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Welcome to the Virgo Full Moon, Pisces Solar Festival Satya Center Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 1, 2018! Warm greetings from your co-Editors, Jane and Curtis. 

This Full Moon week we all need to engage in a Saturnine reality check to counter the pervasive Neptunian fog, navigate through nascent Piscean emotional rapids and elevate our consciousness to transcend an array of assorted entrancing astral glamours. Our task is to stay grounded and to use intuitive guidance to discern that which is aligned with our path of Spirit!

At 7:51 PM Eastern Standard Time on Thursday March 1, 2018, the Moon is full at 11°23' Virgo and we celebrate the Pisces Solar Festival. At that time Sun, Neptune, Venus, Mercury and Chiron will all be in Pisces, with Mars in Sagittarius square Mercury and Venus in Pisces.

Pisces is associated with the problematic gift called empathy, the ability to feel what others feel so deeply that sometimes it's difficult to discern our own emotions and concerns from the emotions of others. Water signs generally are often blessed -- and cursed -- with this tremendous gift, which allows them to understand others as if they had X-Ray vision, and to offer healing and guidance to others based upon their deepest emotions and the karma that generates those emotions rather than on superficialities conveyed through conversations or appearances.

With so many planets in Pisces at the Full Moon, we may all find ourselves experiencing the emotions of others as if we were a Water sign. This will enable us to penetrate deeply into the psyches of those closest to us and to come to a conscious understanding of many of the collective emotions and thought-forms  circulating in the astral (watery) realms around us. In this way we may see clearly how certain habits of thought and emotional responses to the world around us are conditioned by our friends, family, political affinity group, and religious or spiritual groups to whom we belong.

Empathy has tremendous powers to produce healing insights, and also can be extremely unpleasant when we "pick up on" the negative emotions and conflicted thought-forms of others, to the point where we begin to react to events as if those base emotions and mistaken maps of the world were essential elements of our own nature. 

For this reason, it's important for us all to practice psychic self-defense so we can engage with others at a deep level while practicing the discernment that can use empathetic response as a tool for insight and healing.

Jane has written a lovely article to help us this Full Moon, entitled "Psychic Self-Defense: Developing Discernment and Compassion"

The Lovers, Mixed Media Drawing by Jane Sherry

Jane asks, "Do you ever feel overly impacted by the emotional turmoil around you at home, work or out in the world? Do you ever feel overly impacted by the moods of your loved ones?"

"Do you have trouble relating to the emotions you are feeling sometimes, as if they weren't your own? Do you feel that sometimes when you walk into a room, that your energy changes to reflect whatever's going on around you? Do you pick up or experience the emotions of characters on tv and movies, in the news or newspapers?"

"You may be what is called an empath, someone who experiences what is known as clairsentience, or the ability to pick up the emotions of others. This ability has been referred to as a paranormal ability, which implies that the person with that ability is someone whose experience is 'outside' what is considered 'normal', but in fact, empathy is a perfectly normal ability which each of us may experience in varying degrees."

Jane explains that empathy is the forerunner of compassion but that boundary issues with others can lead to energetic attachments, known to energy workers as "hooks and cords". These energetic attachments can lead to a variety of emotional, mental and physical difficulties. Jane provides a variety of techniques for dealing with the downside of empathetic consciousness in her valuable article.

Renowned spiritual astrologer Jeffrey Wolff Green called the Virgo-Pisces axis the "sado-masochism" axis, and as we all prepare to file our income tax returns in the US, it seems appropriate. Here at Satya Center, this Full Moon week friends and clients are surfacing acute medical issues and many may experience painful reality checks of various kinds. Symptoms include physical discomfort, negative emotional discharges, including fear and anger, and a pervasive mental miasma that makes it hard to see a clear path forward in life at a time when critical choices must be made.

This is a supercharged watery Full Moon moment, when it would be easy to lose ourselves in a turbulent ocean of emotions and react to the uncomfortable tensions generated by the steamy fire and water Mars-Mercury Square by escape into the realm of dreams, self-medication, and/or self-indulgent consumption of all kinds of comfort foods and drink. There is a pronounced tendency to seek a world that matches the view through rose colored glasses. 

