Yarrow Environmental Soltuion

For environmental challenges to well-being and vitality; Strengthening and protecting

Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES) is a highly beneficial blend of flower essences and plant tinctures in a sea salt base. Its purpose is to strengthen and protect against toxic environmental influences, geopathic stress, and other hazards of technology-dominated modern life. This includes the disruptive effects of radiation on human energy fields from X-rays, televisions, computer monitors, cellular phones, electromagnetic fields, airplane flights, radiation treatments, and contamination from nuclear power plants or fall-out.

YES is formulated from three different types of the Yarrow plant, along with two related allies in the same plant family — Echinacea and Arnica. All of these plants are members of the Composite (Asteraceae) family, recognized as exceptional for their finely detailed geometric patterns and strong, enduring structures. As herbs they have numerous valuable qualities for enhancing the immune response. Working together in YES these plants act in a synergistic manner to strengthen the integrity of the immune  system and bring greater clarity of consciousness to strengthen the sense of human individuality. 

FES originally developed this special formula (formerly called Yarrow Special Formula) as a response to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in Europe in 1986. Favorable clinical reports from European practitioners resulted in the further development of the YES formula, now used widely throughout the world. Many practitioners consider it a baseline remedy or ongoing stabilizer to address a wide variety of fundamental health issues endemic to our modern world.

The YES formula is often a necessary measure in addition to, or before, administering other flower essences.

Natural Sea Salt — A Carrier of Life

Human blood can be viewed as a microcosmic reflection of the Earth’s ocean waters. As a carrier of life and consciousness, ocean water contains a proportion of minerals very similar to that of healthy human blood.

Indigenous diets are typically high in natural mineral salts, thus producing a vibrant immune system. Salt is so central to the concept of good health and life, that a related word, salutary literally means healthful. Salt (from which the word salary derives) was also used as a form of a currency, and is a core component of various culinary preparations, medicaments and religious rituals in all world cultures.

In fact, citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, whose diets included miso and seaweed, were better able to withstand the effects of atomic radiation, following the horrific unleashing of the first atomic bomb in 1945. Radiation involves a process which directly attacks the formative, or etheric, life-giving forces of matter. Typical chemical processes break down matter, while preserving the essential quality of each element (e.g., forms of oxidation such as burning,  rusting and human digestion). By contrast, atomic reactions are  destructive to the very foundation of life. They annihilate the integrity of the chemical elements involved, producing unstable waste products that are highly toxic. This is why radiation and many forms of electromagnetic pollution are so de-stabilizing and threatening to both the environment and the immune system.

Sea salt contains not only the physical minerals which contribute to health, but also strong formative forces which are expressed in its light-infused crystalline structures. The Celtic Sea Salt used in the YES preparation is the purest and most natural form available on the planet, with the highest concentration of trace minerals. It is handharvested in a time-honored tradition, organically extracted by the use of sunshine, according to the ancient Celtic method.

A Marriage of Mineral and Plant Structures

The YES formula is made through a special process of potentization that enhances the material properties in natural Celtic sea salt toward fuller etheric expression. These properties are alchemically united with the three different types of Yarrow flower essences, flower essences of Arnica and

Echinacea, as well as the fresh plant tinctures of Yarrow and Echinacea. Like the crystal structures in sea salt, the Composite flowers are also noted for their precise geometry and highly defined forms. The meeting of these extraordinary Composite flowers with potentized sea salt creates a formula with highly articulated structure and stabilizing properties. This formula acts as a strong etheric shield to nourish and protect both physical and psychic immunity in the body-soul complex.

Yarrow Herb and Flower Essences

Achillea millefolium

Pink Yarrow
Achillea millefolium var. rubra

Golden Yarrow
Achillea filipendulina

Yarrow is found throughout the temperate zones of both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It flourishes in sunny, open areas, exalting in alpine meadow habitats. It is a woody perennial with a strong root system spreading vigorously from underground runners. Yarrow is named millefolium (thousand leaves) referring to its finely divided and highly enunciated feathery leaves that grow from a strong central stem, with multiple branches. In the heat and light of the full summer sun, the Yarrow unfolds numerous finely attenuated blossoms in a brilliant white canopy. (See also the cover photograph). The Yarrow plant is the very picture of sensitivity and strength, glowing with incandescent radiance. The long-lasting flowers gradually dry as the year wanes, yet still retain their characteristic form. The stalks grow so straight and remain so sturdy that they were collected in autumn as the original divining tools of the Chinese oracle, I Ching.

