We Are Closed Through July 8, 2020 For the Holiday

Most Inventory is Pre-Covid, New Inventory is All Cleaned! Stay Healthy!




We Are Closed Through July 8, 2020 For the Holiday

Most Inventory is Pre-Covid, New Inventory is All Cleaned! Stay Healthy!


Blue Green Slim Congo Tourmaline Gem

Blue Green Slim Congo Tourmaline Gem

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.35" x 0.3" x 0.33"

Shipping Weight: 12 oz.


Price: $750.00


This beautiful bright virtually water clear 19.97 carat Blue Green Congo Tourmaline is clearly a gemstone quality specimen. It would make a terrific addition to any mineral & gem collection, sacred altar or to beautify any space into which it is placed. It would be a welcome addition to any healing practitioner's room during a Reiki treatment or any other form of energy and body work.

Common tourmaline is black, and the lighter colors, such as blue and light green, are much more rare. The colors in the stones are created by the presence of various metallic ions such as iron, titanium, chromium, and others. The various colors of tourmaline are associated with the seven primary chakras within the human aura.

Metaphysically speaking, green tourmaline is an excellent stone of the heart chakra, imparting a feeling of love, peace, serenity & deep compassion for all living beings.

Blue tourmaline is associated with the throat chakra, and assists the bearer in connecting with his or her own individual truth and destiny, in communicating their own personal truth to others, and in achieving success in all endeavors related to mass communication. In addition, blue-green tourmaline assists the bearer in opening the doorways to spiritual worlds, and to connecting with Higher Mind and Higher Self, facilitating inner conversation with one's own Personal Guardian Angel.

Tourmaline is the name given to a family of minerals forming hard, slender vertically striated prismatic crystals, often hexagonal or rhombohedral in shape, with a high specific gravity, classified as complex aluminum borosilicate.

Like quartz, tourmaline crystals will generate an electrical charge when pressure is applied in the direction of the vertical axis. This is called piezoelectricity. In addition, some tourmaline will generate an electrical charge when heated.

Tourmaline is the birthstone for the month of October and the Zodiacal sign of Libra. In ancient Hindu tradition, the tourmaline is a stone of motivation, which impels the wearer toward the good, and a "teller" stone that gives insight in times of duress and can identify sources of distress in the wearer's environment.

Shamanic practitioners in African, Native American and Aboriginal tribes have used tourmaline for centuries to provide protection from physical danger and to amplify healing powers.

Green tourmaline, also known as a Brazilian Emerald, is associated with the heart chakra. Green tourmaline helps us to see with the heart, to combine a masculine strength with compassionate creativity, and to facilitate the study and practice of agriculture and herbalism for nurturing and healing. Wear this color to help when communicating with devas and nature spirits. In addition, green tourmaline is said to help connect the heart with the third eye, facilitating clairvoyance and fostering a deep experience of Unity with Universal Creation.

You can read more about crystals in our article "Using Quartz Crystals in Digital Technology, Healing and Meditation"or you can read about Marcel Vogel and crystal healing in that article.

As with all of our crystals, this has been cleaned, cleared with sunlight (or moon as is appropriate to the stone), color & prayer and love & given an energetic attunement using Reiki energies, a Japanese technique of energy healing so it will continue to channel and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It comes to you ready to program according to your own desires & to use with reverence for our Mother Earth.

Above weight is shipping weight. Net weight is 19.97 carats.