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July 2018 Full Blood Super Moon Eclipse in Aquarius,
Leo Solar Festival
Cosmic Weather Forecast

Warm greetings from Jane and Curtis at Satya Center! This week's Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Aquarius will be the longest eclipse of the 21st Century, but will not be visible in North America.

Blood Moon Eclipse Progression, September 2016
By Astoddard73 [CC BY-SA 4.0  (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons

Here in South Florida, it's early hurricane season, and we've already seen two named storms in the Atlantic, Beryl and Chris, but neither came near us. All the action has been in the Pacific so far this year. About two weeks ago, Super Typhoon Maria slammed into Japan and East China, and 155 died in flash floods and mudslides in Hiroshima prefecture. This storm was followed closely by Tropical Storm Son Tihn, which killed at least 20 people in Vietnam. Predictions are that there could be up to one named storm per week in the Pacific this typhoon season.

Why has Florida been spared? The jet stream first tracked to the far north of its normal position in the Atlantic, and lately has plunged from Canada south through the midwestern US and down into the Gulf of Mexico, then looped around the southern tip of Florida to head up the East Coast all the way into Canada.

This unusual configuration of the jetstream does not bode well for incubating storms reaching Florida, as it tends to funnel them up to the Carolinas and beyond. With an El Nino event cranking up in the Pacific, Florida hurricanes are even less likely. El Nino events tend to create wind shear off the Florida coast that rips up baby storms, while often coinciding with drought events in California. So fingers crossed, we may avoid a repeat of last season's super active hurricane season here in Boca.

We often notice spectacular sunsets and bad allergies in South Florida this time of year, and these phenomena are often related to large plumes of Saharan dust that kick off the African coast, swirl in vortexes that can incubate large storms, and travel all the way across the Atlantic to Florida.

This year, beaches in South Florida are so packed with seaweed drifting in from the ocean that crews can't clean it up on a daily basis, and scientists theorize that the strong winds from the Sahara are blowing vast quantities of seaweed into the Caribbean and onto our beaches. It stinks. And if you go swimming, you'll find the seaweed is home to a myriad of tiny baby jellyfish. Micro-stings leave big welts that can last for months. Not good beach weather.

This year the Saharan dust storms are unprecedented in size and scope, traveling 6000 miles across the Earth all the way across the Pacific Ocean, and nearly across the Gulf of Mexico at one point. Observations of Mars recently discovered planet-wide dust storms, and that was considered astounding, but meteorologists are nearly as surprised by the incomprehensibly vast Saharan dust storms of July 2018 here on Earth.  To see a realtime view of the dust storms and other global weather phenomena check out the site Windy. To see the dust storms and the pattern of the jet stream, select "Wind" from the toolbar on the right side of the homepage.

Planetary dust storms aside, the long, hot summer of 2018 unfolding around the world continues to set new record temperatures.

May 2018 Blended Land and Sea Surface Temperature Percentiles

"Warmer-than-average conditions engulfed much of the world's land and ocean surfaces, giving way to the fourth highest May temperature since global records began in 1880," according to NOAA's May 2018 Blended Land and Sea Surface Temperature Map. "Record warmth was observed across parts of North America, Europe, Asia, as well as the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans."

The Arctic is aflame with widespread wildfires from Sweden to Alaska. Northern and Central Europe are in the grip of unprecedented drought.

Further south, this week fast moving wildfires killed at least 60 people in the town of Mati, a seaside resort village in Greece. “Residents and visitors in the area did not escape in time even though they were a few meters from the sea or in their homes,” fire brigade spokeswoman Stavroula Maliri said, according to a Reuters news report. Hundreds ran for the beach to escape the inferno, and over 700 people who reached the water were rescued from beaches after the event. 

"The abnormally hot temperatures – which have topped 3°C in the Arctic Circle – are in line with climate change trends, according to the World Meteorological Organization," as reported in the UK Guardian newspaper. 

"A deadly heat wave blistering across Japan has claimed more than 40 lives this month, with little relief in sight as record temperatures are expected to persist until later this week," according to a July 23 report in Time magazine.

