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2/08 Global NewsLetter: The Coming Collapse of Globalization
9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics
A Maypole in Prison
America's Values Wars, The Bush Inaugural, and The Full Moon in Leo
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2/08 Global NewsLetter: The Coming Collapse of Globalization
9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics
A Depleted Legacy
A New Revolution-Lilipoh Interviews Nicanor Perlas
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Anti-Radiation Salad Medley or Seaweed & Green Salad
Autumn Equinox 2013 Cosmic Weather Forecast
California's Energy Crisis – Who's to Blame?
City, Country or Suburb? Which Is Best During Peak Oil and Global Warming?
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2/08 Global NewsLetter: The Coming Collapse of Globalization
A New Meaning for Car Wash
Drug Cartels, Managed Violence and the Russian 9/11, Part 1
Drug Cartels, Managed Violence and the Russian 9/11, Part 2
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public policy
Can Nothing Stop the Education Reform Bubble?
Drug Cartels, Managed Violence and the Russian 9/11, Part 1
Farming in the Age of Expensive Oil
February 2013 Full Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast
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global visions
2/08 Global NewsLetter: The Coming Collapse of Globalization
2012 And All That
A Morning Walk -- Traveling to Elemental Realms
A New Revolution-Lilipoh Interviews Nicanor Perlas
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global visionaries
2007: Alchemical Portal
2012 And All That
9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics
A Day in the Life
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What If Foundation Correspondence Archive
Find all of the correspondence between Father Jean-Juste in Haiti and Margaret Trost of What If Foundation published here at Satya Center

The Distancing of Europe and America
Europeans, even the British, don't like being associated with crass, domineering and increasingly corrupt American-style capitalism.

The Dark Night of the Planetary Soul
The world is in labor, about to birth a new planetary consciousness. Will this consciousness reflect our worst nightmares or our highest aspirations? The choice is ours.

Ten Year Forecast for America’s Reform and Restructuring
With Saturn in Libra in the 10th house, the U.S. has the potential to eventually be a leader in a sustainable, just, and harmonious way of life.

Roxbury Farm New Land Purchase
Roxbury Farm purchases 100 acres of new land, in cooperation with Open Space Conservancy and the National Park Service, keeping the land in agriculture.

Reiki and the Zero-Point Field
The Source of Reiki energy originates in what some modern scientists describe as The Zero Point Field – a field of low-level energy that fills the seeming empty vastness of deep space.

Organic Production Works
A new study shows organic production outperforms conventional in crop yield, soil fertility, pest reduction and economic return.

How to Make Every Day Earth Day!
Here’s a simple, fun, free thing you can do to help save the planet.

How I Beat Cancer
"Convinced that I could turn the cancer around, I found a doctor who said he'd give me three months time while I used only natural remedies. Six months later, I was cancer-free."

Homeopaths Without Borders
Homeopaths Without Borders North America, based in Basalt Colorado needs your help, to help the Tsunami Survivors. They are setting up local clinics with doctors & professional homeopaths to send to Sri Lanka.

Haiti Emergency: UN Aiding Death Squads
On Tuesday U.S. backed Haitian police reportedly entered the neighbourhood of Fort Nationalle, forced 13 people to the ground, and executed them one by one

Back to the Garden Part 2: The Alchemy of Love
On one thing all spiritual teachings agree. It is better to be loved than not to be loved, and it is far better to love than not to love.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
A common sense approach to understanding ADD. Learn how you can give your child a healthful treatment option through supplements and natural foods.

America's Decline: Learning from the British Empire
There is choice in the manner of a nation's decline, and a graceful decline starts with a recognition that the game is changing and we've lost the plot.

America After the Elections
To say that I and most of my friends were displeased with the outcome would be slightly understating the fact. But, I feel it necessary to bring out a few things that people may not have considered around all this and—despite it all—I can see what is coming, and I have to say I still feel quite bright about the future.

A Dozen Ways to Safeguard Your Financial Privacy
America, the country that made right to privacy a credo, has lost its privacy to the computer. But it's far worse than you think.

Pivotal Years For The U.S. as Mars Turns Retrograde
The U.S. has neither enough money nor enough resources for another military war (which, however, may not stop it), but it will surely wage a war of words, of propaganda, a U.S. specialty.

Follow the Money
Eliot Spitzer’s insurance probe promises to shake up business as usual in the $1 trillion industry -- and in Albany, where campaign finance reform may be the only solution to the problem.

My Annual Checkup with Tibetan Physician, Dr. Yeshi Dhonden
A visit to the Tibetan doctor is both a spiritual visit to a venerable monk and teacher and a transforming healthcare experience.

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alternative aggregators

Americans Against World Empire, Americans Against Bombing

(US) This is an amazing, content-rich portal website created by, a Conservative/Libertarian coalition opposed to .the wars & hypocrisy whereby the US creates our own enemies. These conservatives believe the American Empire will bankrupt America and cost us our own freedoms. The homepage is a long scroll, including articles and reports by Arnaud de Borchegrave, Justin Raimondo, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Ron Paul, Robert Fisk, Georgie Ann Geyer, Lew Rockwell, Jude Wanniski and many more icons of the conservative political pantheon.

