An Easy Stress Relief Exercise

A simple way of balancing our head equidistant between our two shoulders is an essential part of any healthy person's self care routine. As a practicing massage therapist for many years, I am very concerned with how people create neuromuscular stress and undue tension in the neck and shoulder area.

It seems that nearly 90% of the several thousand people I have seen for individual sessions identify these areas as the prime place where they hurt in their body. How is this happening?

Since the head is approximately 20 lbs. in weight, I believe it puts extra pressure on some parts of the musculature in the neck and shoulders when it is not properly positioned between the shoulders. This involves both the side to side and front to back directions. It could also be that the C1 & C2 vertebrae are not adequately free to move and this frozen joint doesn't allow the head to "bob about fluidly" on the shoulders. Other causes might be that one shoulder hangs lower or more loosely than the other; thereby torquing the head to one side moreso than the other.

A relatively easy self-adjustment that I've found has been very effective in balancing the head goes something like this:

1. In a sitting, standing, or lying position, slowly exhale while bending your head toward your heart. I call this - bowing to your heart's desire.

2. Continue exhaling till your lungs are empty, as your head hangs down loosely with your chin touching your chest.

3. Picture a "happy thought" or focus on your 'picture of health'

4. Gently allow a breath of fresh air to enter your lungs; filling them from the bottom to the top like a pitcher of water, while your head comes back to an upright position. Do this as effortlessly as possible, without grasping for this breath.

5. Pause after this important in-spiration of refreshing air with its life-giving oxygen molecules - soon to be pumped throughout your body by your wonderfully, healthy heart.

6. Now, exhale fully while turning your head toward your left shoulder, and affirming "I am releasing all the past pain in my body and mind!" Pause after exhaling and continue to exhale a little more.

7. Open yourself up to receive another refreshing breath, and let it in as your head comes back to the balance point between your shoulders. This is selected by you alone, so trust your inner guidance.

8. Finally, repeat the same sideways twist while exhaling and turning your head to the right. This time affirm: I am letting go of all future fears and worries. Then once again let your head be "carried back to the point between your shoulders" as you confidently, and gently inhale.

Practice this at least once a day, preferably first thing in the morning, or in times of intense stress throughout the day. This simple 1 - 2 minute exercise will noticeably enliven you, and greatly reduce the strain and pain you habitually carry in your upper body. I'd be happy to know how this works for you so e-mail me!

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"True Alisandre (last name means "helper of people" in French) has been offering his self care health care practices for 30 years to thousands of people both in individual and group sessions. He's taught yoga, massage, stress awareness & prevention, and free drawing classes in hospitals, health clubs, businesses, churches, colleges, and for drug treatment programs.

All of True's sessions whether massage, yoga, or drawing require only short spans to be effective, and encourage free-form spontaneous movement, and full bodied breathing. True has taught his approaches throughout the eastern United States, and abroad in the Philippines. He is very interested in teaching his methods to children, and worked / played for 10 years with children having emotional and physical problems.

He is a self-published author of three books: A Healthy Smokers Observations, Breath.Sound.Touch.Movement therapy, and Pictures of Health to Breathe & Move With. He's also written numerous one page essays on health, time, relationships, spirituality, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and creativity. He's currently working on abstract drawings on each of ACIM's 360 daily lessons, and is open to commissions of his energetic / free drawings from anyone in the world.

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