Japan logged its highest-ever temperature at 106 degrees Fahrenheit (41.1°C) in Kumagaya, near Tokyo on Monday afternoon, according to Japan’s Kyodo news agency.

Land-ocean temperature index, 1880 to present, with base period 1951-1980. The solid black line is the global annual mean and the solid red line is the five-year lowess smooth. The blue uncertainty bars (95% confidence limit) account only for incomplete spatial sampling. [This is an update of Fig. 9a in Hansen et al. (2010).] Image courtesy of NASA.

"The contiguous U.S. endured the warmest May ever recorded, and in June, the average temperature was 1.7 degrees Celsius (3.0 degrees Fahrenheit) above the 20th century average," as reported on the environmental website fivethirtyeight.com. These temperatures represent a level nearing the 2 degree Centigrade warming set by the Paris Accord as an upper limit for safe temperature increase globally, and set as a goal for the year 2100. Climate change is clearly accelerating.

This month, in Southern California, the UCLA campus, very near the coast, reported record breaking temperatures of 111 degrees. Many SoCal coastal areas endured temperatures around 100 degrees as late as midnight during the recent heat wave.

Meteorologist Daniel Swain, who writes The California Weather Blog, suggests that "if you’re interested in hearing a bit more about the recent Southern California heatwave, the extraordinary heat being observed elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere this summer, and how these events fit into the broader context of climate change, feel free to listen to this interview recorded last week featuring Noah Diffenbaugh (Stanford), Marty Hoerling (NOAA), and me." It's worth your time.

"During the first five months of 2018, nearly every continent experienced record warm temperatures, and May 2018 marked the 401st consecutive month in which temperatures exceeded the 20th century average," fivethirtyeight.com reports.

Jane and I have navigated throughout our time together, over 30 years married, by tuning into signs from the Universe. We know that although we create our own reality, reality also creates a web of possibilities beyond our imagining and simultaneously limits the scope of our ability to create as we choose. So we understand that we are humble co-creators within a Universe so large it defies our ability to imagine its size and complexity, and that we must align our co-creation within the parameters set by the Universal web of life and energy and consciousness that surrounds us, and enables us to live our lives.

Being sensitive to the cycles of the seasons, and to the cycles of our lives, has helped us to choose where we live, how we live, what we eat, who we interact with, and how we relate to the mysteries and whisperings of Spirit, guiding us toward optimum outcomes for ourselves and all those with whom we are connected, in all the three worlds. 

This month signs are writ large across planet Earth for all to see. We are in a global climate emergency. Temperatures around the world are increasing more rapidly than scientists had expected, and we are on track to reach as much as 3-5 degrees of global warming by the end of this century, far beyond the 2 degree safe limit established by the Paris Accord.

The Paris Accord, an agreement among the vast majority of nations on planet Earth, excluding the United States under President Trump, represents an attempt to limit global warming to 2 degrees Centigrade, which is considered relatively safe, in the sense that scientists predict warming at that level will not threaten global human civilization with collapse. 

Legendary scientist Stephen Hawkings had this to say in response to Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, in July 2017, about one year ago.

“We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible,” the celebrated scientist told Pallab Ghosh from the BBC. The consequences, he explained, would be truly dire for the planet. “Trump’s action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of two hundred and fifty degrees, and raining sulphuric acid,” Hawking warned.

For the last 25 years, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has put the potential range of warming by the end of this century in the 1.5 to 4.5 degrees Celsius range.

But we're already experiencing an average of 1 degree of warming above historical norms, according to scientific consensus, and warming is accelerating, along with sea level rise. As of 2015, global temperatures had risen about 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Some credible scientists, including Dr. Peter Cox of the University of Exeter, calculate that average temperature rise by 2100 will clock in at the 2.2 - 3.4 degree Celsius range.

Other scientists take a dimmer view. “Our study indicates that if emissions follow a commonly used business-as-usual scenario, there is a 93 per cent chance that global warming will exceed 4C by the end of this century,” said Dr Ken Caldeira, an atmospheric scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science, as reported in the UK Indpendent.

