Planting Daffodils

geopoliticsCharlotte Boulay
The poet sees a mirror of the immortal Divine Juliet in the dying light of late August flowers, the promise of the eternal recurrence of new life arising from the ashes of our manifest density, a promise of rescue in some future configuration of life force energy, from our obtuse allegiance to destruction.

Mountain Lullaby

poetryJames Bertolino
Another Love & Nature meditation from Jim Bertolino reprinted from his book, Snail River.

Like The Water

Higher MindJed A. Myers
New poetry from Jed Myers explores the mysterious intersection between the egoistic self and spirit realms which is the evanescent dwelling place of the human soul.

Any Kind of Sovereign

poetryJed A. Myers
Jed Myers explores the illusion of the separate self as mental illness in this humorous new metaphysical poem.


poetryJames Bertolino
This poem offers reflections on the coming of a golden spring by a humble root vegetable.

Let Thanks

poetryJed A. Myers
An expression of Giving Thanks as an act of Loving Life, in all of its complexities from Seattle poet Jed Myers.

My Sister's Daughter

love/compassionJames Bertolino
James Bertolino celebrates the mysteries of birth and the cycles of life in his latest poem about the recursive nature of human existence.

Soft Belly, Open Heart

poetryJames Bertolino
A study in the flow of a loving life lived awake.

Words for Children

geopoliticsJed A. Myers
Poet Jed Myers shares a heartbreaking new poem that surfaces the pain of righteous rhetoric transformed into bullets, bombs and polarization in the Middle East.

Paper Window

geopoliticsJed A. Myers
Jed Myer's powerful new poem is a true comment about how the dead from war are all our own children, our own families.

Day of Atonement

environmental crisis/solutionsJed A. Myers
Jed Myers' new Yom Kippur poem explores the wonder, guilt, and pity of the human condition in the 21st century, as the temperature rises, and nations fight war after war -- over oil, water, religion, economic philosophies, race, and always, money.

Nature’s Poem

energy medicineJames Bertolino
An offering of another visionary wandering through Nature brought to us by James as we dream through winter of summer days.