Shamanic Dreaming: Re-Dreaming the World

She knows the weaving of the Web of Creation. She knows that she knows this. It resides there, just outside the periphery of memory, tantalizingly close, yet indiscernible. Frustratingly so. The ephemeral Voice that speaks to her from within tells her of her life's task and of her Spirit's mission, both. And they are the same, this she knows. And if she is to ever find the peace of equanimity she must thrust herself into that which has beckoned her all her life. She is the Retriever.

 Comet Holmes 2007

It is into the Sacred that she must plunge, as a brilliant star shooting across the heavens. And just as a shooting star will most certainly be extinguished by the dusk into which it falls, she feels the imminence of the descent into the Darkness, and knows that this is where her path will take her.

There are the many who have lost their way, become distracted from their own sense of purpose and value. She knows this, viscerally, from her own experience of life. Wounded, denied her own voice of authority, battered about by the seemingly unforgiving mutations of circumstance and inconsistency brought to bear by Those-Who-Know-Better-Than-You-Young-Lady, she is hampered, chained by these voices that seek to overwhelm that ephemeral Voice that she knows to be the one voice that is trustworthy.

As the shooting star is swallowed by the Darkness, so, she realizes, will she be brought into oblivion should she take that plunge from on high into the deepest realms of the Soul.

The Voice informs her that it is not she, herself, who will be extinguished, but the other voices that have dominated her unconscious thoughts and behaviors, the voices of denial and denigration. And her fear is one of those other voices, not her own, she is told. It is time, the Voice says, time to descend into the realm of feeling and 3-D perception. It is time to relinquish the safety of knowing without doing.

She plunges! Without thought, without constraint of further deliberation she plunges, in the trust of the Voice that has been her one truth throughout her life. And she is free! She had always thought the distancing was freedom.

Oh! She had not realized the addiction of fear that had held her prisoner, the addiction of seeing the big picture, but never having to make it real, the safety of knowing without having to be responsible, because she had not taken action before this!

Now she is soaring in rapid descent in the space between Light and Dark. She finds it exhilarating, exciting and ecstatic to be unbound from the Unbound.

Darkness. Engulfed in the deepest darkest realms of her Soul, she finds herself in the Unbound once again, not, however, the Unbound of Light, but the Unbound of Dark. Had she eyes she would squeeze them closed. She has no eyes. She sees all. As her exhilaration overcomes her fear the Darkness resolves into, not Light, but Pattern. And in that moment she knows that she is embraced in that which had been previously at the periphery of memory, and yet is not there, behind her, but before her, around her, within her.

As she emerges into awareness her every sense tingles; smell, sensuality, sexuality, taste, sight, touch and sound, all are afire in her perception of Being. These sensations permeate the Pattern. She cries. It is exquisite. She is alive! She knows that she is to bring the Pattern into manifest expression in the world, not just intellectually, in fantasy, but to bring it into Being.

She notices the junctions of the threads of the Pattern. Each crossing a Consciousness, like a drop of dew upon the strands of a spider's web, it has density and shines with a light of its own. Most of them. Some of them brighter than others. Some, grey, lack the shimmer of their cousins. She is ripped by excruciating pain when her attentions falls upon those lifeless globules of consciousness. Her awareness writhes in shock, in sadness, in grief.

She seeks to flee, to turn away from these disused globules that reside amongst the glistening evanescences all about her. Away! her revulsion screams. She seeks the Voice, seeks its presence here, hoping that the incredulity of finding such pain hiding in the beauty of which she is immersed will somehow be relieved by the Voice, that she will be snatched from out this stench of death and decay.

The whisper of the Voice resounds through her. But dear... this is why you are here! These are the ones for whom you have come. You must retrieve them, bring them back from despair and loss, return them to be the Shining Ones that is their Destiny. All have this destiny.

She shrieks in the realization that she is doomed to touch and feel these abominations. And her own shimmer dims. Weakened, spent, she knows, there in the midst of her horror, that she must reverse her failing light, and she knows that Love is the way. She desperately seeks to find that love to call upon to bring her Essence back to full presence, only to realize that it is her Love that has dimmed.

Humbled, she looks now about her. In humility, not with pity, she sees that each greyed globule is but a globe of emanation that has dimmed to naught due to a failure to love. And in that she knows her Path. She is here to Retrieve. Let her now Retrieve.

Sinking into her remaining glow of Love she pulses it to the nearest grey density, fills it withe the presence of her love. She watches as it begins to pulse with life. She notices how her own field of being glows brighter as she does this. She extends even this newly rekindled fire to another grey glob. She flinches as her senses touch it, but she remains in the expression of her love. The grey swirls and flares beneath its translucent surface.

Her own life force is now blazing, and that blaze she dedicates to rekindle the passion of even more unawakened or discarded Souls.

She knows now why she has come, and what she must do. She is here to retrieve these Souls who have lost their love and fallen into Nothingness. She is to Love. She is the Retriever.


Shamanic Dreaming: Re-Dreaming the World

I am born of the Dream and dream the World. To dream the World awake, no less, is my passion and vision. Of all the skills of being Shaman none are possible but for the ability to re-dream the 'World-as-it-is' into the 'World-as-it-can-be'. In the place of All Dreams, the very Soul itself, lays the seed of what is known and what is knowable.

Dreams are the reality of the Soul perceived, just as History is the reality of the day-to-day linear world. In the contemporary Western view of dreams it is considered that the emotions, thoughts, feelings and events of the day are played out in our dreams. The Shamanic perspective of this view is 180 degrees different. We recognize that the condition of our Soul is expressed into the World of everyday affairs. When the Soul is in a state of discontent, conflict and discord these conditions are expressed in our daily life's events and reactions as dysfunction and discomfort, anger and confusion, ill health and misfortune. Conversely, when our Soul is in a state of harmony and peace, these qualities are made manifest in our life as ease and acceptance, caring and attunement with the world about us.

Each of us has a personal mythos, or cosmology of the Soul, that is defined by the characteristics of our own Soul's condition. Our Soul's resonance is added to the greater cosmology of the human race: the collective Dream. This collective Dream is referred to, Shamanically, as the 'Dream of the Earth Mother'. Our input into the collective Dream affects the state and condition, for good or ill, of our collective mythos, that is, humanity's Soul.

From the Mother-of-Us-All, the Earth Mother, emanates the desire of wellbeing for each of us, Her children. It is incumbent upon us to insure that we dream in a beautiful manner, both for our personal welfare and for the sake of peace in this world.

Central to Shamanic methodology is the ability to Dream the World. This occurs first when the Shaman enters into the Dream while fully awake. Next we, as Shamans, quest the source of discord within the Soul's Dream, whether our own, that of a client's, or from within the Dream of the Earth Mother. Then, by means of Shamanic Dreaming, the Shaman re-dreams the Soul's Dream, re-establishing balance where once there had been disequilibrium. The re-instatement of harmony within the Soul will result in a greater experience of beauty and effectiveness in a person's daily life and contributes to a more wholesome soulfulness of the peoples of the world. 

At this time I am making available the service of 'Dreaming the World' on behalf of individuals. The person requesting this assistance will present the single-topic situation or condition that needs to be altered. I will then enter into Shamanic Dreaming on their behalf, there to re-dream the client's world into balance and harmony.


Inform me of your request via email, or telephone me at 928-284-0110, of the situation that is causing you distress, your desired outcome, and I will re-dream your request and inform you of the dream and its inherent significance. There will also be tasks that will be required of you to bring your re-dreamed World into attunement with your Soul.


Jade Wah'oo Grigori, Sedona, Arizona

















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