What would happen if the 4 degree Centigrade warming scenario were to materialize? Well, the World Bank, hardly a hotbed of environmental activism, addressed this question in a 2013 report, and these are some bullet point conclusions they reached:

This level of warming could bring:

  • the inundation of coastal cities;
  • increasing risks for food production potentially leading to higher malnutrition rates; many dry regions becoming dryer, wet regions wetter;
  • unprecedented heat waves in many regions, especially in the tropics;
  • substantially exacerbated water scarcity in many regions;
  • increased frequency of high-intensity tropical cyclones;
  • irreversible loss of biodiversity, including coral reef systems.

Sea level rises could reach 10-30 meters for each 1 degree Centigrade rise in temperature, according to Ian Angus in his essential guide to climate change, Facing the Anthropocene. So 3-4 degrees of warming could lead to 30-120 meters of sea level rise! This would obliterate all coastal cities, displacing uncountable people. We know that a mere 10 meters of sea level rise would displace 634 million people. Since 40% of the world's 7.6 billion people live within 100 miles of the coast, over 3 billion people would be threatened by sea level rise of 3-4 degrees Centigrade, as cities near the coast are submerged, and essential services disrupted in the surrounding regions.

Back to the future or today? This compilation of photos submitted to State of the Environment www.flickr.com/groups/ourenvironment shows us what our future holds with sea level rise and increased coastal flooding. Read more at go.usa.gov/ja7R
By USEPA Environmental-Protection-Agency (Back to the Future? #ActOnClimate) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Agriculture would be disrupted, most of the world would be plunged into a permanent heat wave as deadly as the worst the world has yet experienced, billions of climate refugees would be forced to seek new homes, ocean acidification would increase dramatically threatening the entire oceanic food chain, methane emissions would increase dramatically, accelerating warming further, and the phytoplankton that produce most of the biomass in seas worldwide, and absorb more carbon dioxide than all tropical rainforests on land would be approaching a tipping point.

According to a 2015 study in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, "researchers from the University of Leicester predicted that a six-degree rise in ocean temperature will prevent phytoplankton from surviving. That would mean the loss of the oxygen they produce through photosynthesis," CBC News reports.

"Two-thirds of our atmospheric oxygen comes from the photosynthesis of marine life, so if the phytoplankton die, it's fairly likely we do too," CBC  News concludes. So a mere six degree rise in global temperatures would be the end of oxygen breathers on planet Earth, and we are already looking at highly probable increases of 4 degrees. There's not much room for error over the next century or two as we seek to transition from our current Thanatos culture of cheap carbon and unlimited predatory pollution to a sustainable society.

Yet political leaders across the globe are increasingly more interested in pursuing nationalist, me-first agendas, complete with trade wars, currency wars, bellicose rhetoric, arms build ups and confrontational reconfigurations of armed forces on their enemies' and neighbors' borders, on land and sea. Ethnic, religious and racial divides are fueling civil wars around the world. 

With Trump as President, the United States is the world leader in belligerent rhetoric, reactionary nationalism and climate denialism, hands down. That's a very bad thing for all of humanity.

Those who perceive themselves as the Resistance to Trump's retrograde agenda are focused on issues centering on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election, on identity politics, and on achieving health care for all. There is little or no emphasis on climate change by either the neoliberal Clintonite wing of the Democratic party or by the Sanders led progressive wing of the party.

Into this vacuum of adult leadership, America's youth have joined with their peers around the world to organize to protect the Earth from the predatory brand of capitalism that threatens to make our planet uninhabitable for oxygen breathing sentient beings.

"Declaring that climate change is 'an issue of survival' that must be confronted with urgency, young activists across the globe on Saturday [July 21, 2018] kicked off three days of marches and demonstrations to pressure elected officials to 'reject the corrupting monetary influence of fossil fuel executives,' ban all new dirty energy developments, and safeguard the planet for both its current inhabitants and future generations," according to an article on the Common Dreams website.

