"The true reality is divine, that is reality. What we think of as reality is an illusion, a lie. Thus we cannot know reality, until we idealize and divinize all creatures, and ourselves. The disciple seeks to know himself, because he wants to reach God himself, to be able to say, as Jesus said, 'My Father and I are one.' 'I am He.' " 
-- Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Man's Two Natures, Human and Divine. 

Finding Our Satya Center

Jane and Curtis in Philadelphia 1980
In a state of bliss, comparable to that experienced by lovers and mystics, we discover our own inner truth.

The word satya in Sanskrit means "truth and Honesty". The word satya also implies a unity underlying the apparent conflict and duality of the material world.

The Unity between the Self and Source of creation.

The Unity of the Divine Lovers.

Thus satya implies both inner truth and Cosmic Consciousness.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and other great spiritual teachers of the East and the West revealed their own inner truth, and we find their Cosmic Consciousness illustrated in their life stories.

The great saints and mystics of all religions around the world have experienced the power of inner truth.

Love released their inner truth and the truth worked miracles in their lives. Their lives changed the world.

Now we live in a world of war, competition, fear, anger, anxiety and alienation.

We've lost contact with our Satya Center.

We've hidden this inner truth from ourselves.

We've closed ourselves to love.

We've exiled ourselves from the Garden of Eden.

Yet deep within our hearts, we also carry this inner truth like a favorite wound, a memory of a Golden Age, a primal garden, a starry mountaintop night. We all know that love is the key to its attainment. And now we're going to explore different ways we can travel the paths of love and relationship back to the garden.

We're going to discover how we can open ourselves more and more to a divinely inspired and inspiring love.

We're going to come home to our inner truth and find our Satya Center.

We will know we are awakening to our inner truth when we begin to commit spontaneous acts of compassion, joy, wisdom, fearlessness and creativity on a regular basis.

We will know we are centered in our Satya Center when we cheerfully perform acts of selfless service, when we engage with our neighbors in activities designed to educate and prompt thoughtful debate about social issues of importance.

Satya Center is a community of healers, a community for all those who have a sincere desire to find healing -- healing for themselves, their families and loved ones, and their neighbors around the world.

Inner Truth and Selfless Service

Offering by Jane Sherry

 Photo by Jane Sherry

At Satya Center, our goal is to serve as catalyst and agent for a socially engaged spirituality that respects the inner truth of all religions and spiritual disciplines.

We see all life as arising from that unity of being which is the source of inner Truth.

At Satya Center we encourage people to discover their own inner truth, and help them cultivate their connection with inner spiritual guidance.

Spiritual masters of East and West agree that there is one truth underlying all spiritual teachings.

Establishing a conscious, ongoing connection with our own inner spiritual guidance, also known as the intuition or Higher Self, is the only path to this fundamental truth.

One aspect of this eternal truth, or unity, underlying creation, is that every individuated viewpoint represents only part of the truth. In order to see more of the truth we must share our truths cooperatively.

Nowhere is this law of nature more important than in the realm of human affairs.

By developing an acute awareness of our own limited viewpoint, conditioned as it is by our race, sex, class, educational, religious and family background, we can learn to develop virtues like openness, generosity, tolerance, respect for others, compassion for people who are not part of our family, class, religion or nation, forgiveness for our enemies, and aversion to violence.

By learning to identify with our own inner truth, our own Higher Self, we loosen the grip of the ego on our thoughts, our hearts, and our wills. We open our hearts to the world, and all its peoples, and we realize that our own existence, our own understanding of the world, our own reality, is impoverished when we refuse to see through the eyes of another.

On the other hand, our consciousness expands every time we can learn to see the world through another's eyes.

At Satya Center we help people uncover more of the truth about the world around them.

When we open ourselves to viewpoints of those from different cultures, nations and religions we come to understand that in the realm of politics, religion and culture there are many "truths" in the world.

Our own truth becomes more closely aligned with the complexity of world events.

So at Satya Center, we offer global news from sources around the world, a wealth of alternative news resources, and original articles by visionary thinkers about war and peace, agriculture, the environment, social justice, money and other big issues of our time.

We point you to resources that will help you get involved in issues of importance to you -- and to the world.

At Satya Center, we seek to encourage spiritually aware individuals to transform their compassion into action, to live in balance with their neighbors and to live lightly upon the Earth.

Photo of Curtis and Jane in Philadelphia in the summer of 1980.