(US) A great source for breaking news articles on regional wars around the world, and the global war on terrorism, featuring links to breaking news stories from mainstream media in the US and around the world and commentary by Pat Buchanan and Buchanan acolyte Justin Raimondo, is a news portal and a prime virtual watering hole of the conservatives in America who are repulsed by the new American imperialism as practiced by the administration of George W. Bush.

Common Dreams

(US) Headline news from mainstream media around the world, a progressive newswire feed with clickable headlines, and progressive op-ed pieces from across the country.

(US) This nonprofit left-of-center news aggregator gives you more than headlines. Links to stories from the mainstream media appear within a paragraph or two about the news story in question, giving you context on the news, the reporter, and the spin. So you don’t waste your time clicking on links to stories you don’t need to read. Just scanning tells you most of the story. News

(US) This peace and social justice website provides a daily mailing list with dozens of important articles from mainstream and alternative news sources around the world. The Global NetNews report  covers current events with context links, and topic pages in a Global Index that list thousands of links  for background or research. A crosslinked, alphabetized master index of links works for  a quick lookup or in-depth research, with hundreds of topics alphabetized - people,  organizations, issues, and countries. 

Information Clearing House

(US) This website is the work of one person who provides an exhaustive daily compilation of mainstream and alternative news concerning US national politics, US foreign policy, and coverage of the world’s multitudinous hotspots and war zones, along with environmental news and articles concerning globalization. The daily email digest is extremely helpful if you don’t mind scanning two or three dozen links with short summaries every day.

alternative news media


(US) The syndicator of choice for alternative news media, this website offers exclusive news stories by its own stringers, and left-of-center opinion pieces from across the country.

(US) This website, founded by two mainstream African-American journalists, offers the Black American perspective on US and global affairs.

Brother Jonathan Gazette

(US)   Bookmark this site to read about 700 daily news stories from 29 World-wide news sources updated hourly. The stories are categorized by type and include longer features such as the series about StarWars, the Pentagon & HAARP, or the Rise of Fascism in the American Energy Business.

Common Ground

(US) Common Ground serves as a resource to help readers live healthier lives and create a sustainable society. This San Francisco monthly  focuses on spirituality and personal growth, holistic health and wellness, ecological sustainability and the environment, organic and natural products, economic justice and human rights. There's a valuable Calendar of Events too.

Democracy Now!

(US) Amy Goodman, the crown jewel in Pacifica radio network’s news operation, presents streaming audio news, transcripts of interviews,  and a news archive  full of goodies.

(US) This website describes itself as “a radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and justice”, and includes a compilation of mainstream news, alternative media and articles by people in advocacy groups and thinktanks, providing a wider than usual range of articles in key areas of interest around the world.

Independent Media Center

(US) Intergalactic world headquarters independent, grassroots media producers in American cities and around the world.

This is the voice of the young shock troops of the anti-globalization movement.

Guerrilla News Network

(US) The brainchild of two MTV producers, GNN produces documentaries that rock, with soundtracks by famous musicians, like Peter Gabriel. GNN video producers and correspondents take advantage of a Web-based content management system to post their stories from the field using online forms rather than html to simplify the news production process. Investigative journalist Greg Palast and other inquiring minds provide lots of mind-food. 

Mother Jones

(US) The West Coast monthly magazine of progressive Americans  has a sophisticated website with many web-only exclusives as well as content from the magazine.

Multinational Monitor

(US) Ralph Nader’s invaluable monthly magazine tracks the predations of corporate malefactors around the world, and analyzes the inter-relationships between corporate predators and the political elites who make their predations possible. 

Narco News

Al Giordano’s independent South American news service boasts Grateful Dead songwriter and cyber-libertarian John Perry Barlow among its correspondents. Fearless reporting on the seamy underside of the war on drugs from the front lines, where politicians, spooks, gun runners, drug smugglers and international financiers all make a living from the drugs, the war on drugs, and the political and social turmoil that result. More fearless reporting about the truth in Mexico, in Venezuela, in Bolivia, and elsewhere in the South where people are decisively rejecting the neo-liberal model of Utopian laissez-faire capitalism, only to find the US backing the most reactionary elements of society in their attempts to undo the results of democratic elections.

The Nation

(US) This slim weekly journal of left-wing opinion exerts a more powerful influence on opinion-makers because circulation is soaring since the ill-fated Iraq War of Bush Junior. This is where the top-tier of left-of-center journalists, activists, and academics express their opinions and cross swords with the dominant rightwing media pundits. 

The New Internationalist

(UK) This monthly magazine is produced by a co-operative and represents the hip, youthful voice of the international anti-globalization movement. Recent cover stories on the pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry and the history of sugar, the  only food that historically has been produced by farmers in servitude.

(UK) This educational online magazine and community forum is dedicated to opening up a democratic space on the Internet for debate and discussion among North and South, the powerful and the powerless, the globalizers and the anti-globalizers. You can participate in the forums or by submitting your own material to the editors. Sponsored by a UK Foundation, this site is about opinions and debate to foster democracy, not so much about news per se or about investigative journalism. A beautiful site, with lots of interactive components for those who want to join the great debate. 