"Kids are suing the government, we're marching, we're lobbying, we're just pretty much just getting down and just begging them: Can I not have a world that’s totally falling apart?" Jamie Margolin, a 16-year-old environmentalist, told the Huffington Post.

The kids have a well articulated platform, including these demands, to be met by the year 2020:

  • Respect the rights of Indigenous people;
  • "Recognize the constitutional right of youth to a livable climate";
  • Eliminate all fossil fuel subsidies "immediately"
  • "Heavily tax corporations who have historically emitted the most greenhouse gases, and invest that money into solutions that curb carbon pollution and help communities adapt to climate change."
  • "Ban all new fossil fuel infrastructure and make massive investment in local solar and wind energy companies" in the coming years."
  • "Declare a climate emergency and establish a fully-funded federal climate emergency department that would focus on pre-disaster planning and also address post-disaster clean up"
  • "Rejoin the Paris Agreement and work to strengthen and embolden it."

We must hope that these young people will be joined by adults of all religious and political persuasions to demand fast action to prevent the worst case global climate change scenarios that loom large in humanity's future. After all, they are our children, and their ecosystem is being destroyed by the greed, short-sightedness and passivity of the current generation of leaders around the world. 

With Donald Trump as President none of these demands will be met, obviously. With climate change denial now the official position of the Republican party, it is crystal clear that political change will not be easy. Republicans control Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court and 26 state governments. 

That's why over the last few years activists have taken to the streets, held marches and rallies, and in some cases confronted the fossil fuels industry in an attempt to slow down environmental destruction.

Remember the stand-off at Standing Rock? Although only 800 people participated in the protests against the construction of the infamous oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, straddling North and South Dakota, many, many more participated in rallies like the one shown below, which took place in locations across the country in 2015 and 2016. At least 1.3 million Facebook users checked in on the Standing Rock protests during that time. That was not enough to stop the pipeline however. The pipeline has been in operation for a little more than a year as of this writing. 

People protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline stand in the street with signs and banners.
By Pax Ahimsa Gethen [CC BY-SA 4.0  (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons

Protest marches and Facebook posts have their place, but they are clearly insufficient to trigger societal transformation. Bill McKibben, the most famous environmental activist in the country, who has participated in innumerable marches for decades, said after a 2017 march, “Now, the task is full-on resistance”. That means civil disobedience if necessary, on the level last seen in this country in the 1960s, at the height of the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement.

Environmentalists got that memo years ago, and many have already taken action.

In 2016, Leonard Higgins and Michael Foster "participated in the coordinated, simultaneous—and illegal—shutdown of five transborder pipelines," as reported on the FrackCheckWV.net website. "They are two of the five civil disobedient activists who temporarily halted the flow of all tar-sands oil entering the United States.

Also in 2016, thousands of people participated in a global wave of protests against the biggest fossil fuel infrastructure projects across the world. Protesters shut down the UK’s largest opencast coal mine in south Wales, as reported the UK Guardian.

That same year, "around 1,000 people closed the world’s largest coal-exporting port in Newcastle, Australia and other bold actions [were] happening at power stations, oil refineries, pipelines and mines everywhere from the Philippines, Brazil and the US, to Nigeria, Germany and India," the Guardian reports.

"For almost a year, [in 2016] hundreds of protesters in Massachusetts took action to stop construction of a high-pressure fracked gas pipeline, which would have run for five miles through the Boston neighborhood of West Roxbury. The demonstrations, which featured protesters sitting in holes dug for the pipeline, led to the arrests of nearly 200 people, many of whom faced criminal charges for trespassing and disturbing the peace," as reported on the ThinkProgress website.

"On Tuesday [March 27,2018], the final 13 protesters facing charges over the demonstrations were found not responsible by a Massachusetts judge, who ruled that the potential environmental and public health impacts of the pipeline — including the risk of climate change — had made civil disobedience legally necessary," according to ThinkProgress.