On the positive side, Jupiter in Scorpio is trine this overwhelming Pisces stellium of planets and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are sextile the Piscean cosmic juggernaut.

Jupiter can exaggerate the effects of this Piscean tsunami of energies, but Scorpionic X-Ray vision could help us navigate these troubled waters.

Grounded and exalted in Capricorn, Saturn offers us a solid rock amidst the crashing waves, and the opportunity to link our consciousness to the demands of the time, anchored in the realities of our current conditions. In short, by exercising self-restraint and self-discipline we can connect with the Inner Teacher whose soft voice counsels wisdom and embodies the virtue of discernment, allowing us to see our way forward on a clear path of Spirit.

In its exalted state, Piscean energy gives us access to the transpersonal Greater Mind that is a conscious part of the Web of Life and connected to the Akashic Records, aware of the big picture that transcends our petty ego concerns and the limitations of our current incarnation. By staying steadfastly centered, balanced and grounded this week, we will find that accessing this immense storehouse of loving wisdom will be facilitated by the Cosmic Weather patterns swirling around us and we will be able to achieve the clarity and higher consciousness we all desire.

To assist in releasing negative emotions such as anger and fear, and to mitigate the tendency for nonstop mental activity such emotional turbulence generates, it's helpful to connect with the water element in a positive way through various exercises.

Mindful swimming as a meditative exercise can help to release toxins, discharge negative emotions, relax the mind and connect with Greater Mind.

South Beach, Boca Raton Florida, by Jane Sherry 

If you live near a beach it's very helpful to walk in water ankle deep while performing your favorite breathing exercises and perhaps performing your favorite mantras, aloud or internally. This exercise is a great way to provide additional grounding during emotionally turbulent times. Because the nerve endings in the feet are so connected to the solar plexus, which is the central switchboard for our major organs and the nervous system, we can detoxify and cleanse our entire bodies in this way. In addition, breathing exercises performed in air charged with positive ions and ocean salts will charge our physical batteries and clarify our minds, enhancing our ability to connect with inner intuitive guidance. 

If you don't live near the beach, seek out a stream or pool in a wooded area where you can perform breathing exercises and wash in the cool clear waters.

Taking a long hot bath in water infused with bath salts, flower essences, and detoxifying herbs such as chamomile, lavender or sage can also be extremely beneficial this week. 

Using a neti pot or a salt water inhaler can certainly help to alleviate sinus blockages and provides some of the same benefits as a walk on the beach. You may want to do breathing exercises after using the neti pot to help recharge your physical batteries.

This is also a great time to perform Reiki self-treatment and meditative exercises of all kinds. By purifying and recharging with the help of water element exercises such as those mentioned above, we prepare ourselves to take advantage of the increased access to Greater Mind and Subtle Worlds that this potent Full Moon configuration enables.

This spiritual potential is reflected in the Sabian Symbol for this month's Virgo Full Moon. The Sabian Symbol for 12° Virgo is After the wedding, the groom snatches the veil from his bride. Spirit, conceived of as the masculine principle, strips away the veils of Maya from the material world, the natural world, physical reality. Spirit empowers us to see the true nature of our existence free of illusion and delusion. This is the key to true spiritual freedom. 

The Sabian Symbol for this Pisces Solar Festival, 12° Pisces, is In the Sanctuary of an Occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested. This indicates the flavor of the energy that this Piscean month emanates, and that energy provides us with a proving ground for our spiritual practices.

We are challenged to stay grounded, centered and balanced, to practice discernment in all that we see, think and do, and to take our place within the context of the spiritual community or communities in which we dwell, and which have been instrumental in forming our present character and practices.

We are challenged this Full Moon to offer our selfless service to our community, and to subordinate our ego-driven desires and impulses to the agenda of our spiritual community, however we define that for ourselves. Astrologically, we are challenged to take our Saturn medicine, honor the demands of our Greater Mind and our spiritual guides and teachers, exercise self-discipline and make Piscean sacrifices for the sake of the greater good.

In this way we will be assured of future revelations, and of accelerated progress along the path of Spirit we have chosen in this lifetime and in lifetimes to come.