Yarrow’s protective qualities are associated with folk names like “Soldier’s Wound Wort” and “Knight’s Millefoil.” The genus name Achillea refers to the Greek warrior Achilles, who carried the herb into battle for psychic protection and to staunch the bleeding of wounds. Even its form, a canopy of white flowers, suggests a protective “umbrella” of white light.

In Biodynamic Agriculture, Yarrow is one of the compost preparation plants utilized to bring sensitivity, so that the soil can receive and regulate many different forms of cosmic radiation. Yarrow achieves a remarkable balance of what is known in alchemy as “sulfur” and “salt” processes. We can see the fiery sulfur influence, with its spiritualizing tendency, penetrating down into the scent-filled feathery leaves; while the form-producing salt process is evident in the solid stem structure and prevalence of potassium salts. The Yarrow harmonizes, in a special way, the polarity of cosmic light and earthly form.

In flower essence therapy, Yarrow facilitates the integrity of a healthy ego structure, while enabling the soul to retain its innate sensitivity and receptivity. It is an extremely important essence in our time, due to the rapid pace of spiritual and psychic opening, occurring at the same time that environmental and social forces threaten to overwhelm, harden, or obliterate empathetic capacities within the human soul.

Three different forms of the Yarrow flower essence are used in the YES preparation: white, pink and golden flowers, along with the herbal tincture of the fresh white Yarrow flowers. These three Yarrows work synergistically to form a three-fold energetic structure – the white in the higher chakras to bring psychic balance, the pink in the heart-emotional center to address sensitivity, and the golden in the lower chakras to protect the life force and overall health and stability.

Arnica Flower Essence
Arnica mollis  

Arnica is a well-known herbal and homeopathic remedy for shock and trauma, particularly when there is damage to soft tissue. Arnica montana is native to the Alps and other mountains of Europe, and is found in moist, sun-lit meadows and stream-sides in the clear air of these high altitudes. It is a vigorous, leafy plant, with bright yellow blossoms. The native American species, Arnica mollis, has similar features and is found in moist alpine habitats in western North America.

As a flower essence, Arnica has a special ability to bring the clear light of the spiritual Sun-Self back into a relationship with the physical and etheric (life) bodies. In situations of physical or psychic trauma, one separates from awareness of the bodily self as a way of coping with pain. In its most extreme form, unconscious accident victims report viewing their bodies “from above” as they are being cared for by medics. On a lesser scale, it is quite common for us to withdraw our spiritual light from a part of the body which has undergone pain or extreme distress. Arnica flower essence is widely used for deep seated shock or trauma that lodges in the body, preventing full physical recovery. It is also indicated for many puzzling psychosomatic illnesses which do not respond to obvious treatment.

Echinacea Herb & Flower Essence
Echinacea purpurea

Echinacea is a powerful herb, native to American prairies and open spaces. It is widely recognized as an immune system enhancer, to increase resistanceto influenza and other infectious diseases. Echinacea is a woody perennial, growing from a strong root, with a firm stem and impressive strength. The flower head is filled with bristly, dark tubular florets forming a bulging cone, and surrounded by bright magenta ray florets (Echinacea purpurea). In the Echinacea plant, one finds a synthesis of unyielding vigor of  physical form, with the etheric aliveness in its bright fiery core and vibrant magenta blossoms radiating in the brilliant light of the high summer sun.

As we study the form and gesture of the Echinacea, it is apparent why it is a powerful aid to the immune system. Likewise the flower essence of Echinacea is used for many challenges to the “immunity” of the Soul. The anonymity of modern civilization, along with countless other mechanizing and alienating forces such as crime, violence, sexual or emotional degradation, can shatter the dignity of the Self.

Echinacea flower essence stimulates and awakens the true inner Self, and restores the Soul’s self-identity and essential wholeness in relationship to the Earth and to the human family.

The YES Formula: A Synergy of Healing Qualities

Composed of three outstanding members of the Composite family of plants, the YES formula works in a uniquely synergistic manner to address the tri-fold aspect of the human individuality: in body, soul and spirit. The Arnica plant, with its bright yellow sun-like blossoms and fluid leafy structure, grows close to the earth in moist mountain habitats; it is the very picture of spiritual forces which are well-integrated with the physical and etheric realms. Thus Arnica flower essence particularly addresses the physical and etheric bodies by helping to bring spiritual forces from the heights down and into the body.