Pacific News Service

(US) Pacific News Service is a nonprofit media organization that was founded in 1969 as an alternative source of news and analysis on the U.S. role in Vietnam. A daily news service, including youth and ethnic news, provides coverage of immigration news, politics, environment, health and the economy from a US perspective.


(PH) TruthForce! is a weekly webzine published in the Philippines by The Center for Alternative Development Initiatives (CADI) covering pressing world issues including: globalization, sustainable development, poverty, environmentalism, threefolding and spiritual activism. The Editor-in-Chief is internationally known visionary activist, author and policy analyst Nicanor Perlas, recipient of the 2003 Right Livelihood Award, known as The Alternative Nobel Prize.

Read Nicanor's editorials and articles from a variety of global sources featuring good news about initiatives, ideas and activists with the power to create new, positive social frameworks, promising cultural experiments, progressive public policies and holistic scientific breakthroughs.

The Village Voice

(US) The grand-daddy of all alternative newspapers provides daily updates and web exclusives on the Net. Political junkies take note: the Voice’s invaluable Washington commentator Jim Ridgeway publishes much more on the Web than readers see in the paper.

Wisdom Magazine

(US) "Wisdom of the Heavens, Earth, Body, Mind and Soul" is a monthly publication covering holistic, metaphysical, spiritual and philosophical systems, practitioners and events throughout the Northeastern United States. Monthly articles include an astrological forecast, a monthly channeled message, and informative information about holistic therapies, nutrition and spiritual practices. There's also a national holistic directory of practitioners.


(US) Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Robert Fisk, John Pilger, Arundhati Roy and Vandana Shiva all in one place. News, commentary and analysis from the left-wing viewpoint, including Zmagazine.

(All Photos this page are from stock photography except for Democracy Now's logo)


City, Country or Suburb? Which Is Best During Peak Oil and Global Warming?
by Sharon Astyk    
It isn't where you live, but how you live there that matters -- especially who your neighbors are, and how well you get along in your community. Because in this transitional age between petroleum civilization and post-carbon civilization we will find that "it takes a village" just to survive.  more  >>

On Gaza
by Starhawk    
Golda Meir said, “The Palestinians, who are they? They don’t exist.” Today Israel says, “There is no partner for peace,” and “There is no one to talk to.” The oppressed have become the oppressors and done a great hurt to another people. Israel must make amends.
 more  >>

2/08 Global NewsLetter: The Coming Collapse of Globalization
by Curtis Lang    2/7/2008

We are witnessing the slow motion collapse of “globalization”, which is shorthand for a set of political, economic and social policies, including Reaganomics, free trade and the leveling down of global wages, human rights and environmental protection, financial deregulation and corporate oligarchy.  more  >>

9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics
by Peter Dale Scott    6/17/2008

The unthinkable — that elements inside the state would conspire with criminals to kill innocent civilians — has become not only thinkable but commonplace in the last century. Is the American "deep state" somehow implicated with al-Qaeda in the atrocity of 9/11?  more  >>

A Maypole in Prison
by Starhawk    5/1/2016

There are a surprising number of Pagans in prison—something like 20,000 in the U.S. Most of them become Pagan while they’re incarcerated. While the numbers of Christians are higher, the Pagans have some of the highest numbers of active, participating members of any religious group—and are among the least served, with no paid chaplains and endless barriers for volunteers.  more  >>

America's Values Wars, The Bush Inaugural, and The Full Moon in Leo
by Curtis Lang    1/20/2005

The majority of the American people stand for definite moral values – but not the values of right-wing fundamentalists, Republican globalizers and imperialists.  more  >>

Autumn Equinox 2013 Cosmic Weather Forecast
by Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry    9/11/2013

This month the Grand Cardinal Cross re-forms in the sky, activating global financial, geo-strategic and environmental crises. The Washington debt crisis. The Syrian crisis. The Fukushima crisis. It's time to ask for discernment, vision, strength and courage, and to send love and light to all involved!  more  >>

Bush & Brezhnev: Separated at Birth?
by Curtis Lang    6/1/2006

America is Losing The Great Game of Imperial Conquest. The Reign of Bush the Younger Resembles the Last Days of the Soviet Empire. Seemingly Impregnable and Destined to Rule Forever, Despots Always Fall.  more  >>

Can Nothing Stop the Education Reform Bubble?
by Adam Bessie    8/4/2011

The standardized testing educational system is to blame for many of the deficiencies in our schools. The Bubble silences debate and speech; it is a quieting force, suffusing the classroom in silence. It centralizes knowledge in the hands of the state, the federal government, and testing industry, taking it out of the hands of classroom teacher, local communities, parents, and ultimately, students themselves, who are increasingly mandated to submit to its authority without recourse, without debate.  more  >>

Drug Cartels, Managed Violence and the Russian 9/11, Part 1
by Peter Dale Scott    1/11/2006

Drug trafficking from Afghanistan is the main source of support for international terrorism today. Did an international drug cartel affiliated with a Saudi billionaire, Russian banks, and US and Russian intelligence services conspire in the Moscow bombings of 1999?  more  >>

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