaline

Mother of Pearl Kuan Yin w/ BiColor Tourmaline

Dimensions (HxWxD): 2" x 1.25" x 0.125"

Shipping Weight: 14 oz.


Price: $329.00


This beautiful figure of Kuan Yin, Mother of Compassion, is carved directly onto Mother of Pearl, and crowned with a large rectangular sea-foam green and pale pink Watermelon Tourmaline rectangular gemstone. It comes with its own sterling silver chain in its own velvet jewelry box. Kuan Yin is shown here standing in long, flowing white robes upon a giant lotus flower, holding a sacred vase containing the spiritual quintessence of healing herbs, in a gesture of beneficence and blessing.

Mother of Pearl is a strong, iridescent composite material produced by some members of the mollusk family as an inner layer of their protective shells. Pearls and the pearly inside of pearl oyster and pearl mussel shells are composed of Mother of Pearl, or nacre. Mother of Pearl is composed of both organic and inorganic material fused by the mollusk into the extremely luminous, mysterious material with its characteristic silver sheen so highly prized by jewelers, collectors and Lightworkers around the world.

Mother of Pearl Kwan Yin Pendant with Bi-Color Tourmaline Gemstone Crown

Pearls have traditionally been considered stones of good fortune, and especially fortunate for lovers. Pearls have been given for centuries as tokens of love, and were thought to strengthen marriages and love relationships.

The pearl is also considered to be a stone of purity, and is considered to be helpful for all those who wish to enhance purity of body, mind and spirit, especially as part of their spiritual practice. Crystal healers use pearls to treat digestive disorders, to increase fertility and to aid in childbirth.

The combination of Mother of Pearl and bi-color pink-green tourmaline provides tremendous support for those who wish to open their hearts as part of their Ascension practices, and helps connect the opened heart with Higher Mind, the Eternal Witness within us all.

Tourmaline is the name given to a family of minerals forming hard, slender vertically striated prismatic crystals, often hexagonal or rhombohedral in shape, with a high specific gravity, classified as complex aluminum borosilicate.

Like quartz, tourmaline crystals will generate an electrical charge when pressure is applied in the direction of the vertical axis. This is called piezoelectricity. In addition, some tourmaline will generate an electrical charge when heated.

Tourmaline is the birthstone for the month of October and the Zodiacal sign of Libra. In ancient Hindu tradition, the tourmaline is a stone of motivation, which impels the wearer toward the good, and a "teller" stone that gives insight in times of duress and can identify sources of distress in the wearer's environment.

Shamanic practitioners in African, Native American and Aboriginal tribes used tourmaline for centuries to provide protection from physical danger and to amplify healing powers.

Common tourmaline is black, and the lighter colors, such as blue and light green, are much more rare. The colors in the stones are created by the presence of various metallic ions such as iron, titanium, chromium, and others. The various colors of tourmaline are associated with the seven primary chakras within the human aura.

Metaphysically speaking, green tourmaline is an excellent stone used to open the heart chakra, imparting a feeling of love, peace, serenity & deep compassion for all living beings. Green tourmaline, also known as a Brazilian Emerald, is associated with the heart chakra. Green tourmaline helps us to see with the heart, to combine a masculine strength with compassionate creativity, and to facilitate the study and practice of agriculture and herbalism for nurturing and healing. Wear this color to help when communicating with devas and nature spirits. In addition, green tourmaline is said to help connect the heart with the third eye, facilitating clairvoyance and fostering a deep experience of Unity with Universal Creation.

Pink tourmaline is also a gemstone used by crystal healers to help soothe the wounded heart, and to assist in releasing emotional traumas from early childhood, past love affairs and even past life karma. Pink tourmaline provides a feeling of safety and security to the bearer so that the process of opening the heart can take place without anxiety, worry or fear. For those who wish to cultivate compassion and be of service in the world, pink tourmaline is a very powerful ally.

Legends of the Life of Kuan Yin

There are many stories about the life of Kuan Yin, however the basic theme that is reiterated again and again is as follows. Kuan Yin was a devout Buddhist, often said to be a Princess, who despite her royal upbringing had a much greater attachment to the Spiritual world than the royal court where she and her family lived.

After a life of devotion, self-sacrifice and compassion in which she is said to have been instrumental in the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of her Father, and others, at the moment of her death, Kuan Yin arrived at the Gates of the Buddha Realms, and was offered the opportunity to join the all-male gathering of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in their abode, far beyond this Universe, and beyond even the Realms of the Gods, the place which is no place, Nirvana.

At that moment, Kuan Yin heard a cry for help from a stricken soul in the Earthly realm far, far below. She responded immediately as follows: “Never will I seek nor receive private, individual salvation; never will I enter into final peace alone; but forever and everywhere will I live and strive for the redemption of every creature throughout the world from the bonds of conditioned existence.” This is known as the Kuan Yin vow.

The Buddhist monk and translator Kumarajiva referred to the female form of Kuan Yin in his Chinese translation of the Lotus Sutra in 406 A.D. According to Buddhist scholar Dr. Gene Reeves, In the Lotus Sutra the Bodhisattva Inexhaustible Mind asks, ‘For what reason does the Bodhisattva Kuan-shih-yin have the name Kuan-shih-yin?’ Then Shakyamuni Buddha explains that if anyone who is suffering calls Avalokiteshvara's name with all their heart, they will immediately be heard and will be able to free themselves from suffering.”


The Pu-Men Chapter of the Lotus Sutra

World-Honored One!
May I ask once more
The reason that  this holy Bodhisattva

Is named as Kuan Yin?
The World-Honored One replied
By uttering this song:

She responds well to all places in all directions!.
The echoes of her holy deeds
Resound throughout the world.
Her broad vows as deep as the ocean.

When, after countless aeons
Of serving countless Buddhas,
She pledged great and pure vows
To liberate afflicted beings.
Now listen carefully to the results.

To hear her name or see her image
Or sincerely and mindfully recite her name,
She delivers beings from every  woe.

If someone is malicious
Pushing you into a pit of fire,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would turn the pit of fire into a pool!

Were you adrift upon the sea
With dragon-fish and demons around you,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would spare you from the hungry waves.

Suppose from
Mount Sumeru's peak
Some enemy should cast you down,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
And sun-like you would float in space.

Were you pursued by evil men
And crushed against the IronMountain,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
And not a hair would come to harm.

Were you chased by a band of thieves,
Their cruel knives now raised to slay,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
And their minds would immediately develop compassion.

Suppose the King was extremely angry at you,
The headsman's sword upraised to strike,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would dash the sword to pieces.

Were you in jail by prison walls,
Your wrists and ankles bound with chains,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would instantly obtain release.

Were you cursed or poisoned,
And lay now in the danger,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would send the spells back & nullify its poison.

Were you surrounded by demons
Or harmful dragons and ghosts,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
And none would dare to do any harm.

Did savage beasts press all around
With fearful fangs, ferocious claws,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would make them run off quickly.


Meditation on the Kuan Yin Vow

“If you are unable to exchange your happiness for the suffering of other beings, you have no hope of attaining Buddhahood or even of happiness in this lifetime.

If one whom I have helped my best and from whom I expect much harms me in an inconceivable way, may I regard that person as my best teacher.

I consider all living beings more precious than 'wish-fulfilling gems', a motivation to achieve the greatest goal: So may I at all times care for them.”-- Raghavan Iyer

This Kuan Yin gemstone pendant has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires.

Note: Above weight is shipping weight. Net weight is 12 grams or .423 ounces. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly in appearance. Each piece is guaranteed to be beautiful and to meet with your complete satisfaction!!