By contrast, the Echinacea plant demonstrates movement from the ground of matter into the pole of spirit. It flourishes on the level ground of the open prairie, with a strong vertical gesture upward. The magenta-purple blossoms emerge from a fiery orange cone-like bristle, growing on a sturdy stem with tough, rigid leaves. The Echinacea is a vivid expression of physical forces which have lifted or resurrected themselves out of hardened matter into spirit.

The Yarrow flowers are the very heart of the YES formula, with qualities that unite and harmonize the essential polarities of both Arnica and Echinacea. With its fine feathery leaves and highly attenuated umbel-like blossoms, the Yarrow plant is an extraordinary picture of soul sensitivity. As the soul mediates between body and spirit, so does the Yarrow plant integrate both light and form in a most remarkable way. Its role in this formula is to allow the soul, or middle realm of the human being, to remain sensitive and in touch with its feeling life, but in such a way that these soul qualities are neither blunted by the harshness of the modern technological world, nor made so diffuse and porous as to stymie the vital expression of the individual. Arnica and Echinacea act as anchors from the polarities of body and spirit, to facilitate the full unfoldment of soul forces which the Yarrow so uniquely bestows. Finally, within this essential trinity is still another exquisite trine within the Yarrow flowers themselves of white, pink and golden flowers to balance the energetic structures of the soul. 

Indications for Use

- As a general tonic and strengthener to meet harsh technological and environmental challenges in the modern world.

- Before, during, and after exposure to radiation from X-rays, computer monitors, televisions, airports, medical treatments.

- When subjected to forces of geopathic stress, strong electromagnetic fields, or other forms of environmental toxicity.

- To strengthen the immune system, particularly in those who are prone to allergies and chemical sensi- tivities, or other forms of immune dysfunction.

-During or after times of extreme stress, especially experiences which seem to shatter or tear apart the core sense of identity and integrity.

- For those with pronounced sensitivity, especially when traveling, in large crowds of people or similar environmental situations.

Dosage and Administration

Dosages should be taken directly from the stock bottle, four drops at a time, at least four times a day. Alternatively, use the  spray bottle for immediate application directly into the mouth.

Another dosage method is to add sixteen drops of the stock to a glass of water, stir and sip the mixture throughout the day. The frequency of these dosages should be increased during and immediately following radiation exposure.

Methods of Application 

Oral dosages – Dosages should be taken directly from the stock bottle, four drops at a time, at least four times a day. Alternatively, use the  spray bottle for immediate application directly into the mouth.

Another dosage method is to add sixteen drops of the stock to a glass of water, stir and sip the mixture throughout the day. The frequency of these dosages should be increased during and immediately following radiation exposure.

Environmental Spray – Use the convenient spray bottle to mist the body and the surrounding atmosphere.

Bath – Put several dropperfuls in mildly warm bath water, and stir in a lemniscatory (figure-eight) pattern for at least one minute. Soak for 20 minutes in this solution, and then lie quietly wrapped in towels for at least one hour following, to completely absorb the beneficial qualities of the bath. For enhanced benefits add one cup of Celtic Sea Salt to the bath water.

Energetic – Apply YES drops directly to pulse points or indicated energetic points as needed until full balance and strength is restored.

Shield – Keep a small bottle of YES in your pocket, or otherwise on your person, to allow its stabilizing qualities to work without interruption. This method combined with oral dosages is very effective for severe cases of environmental disruption.

Note: The YES formula is a herbal supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product and the statements made in this brochure have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Anyone suffering from physical illness as a result of radiation or other environmental afflictions should consult the appropriate medical practitioner.


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© 2004 by Flower Essence Services.  All rights reserved.

Written by Patricia Kaminski    

Photography by Richard Katz

Certified Biodynamic® by the Demeter Association made with Organic and wild-harvest ingredients, certified  by Stellar Certification Services.



Without a doubt, YES is the most appreciated and well-used formula for our Katrina Hurricane relief work. For example, a woman whose home was destroyed reported, "I try never to return to my house without the YES drops. A couple of times I have forgotten and immediately got the most horrific headache when I started working at the house. I spray it all around me. I had a cough all last summer, so you'd think I'd have gotten what we call 'the Katrina cough,' but I haven't." Erin Barnett, MA, Psychotherapist, Minnesota City, MN


 Reprinted with the kind permission of Patricia Kaminski & the Flower Essence Society.

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