You heard correctly. The existential risk of climate change has now made civil disobedience legally necessary. Civil disobedience is not an option for everyone who wants to participate in the global movement to mitigate climate change. It's up to each of us to find ways to be involved more fully in our own backyards, on social media, in political campaigns, and by educating families, neighbors and friends. Spirit will guide each of us to the appropriate actions if we only open our hearts to the possibility of change and set our intent to be of service in this time of global crisis.

Just let Spirit guide you and do something more than what you've ever done to bring about a sustainable human civilization before it's too late. There is no time to waste.

"Fifteen years ago, Ken Caldeira, a senior scientist at the Carnegie Institution, calculated that the world would need to add about a nuclear power plant’s worth of clean-energy capacity every day between 2000 and 2050 to avoid catastrophic climate change," according to a recent article in Technology Review. "Recently, he did a quick calculation to see how we’re doing."

"At that rate, substantially transforming the energy system would take, not the next three decades, but nearly the next four centuries. In the meantime, temperatures would soar, melting ice caps, sinking cities, and unleashing devastating heat waves around the globe (see “The year climate change began to spin out of control”)."

We live on a totally interconnected planet in the 21st century. Political problems, civil wars, immigration crises, global weather patterns, financial and economic systems, are all global in nature. There is nowhere on Earth to hide from the global environmental emergency. And time is running short.

As a species, and as individuals, we are challenged to recognize the interdependent nature of our very precarious existence on this tiny blue-green marble spinning through the Universe, and to take action in our lives.

We are challenged to recognize that our actions as individuals do matter in the short run and in the long run. Although our individual actions are insufficient to spark the change we need to navigate the transition from today's me-first Cheap Carbon Civilization to a new sustainable all-for-one-one-for-all civilization based on equity, renewable resources and a spirit of global family, our individual actions contribute to a shift in the collective consciousness that will succeed in transforming the planet and ushering in a New Age of sustainable Post Carbon energy. 

There are powerful interests who will stop at nothing to sustain the unsustainable. They are currently in charge of our global political and financial systems, and they have no intention of letting go of power quietly or quickly. 

These predatory, powerful people and institutions are vastly outnumbered by the rest of us. It is up to us to stand up to them and to make the change we want to see in the world. The only way we can do that is together. 

Remember it only takes a small but active and committed minority to bring about a change of consciousness. In 1964, the embryonic antiwar movement in America was composed of hippies, student radicals, and mothers of soldiers, a tiny sliver of the population. Yet by 1967 the African-American civil rights movement, the Chicano movement, the women's liberation movement and large sections of organized labor had come together to participate in the antiwar movement, and a majority of Americans came to the conclusion that the genocidal Vietnam War, which threatened to escalate into nuclear Armageddon, must come to an end. The rest is history.

It took a certain degree of reckless courage in 1964 to be part of the antiwar movement, and even in the late Sixties it took tremendous courage to participate in the broader movement for social transformation.  I can recall going to various demonstrations which featured sharp clashes between tear gas lobbing police and unarmed protesters. It also took a highly developed degree of group consciousness and solidarity across race, ethnic, gender and class divides for the various sectors of the broad antiwar movement to find common ground and work together to achieve social change on a broad scale. We can learn a lot from the history of this tumultuous time.

We will need the courage of Leo the Lion and the group consciousness of the Aquarian Water Bearer in the 21st Century if we are to be successful in ushering in a New Age of Post-Carbon Civilization. And that is precisely the energy signature of this month's Full Blood Moon in Aquarius and Leo Solar Festival.

It is hardly surprising that the Cosmic Weather patterns are full of conflict, angst, tension and struggle, as we all are challenged to equilibrate the conflicting energies of self and other, individual and community, and to transcend our allegiances to race, religion and political party in a conscious effort to think globally and act locally in pursuit of a New Age civilization. Nothing less will satisfy our spiritual obligations to our fellow human beings, the myriad of non-human sentient creatures on our planet, and to our children, and their children's children's children. That is our task this Full Moon.

