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Large Faceted Amethyst Round Stud Earrings
Large Faceted Amethyst Round Stud Earrings Large Faceted Amethyst Round Stud Earrings Large Faceted Amethyst Round Stud Earrings Large Faceted Amethyst Round Stud Earrings

Large Faceted Amethyst Round Stud Earrings

Dimensions (HxWxD): .75" x .75" x .50"

Shipping Weight: 8 oz.


Price: $125.00


These beautiful Large Faceted Amethyst Round Stud Earrings are made with gorgeous, vibrant violet Amethyst gemstones and are rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing.

These earrings come in a velveteen jewelry box for you to store it in for safe keeping.

Faceted Amethyst Round Stud Earrings

Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is the gemstone variety of quartz, produced by the presence of manganese in clear quartz crystal. Increments of iron within the crystal as it formed vary the color of the amethyst, which ranges from pale lilac to deep purple. Amethyst has been popular with royalty, sages, mystics and magicians for centuries.

Faceted Amethyst Round Stud Earrings

“Fine amethysts are featured in the British Crown Jewels and were also a favorite of Catherine the Great and Egyptian royalty,” according to the International Colored Gemstone Association.

“Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that amethyst was able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence,” according to the ICGA website.

“Because amethyst was thought to encourage celibacy and symbolize piety, amethyst was very important in the ornamentation of Catholic and other churches in the Middle Ages. It was, in particular, considered to be the stone of bishops and they still often wear amethyst rings,” continues the ICGA. “In Tibet, amethyst is considered to be sacred to Buddha and rosaries are often fashioned from it.”

Amethyst resonates with the energy signature of the Violet Ray and the Violet Flame.

Count St. GermainIn the pantheon of modern day New Age Guides and Teachers, the Count de Saint Germain is called The World Teacher and The Master of the Violet Ray and is thought to communicate mind-to-mind with many, many students around the world. There is thought to be a large contingent of his students alive today in the United States, the center of modern Empire, just as Paris was the center of European Empire at the time of St. Germain.

Many New Age students of St. Germain utilize crystals and gemstones in their spiritual practice, for healing and in meditation, in a modern alchemical quest for Higher Self, Higher Mind and Higher Purpose. Modern New Age practice encompasses a belief in the theory of karma and reincarnation. The belief in reincarnation has its roots in the Hindu and Egyptian Mystery School traditions, and is fundamental to the Greek Mystery School Tradition of the pre-Socratic philosophers, as we discuss at great length in the online E-Book Spirits of Stone: A Lightworker's Guide to Crystals for Healing and Meditation.

New Age students of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings often utilize crystals and gemstones, along with meditation techniques, Reiki and past life regression therapy to access memories of past lives, and to release the detrimental patterns of behavior, negative emotions and outmoded mental maps of the world imprinted in our cells, our hearts, our minds and our karma from traumas experienced aeons ago. These practices can be supercharged by the use of amethyst and by the invocation of the Violet Flame of St. Germain.

Many of these modern acolytes of the Great Alchemist also utilize crystals and gemstones thought to resonate with the energy vibration of the Violet Ray, such as amethyst, under the guidance of Master St. Germain, for purification and to raise the kundalini energy in a quest for Unity Consciousness. 

Faceted Amethyst Round Stud Earrings

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires. 


Note: Weight above is shipping weight. Net weight of these earrings is 9 grams.