What To Say

poetryJed A. Myers
New poetry from Jed Myers explores the ghostly fog of parental cartography, visits blackbirds patrolling the perimeter of dreams, and celebrates the wisdom of child's play.

Peace Enters the World Screaming Hot

poetryJed A. Myers
Seattle poet and musician Jed Myers helps us hear searing sonic feedback from the core of the soul of the Peace Goddess and introduces us to the immortal, piercing poignancy of the global geophysical Peace Song.

The Wedding

love/relationshipsJames Bertolino
This epiphanic love poem by James Bertolino startles the mind and opens the heart.


Holy SpiritJames Bertolino
James Bertolino's new poem records a wordless conversation converying the fiery spirit of the poet's heart's desires.

The Ladder

ascension practicesJames Bertolino
James Bertolino's new poem explores the metaphysical epistemology of every day life.

Out of Step

poetryJames Bertolino
James Bertolino's new poem is a meditation upon the synchronous and asynchronous dream-time of love.

To Be Loved By Nature

poetryJames Bertolino
James Bertolino's poem guides the heart along the path to unity with nature, and through that unity, reaches the ultimate goal -- self-realization.


poetryJames Bertolino
James Bertolino's poetry helps us to remember our connection with planet Earth.