Cosmic Weather Forecast

This week we'll see a Super Moon, meaning that the Full Moon is at its closest point to Earth during its orbit, appearing up to 8% larger than normal, and a Full Moon Eclipse, at which time the Earth's shadow will obscure the Moon, because the Sun, Earth and Moon will be lined up in the sky. However some light from the Sun will be reflected and refracted through the Earth's atmosphere and reach the Moon. The Earth's atmosphere will scatter much of the green to violet light on the spectrum, leaving more red light to reach the moon’s surface, giving the Moon a blood red coloration.

The Full Blood Super Moon Eclipse in Aquarius and the Leo Solar Festival takes place Friday July 27, at 1:15 PM Eastern time. The Full Blood Moon Eclipse will be at 4.45° Aquarius, conjunct retrograde Mars in Aquarius, and both will be opposed by the Sun at 4.45° Leo. This will be the longest eclipse of the 21st Century. The combination of celestial configurations indicates extreme volatility, and a potential for explosive violence.

The Leo/Aquarius polarity at its best serves to unite the energies of the heart and mind in courageous, selfless service to humanity, so the potential for positive action on the personal and collective level is always strong at this point in the seasonal cycle.

The Leo/Aquarius axis will be squared by Uranus in Taurus, creating a pernicious fixed T-square which first formed on July 23, and persists throughout the rest of the month. 

Uranus, the outer planet associated with electrifying, sudden change and revolutionary transformation, in Taurus, a fixed Earth sign, indicates seismic shocks to the most grounded and established foundations of our lives, especially the ecosystem, agriculture, banking and finance. 

Uranus has a tilted axis, rings and moons

Looking at the big picture, Uranus in Taurus being square the Leo-Aquarius axis indicates that shocking confrontations affecting peace between nations, environmental catastrophes, and dislocations to the global financial system, could suddenly and unexpectedly challenge us to activate the best qualities of Leo and Aquarius and focus intensely on working as individuals and in groups to find creative solutions to major crises.

This T-square also could highlight the conflicts between individuals and groups that prevent positive action to mitigate the effects of major challenges to our ecosystem, our financial system, and our agricultural systems. 

Tension, angst, conflict, and temper tantrums are also associated with the energy signature of this challenging Fixed T-Square. Examples of this energy on the world stage include: a war of words between Donald Trump and the Iranian government, and an on again, off again, Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip, in the wake of Israeli passage of a new law that grants rights of self-determination only to Jewish residents.

This could be the start of a run-up to another reckless war in the Middle East and an end to the dream of a secular, inclusive Jewish state, and the beginning of a new fundamentalist, theocratic, militaristic Israel with unabashed aspirations to regional hegemony at any cost.

The financial system is currently being shocked by an escalating trade and currency war, initiated by US President Donald Trump, which now has created market uncertainty among investors, an extremely strong dollar and the devaluation of currencies in Venezuela, Turkey, Japan and China, among others, which could result in social instability in the weaker countries being affected.

On a collective level this month's Blood Full Moon Eclipse is shaking our foundations.

On a personal level, we may find ourselves challenged by our tendency toward fixed attitudes and responses to life, to people around us, and to events in the world. We may find that our routines, our preferences and our deeply held belief systems will be challenged by other people, by our own erupting emotions, and by events in the world far beyond our control.

We may find that we behave in retrograde ways influenced by retrograde Mars in Aquarius. This could mean regressing to childish tantrums when challenged, or it could indicate participating in a collective consciousness that is asserting itself in a regressive, aggressive way to achieve long held goals, or to protect collective belief systems being challenged by transformative events in the world around us.

This challenging Fixed T-square will persist through the first of October, and will include a retrograde Mars and Uranus for much of the time, so this challenging energy signature will dominate the entirety of this long, hot summer, and will intensify well into the fall season.

The power of this Fixed T-square should not be underestimated. The energy will penetrate deep into our collective and individual consciousness, and will challenge us to embark upon wholesale changes in the areas of life we had felt were most fixed, stable and unalterable. That's bound to be a big confront for our minds!

