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Chatoyant Actinolite and White Topaz Hanging Earrings
Chatoyant Actinolite and White Topaz Hanging Earrings Chatoyant Actinolite and White Topaz Hanging Earrings

Chatoyant Actinolite and White Topaz Hanging Earrings

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.75" x 0.5" x 0.3"

Shipping Weight: 15.2 oz.


Price: $55.00

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These 1.75 inch tall Chatoyant Actinolite and White Topaz Hanging Earrings come in a simple, elegant sterling silver setting, and feature two small white topaz gemstones dangling from the Actinolite gemstone itself. These earrings were fabricated in India.

Chatoyant Actinolite and White Topaz Hanging Earrings Some beautiful gemstone specimens like these actinolite earrings exhibit a characteristic brilliant watery reflection on the surface of the stone as light changes or one's point of view shifts. This is known to gemologists as chatoyancy.

Coined from the French chat o'eil, meaning cat's eye, chatoyancy often occurs when light strikes fibrous material inside the stone, and is reflected off parallel strands of fiber included in the stone. This can create a reflection resembling a band or eye visible within the stone. An example of this form of chatoyant gemstone is tiger's eye quartz. Chatoyancy also occurs when light reflects from bands of fibrous inclusions or cavities within the stone, as in cat's eye chrysoberyl. Actinolite is a fibrous form of amphibole, and stones with actinolite inclusions can exhibit beautiful chatoyancy. 

Properties of Actinolite

Ochre coloured actinolite is a mineral composed of hydrous calcium magnesium iron silicate. Energetically, this stone feels as though you are smoothing out all creases, anxieties & tensions in your mental, astral and physical bodies VERY quickly, because in our experience it seems to work first on the mental body, quieting the mind, then extending it's thorough yet gentle unwinding to the emotional body and finally the physical.
Actinolite soothes the soul, calms the mind, and relaxes the body. Actinolite strengthens, stimulates and harmonizes the individual’s etheric, astral and causal bodies, releasing fears in a comforting energetic space, and providing for deep healing of long-held emotional and mental blockages. 

Properties of White Topaz

Topaz is an extremely hard gemstone composed of Aluminum Fluorsilicate, which often grows as orthorhombic crystals in igneous, high-temperature rock formations. Gem quality Topaz can be found in a variety of colors, from colorless to pale greenish-yellow, yellow, orange-yellow and even blue.

Topaz is a prismatic crystal which seems to hold the qualities of the etheric, both as an attractor and as a conductor. Topaz is a valuable manifestation stone, which can help in visualizations designed to imprint your desired outcome in the subtle energy realms, and to act as a kind of subtle energy magnet, attracting that desired outcome into your life.

Chatoyant Actinolite and White Topaz Hanging Earrings Topaz gets its name from the ancient Red Sea island once known as "Topazios", now called St. John's. Legend has it that the word "Topazios" meant "to seek" and that the island where this stone was first found was always surrounded by thick fog, making access to the stone difficult at best.
Topaz has been considered a valuable spiritual ally by the African bushmen for millennia.Their shamanic practitioners have used Topaz in traditional healing ceremonies, to connect with spirits departed from the Earth plane, and especially to attract wealth and health. 
Topaz is known as a stone of love and worldly success. Topaz infuses the wearer with confidence while dispelling the fog of self-doubts and expels negativity from the user while encouraging attitudes of playfulness, joy and creativity. For these reasons, Topaz is thought to be the ideal stone to strengthen attitudes and energies of self-love.

As with all of our crystals and jewelry at SatyaCenter, these are first cleaned and cleared with Reiki energy, color and prayer, and then given a Reiki attunement.
Read more about crystals at the SatyaCenter Crystalpedia homepage. Check out the article "Using Quartz Crystals in Digital Technology, Healing and Meditation" for an overview of the metaphysical and mineralogical properties of quartz, and a step-by-step guide explaining how to cleanse, charge, and program quartz crystals for healing, meditation and other spiritual purposes.

Note: Weight above is shipping weight. Actual weight is 6.6 grams.