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Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand
Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand

Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand

Dimensions (HxWxD): 4.85" x 1" x .85"

Shipping Weight: 14 oz.


Price: $150.00


This stunning Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand, measuring 4.85" long and weighing 3.7 ounces, is quite transparent, with a slight lovely golden hue. 

Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand

Dow Crystals

Highly prized channeling wands contain a distinctive seven sided face opposite a triangular face. Lightworkers say that these crystals have a unique ability to connect the user to inner spiritual guidance, and to sources of Higher Wisdom in spiritual worlds, such as Spirit Guides, Angelic Presences and Spiritual Teachers.

Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand

Rare Dow crystals are highly prized for their unique metaphysical properties. These extremely rare triple channeling wands exhibit three seven sided channeling faces separated by triangular faces.
Dow channeling crystals have amplified abilities to connect the user to Higher Wisdom, Spirit Guides and Teachers and Angelic presences during meditation. In addition these Dow crystals have a remarkable ability to receive and transmit great amounts of energy over space and time.

Properties of Citrine

Citrine is a powerful semi-precious stone which is a rare, more powerful form of quartz crystal,  characterized by a yellow color, ranging from white to deep copper. It is less common in nature than amethyst (another member of the quartz family, and one of the two semi-precious stones present in ametrine) but both are found in quartz veins, as well as volcanic locations and elsewhere in nature. 
Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow WandThe color of citrine derives from small amounts (approximately 40 parts per million) of iron in the quartz. The difference between citrine and amethyst is only the oxidation state of the iron present in the quartz. Citrine typically is formed when an amethyst becomes heated to the point where the iron held within the crystal undergoes a further stage of oxidation. 

Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wand

Because citrine helps strengthen the aura, citrine is an excellent stone for clearing and cleansing body, mind, heart and aura, and helps to repel negative energy in the environment. A strong aura is your best protection against ambient negativity.

Citrine activates, opens and energizes the third chakra, including the navel and solar plexus, stimulating both the physical body and the mind, increasing endurance and elevating energy levels while promoting emotional balance (unlike other stimulants such as caffeine). Citrine is an excellent stone for clearing the aura of negative emotions.

Citrine's action on the third chakra is said to aid in digestion and to activate the thymus, which regulates our immune system, thus promoting health and well-being. In addition, citrine is said to provide a feeling of comfort and optimism. I must admit, that when I wear or work with citrine, I have a great sense of well being and protection.
Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow Wandour experience, citrine cleanses the emotional and etheric bodies, and stimulates the holder’s vital energies and physical body. It imparts a strong sense of protection if worn on the body or placed in a room where energy work takes place or groups gather.
Used in energy healing, citrine is said to transmit the golden light of unity consciousness, which is tuned to the very highest vibrations of an open eighth chakra -- the chakra above the crown of the head, said to be the location of the Higher Self.
Used in meditation, citrine stimulates the seventh, crown chakra, our doorway to Cosmic Consciousness, and helps unite the seven chakras relating to the physical body with the energy frequency of the Higher Self, aligning the eighth chakra with the rest of the energy body.
Ultra Clear Namibian Citrine Dow WandWhen Jane and I have used citrine in Reiki and crystal energy sessions with clients, they have reported feeling a gloden glow around them. We have also found that citrine is a powerful tool for extracting negative energies, gently dissolving energy blocks, and releasing negative emotions during sessions. 

Read more about quartz and other types of crystals at the SatyaCenter.com Crystalpedia. Check out our FREE e-book Spirits of Stone: A Lightworker's Guide to Crystals and Gemstones for Healing and Meditation for an overview of the metaphysical and mineralogical properties of quartz, and a step-by-step guide explaining how to cleanse, charge, and program quartz crystals for healing, meditation and other spiritual purposes.

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires. 

We know you will use this powerful crystal with loving wisdom and respect its long journey in the Earth that has lasted for many long historical cycles.

Above weight is shipping weight. Net weight is 106 grams or 3.7 ounces.