This energy signature corresponds to Trump XVI of the Tarot, also known as The Tower, or in this deck, The Thunderbolt. The Tower is associated with the planet Mars, and can refer to the downfall of an Empire, a natural disaster, or to dental surgery and other sudden medical dramas. Essential, basic structures, built up over many years of work, are destroyed, as in a flash. This destruction can be creative destruction, if the structures are old and worn and no longer serve the purpose for which they were created. 

Our entire civilization is experiencing a period in history which can easily be symbolized by The Tower. Needless to say there can be a lot of collateral damage when an entire civilization undergoes this kind of traumatic transformation. As a Tarot reader, I know that often these types of situations develop when people hold onto old structures in their life for too long, and when they have long outlived their utility and no longer fit the present time and place, destruction is inevitable, and will come unexpectedly from the outside world, since we are unable or unwilling to initiate needed change from within our own consciousness, and of our own free will.

Spiritually speaking, The Tower represents the moment of self-realization when the workings of the Higher Self and the aspirant's unswerving inner determination to achieve liberation combine to remove the obstructions within aura, mind, body, heart and soul that have kept the individual in bondage, ignorance and suffering.

It is true that The Tower also represents the consequences to the egoistic personality that ensue when these blockages are ignored, the initiations not taken, the sexual energy of Lust or Strength not redirected toward spiritual goals, the Higher Self not granted mastery of the incarnating vehicle. In such cases, the end result of greed, lust, aggression, fear, and spiritual lethargy result in destruction, often self-destruction or destruction by uncontrollable forces outside of the delusional tower comprising the unbending egoistic personality and its material constructs in the world, its Empire of self-worship.

This moment of history is our golden opportunity to envision and co-create total transformation of our entire global civilization. If we are to participate fully in manifesting the positive outcome we desire for ourselves and our world, we must tune in to the spiritual energies that will support us in manifesting the change we want to see on every level of existence.

This Full Blood Super Moon Eclipse and retrograde Mars in Aquarius, accompanied by the Fixed T-Square created by the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Taurus is actually a great time to tune into these positive spiritual energies.

Uranus is the planet of the intuitive plane of existence, and linked to the sign of Aquarius. The Leo/Aquarius axis involves the interaction of the open, compassionate Leonine heart and the clear-sighted, co-operative, intuitive Aquarian group consciousness. Esoterically, this represents the transcendence of the egoistic mentality, and the flowering of the intuitive heart-centered consciousness we associate with Higher Mind and Divine Presence within us.

This intuitive heart-centered consciousness resonates with the energy signature of Right Human Relations, which can only be achieved by transcending restrictive and divisive egoistic, tribal, political, ethnic, and religious consciousness. 

It is through the development of Right Human Relations in our own individual lives that we can generate a potent group consciousness that will overcome the world's current conflicts. Through the power of intuitive, heart-centered Higher Mind, together we can create the new institutions, tools, and energy sources necessary for a post-Carbon, peaceful, sustainable, equitable global society.

Sci-Fi Tropical Flower in Jane's Boca Garden 

Jane and I hold you all in our hearts as we do our daily spiritual practices, and we ask that you each be given the grace and guidance you need this long, hot summer, in order to achieve your spiritual and material goals. May all of us be given golden opportunities to be of service in the world, and especially to help during this time of global climate emergency. May love and inner light illuminate your world this Full Blood Moon Eclipse! And so it is!

Meditation Moment: For the Michael Age

We must eradicate from the soul

All fear and terror of what comes towards Man

Out of the future

And we must acquire serenity

In all feelings and sensations about the future

We must look forward

With absolute equanimity to everything that may come

And we must think only that whatever comes

Is given to us by a world directive full of wisdom

It is part of what we must learn in this age,

Namely to live out of pure trust

Without any security in existence.

Trust in that ever present help of the spiritual world.

Truly, nothing else will do

If our courage is not to fail us.

And we must seek this awakening within Ourselves

Every morning and every evening.

Rudolph Steiner, from a lecture given in 1910