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2007: Alchemical Portal
2011 Full Moon in Leo Aquarian Solar Festival
2012 And All That
9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics
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2/08 Global NewsLetter: The Coming Collapse of Globalization
2011 Full Moon in Leo Aquarian Solar Festival
A Christmas Story
A Depleted Legacy
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A Different Gulf War, Summer Solstice 2010
Anti Radiation Main Course Meal of Tofu, Sweet Potato & Collards over Brown Rice
Anti-Radiation Salad Medley or Seaweed & Green Salad
April 2013 Full Moon in Scorpio Cosmic Weather Forecast
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7 Natural Ways to Avoid the Flu
All About Vedic Astrology
An Urgent Call to Help Our Friend, Healer and Humanitarian Dr. Marsha Woolf
Angels Over Babylon
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A Depleted Legacy
The story of the long twilight struggle that ended government subsidized housing in Houston.

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City, Country or Suburb? Which Is Best During Peak Oil and Global Warming?

It isn't where you live, but how you live there that matters -- especially who your neighbors are, and how well you get along in your community. Because in this transitional age between petroleum civilization and post-carbon civilization we will find that "it takes a village" just to survive.  more  >>


Read this little inspiring 'pocket' verse from James Bertolino's treasure of verses, "Pocket Animals".  more  >>

Postcards From Eastern Oregon

This Spring my farming partners and I found ourselves landless. For the past eight years, we had been actively exploring a variety of forms and practices of small-scale agriculture and restoration...This journey took us to Eastern Oregon to seek out Finisia Medrano, a.k.a. “Tranny Granny”, a Shoshone elder who knows the ways of “The Hoop”, an ancient tradition of food gathering and cultivation that sustained the Native Americans and the land in good health for thousands of years until being violently disrupted by the European Invasion. The Hoop is not dead but, as we were to see, is severely threatened.  more  >>

Satya Center Aquarius Newsletter February 2014

We each contain within us the ability to love, to be loved, to honor even that which we do not understand. This is our true nature.

We each contain within us the ability to change, to offer kindness to strangers, to see violence around us and choose the path of peace.  more  >>

Spirit or Empire? The 21st Century Revolution

I am introducing the discourse of “spirit” back into social activism because the problems we face, dear friends, cannot be solved by the same kind of mind and heart that created these problems in the first place.  more  >>

Stocking Your Cupboard in the Nuclear Age

We are charged with the Soul task of being good stewards for the earth & for ourselves & one another. Here are some things you can do to prepare for living on our Mother Earth in the nuclear age.  more  >>

Happy Halloween, Samhain and Diwali
October 19, 2015

Pagan, earth-centered religions see the Divine manifest in Nature and all of Creation, believe in the concept of immanence (the Goddess/God within), believe in the spirit which resides in all things seen and unseen and in unending cycles of birth, growth, death and renewal.  more  >>

Autumn Equinox 2013 Cosmic Weather Forecast
September 11, 2013

This month the Grand Cardinal Cross re-forms in the sky, activating global financial, geo-strategic and environmental crises. The Washington debt crisis. The Syrian crisis. The Fukushima crisis. It's time to ask for discernment, vision, strength and courage, and to send love and light to all involved!  more  >>

February 2013 Full Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast
February 25, 2013

With six planets in Pisces this week, expect this unusual super-watery configuration to unleash a flood of difficult and long-repressed emotions, a cascade of confusing astral glamours, and simultaneously an undeniable soulful yearning for a transcendent realm of peace, unity and healing.  more  >>

San Onofre: The Trillion Dollar Threat to Southern California
July 14, 2011

Over the years, SoCal's San Onofre Nuclear Plant has leaked an enormous amount of tritium into the environment -- dozens of teaspoons' worth! Of course, that doesn't SOUND like a lot!
But it takes tens of billions of gallons of water to dilute it to safe standards! That should be a clue to tritium's extreme toxicity. In fact, the current regulations are probably way too lax. Too much tritium gets out, and permissible levels are too high.  more  >>

Radioprotective Effects of Holy Basil (Tulsi)
May 13, 2011

Can Tulsi Tea REALLY Protect Against Radiation Sickness? There has been little public mention of the well documented radioprotective effects of Holy Basil, which is also known in its native India as Tulsi. Tulsi is venerated in India as one of the most sacred herbs and has been used there for thousands of years as a principle herb of the Ayurvedic tradition. Learn more about the radioprotective effects of Holy Basil.  more  >>

Surviving Radiation the Wise Woman Way
April 17, 2011

We are adapted to survive mild exposures to radiation. Whether you are worried about the radiation from dental x-rays, a mammogram, or fallout, here are some Wise Woman Ways to help you stay healthy.  more  >>

Yarrow Environmental Solution: Say YES to your health!
April 15, 2011

Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES) from the Flower Essence Society is a highly beneficial blend of flower essences & plant tinctures in a sea salt base. Its purpose is to strengthen and protect against toxic environmental influences, geopathic stress & other hazards of technology-dominated modern life. This includes the disruptive effects of radiation on human energy fields from X-rays, televisions, computer monitors, cellular phones, electromagnetic fields, airplane flights, radiation treatments & contamination from nuclear power plants or fall-out.  more  >>

Anti-Radiation Salad Medley or Seaweed & Green Salad
April 14, 2011

Why not build up your immune system, eat delicious food & escort potential radiation exposure out of your system at the same time! Try this easy way to eat your seaweed & your greens too! Just add a cup of nettles & red clover tea with this meal & you'll double your benefits in protecting your health after exposure to radiation or to prepare your immune system for whatever the future may hold.  more  >>

Fukushima: Lessons Learned, Next Steps
April 12, 2011

Finally admitting that Fukushima is the worst nuclear "accident" in history is a good first step towards facing reality. Congratulations on facing reality, Japan. But if we don't ALL face reality, and shut ALL the nuclear power plants down, Fukushima will be exceeded some day. And then again. And again.  more  >>

Synthetic Life? Not By a Long Shot!
August 20, 2010

Potential benefits of synthetic biology can only be realised if it is kept in the public domain, and no patents are granted for putative “synthetic organisms” that should remain strictly contained and confined in the laboratory unless and until proven safe for health and the environment.  more  >>

The Decade of Global Transformation and the New American Evolution
March 13, 2009

In this newsletter, using research compiled over the last two years from honest and reliable financial experts, environmentalists, independent journalists and famous astrologers, I will give you a bird’s eye view of the current global financial crisis, provide you with a clear outline of its scope, depth and probable duration, and together we will take a look at the BIG picture – the cultural, political, economic, social and environmental changes set to totally transform human civilization during the next decade.  more  >>

Financing Poverty: How the Global Financial Casino Impoverishes the Planet
November 12, 2008

Time to replace the dominant economic model with a circular eco-economy that mimics nature.  more  >>

Meltdown Strategies: Financial Disaster and Climate Change
October 14, 2008

The environment is not an afterthought: it’s the ground of economy, security and survival. Environmental protection, environmental justice and regeneration must be our top priorities, because they are the only sound foundation for every other endeavor.  more  >>

The Corporate Grip on Food Tightens
July 4, 2008

We have dismantled vital parts of our agriculture and with it, the livelihoods of millions. At a time when debates in India highlight the un-viability of corporate agriculture, giant corporations are betting the opposite. For them, at least, the current food crisis holds the promise of an undying source of super profit.  more  >>

Our Collapsing Food System -- And How to Fix It
February 24, 2006

The global agricultural-industrial complex is destroying the environment, exploiting farmers around the world, and delivering low-quality, high-cost food to unwary consumers. But a host of alternatives are springing up to provide nutritious food from sustainable farm communities.  more  >>

Listen to the Animals
August 31, 2005

Why did so many animals escape the December 2004 tsunami? What is the nature of their "sixth sense" that warns them of impending natural disasters? Do humans share that ability? Scientists have an obligation to find out more!  more  >>

Saturn Teachings: Spiritual and Environmental Lessons of the Asian Tsunami
January 6, 2005

There are many lessons to be learned from this world-altering disaster. We must first absorb the spiritual lessons of the Tsunami Event in order to properly understand the socio-political and environmental lessons to be learned.  more  >>

California's Energy Crisis – Who's to Blame?
January 31, 2001

California's new $10 billion energy bailout plan is being greeted with skepticism by both industry experts and consumer groups. That’s not surprising because the state of California, which has already proven itself to be “the gang that couldn’t deregulate”, has rushed to implement an emergency plan that looks increasingly like a band-aid on a severe gut-shot wound.

 more  >>

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