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The Rooster Crows at Noon
February 15, 2005

by Malvin Artley print version
print version (graphics)
Happy New Year, my Friends!

Life is full of surprises at times—and sometimes we get some good ones. I went along to a birthday celebration for one of my Aquarian friends last weekend—at least, that is what I thought I was attending. The evening was going along well and it was a good gathering with some of my closest friends here in Adelaide. It was your traditional summer party with the barbie, beer, South Australian wine all the Aussie trimmings--and a fire going in the wheelbarrow (Well, it has been a bit cold here for February.)--and then there was the surprise.

Since I had just been made a dinkum Aussie the week before (been neutralized, as I had it described to me), my friends had all conspired without my knowing and decided to make my new citizenship truly official. I got put in a chair center stage, was presented with all sorts of Aussie icons and memorabilia, had to listen to tributes from each of them as I was made to generally feel both embarrassingly uncomfortable and truly blessed to have such great friends. It was an evening I will not soon forget! Now I have to figure out what to do with all this strange stuff—some of which I will never use (Anyone want a jar of Vegemite?). Of course, I know the real reason for the surprise was to take the heat off the birthday gal. Folks with Leo rising, as she has, don’t really go in for those sorts of things, you know? (You’re not fooling anyone, guys!) But, if this was to be an indicator for the coming lunar year, then it should be a very good year, indeed. It was certainly a great way to start the Western year!

The solar year for 2005 has already commenced and we find ourselves at crossroads in so many areas of life. We have a new US administration installed now. The Tecumseh curse is upon us and we wait with bated breath to see if the president will finish his term. Uncertainty with financial markets increases daily. There have been some major earth changes since the holiday season with the tsunami in the Pacific, hundreds of unreported earthquakes and more and more volcanoes becoming active. The weather patterns over the past few years continue to be unsettled, and people seemto have less and less time with more and more heaped upon them. Will it ever stop? Will there be a respite in the lead-up to the much-awaited epochal change of 2012 as marked in the Mayan calendar? Well, the Chinese New Year always offers a change of pace to us Westerners. We always tend to see it as a quaint sort of celebration, complete with dancing dragons, colorful displays, great food and fireworks shows. In reality, though, the chart for the lunar New Year shows a lot about the subjective state of affairs for humanity and the world in general, and it is no less accurate than Western methods of prognostication. So, instead of a Western-style monthly forecast this year, I thought it would be better to see what is in store for us this lunar year of 2005 and to give us a peek at a virtually unknown (to the West), but no less effective, side of the grand Art of astrology.

This lunar New Year started on the 9th of this month at 7:29 AM China Coast Time (CCT). As many people already know, this is to be the Year of the Rooster, the "Rooster Crowing at Noon". Every year we hear what the Chinese year is supposed to be, yet we take little notice of it. The Chinese have a system of 12 animal signs, in a similar manner to our 12 western zodiacal signs. But, that is where the similarity ends. The Chinese signs do not equate in any great degree with the Western zodiac, nor do they correspond to any Western constellations, either. Their system is actually a numerological system, of which I will not go into the mechanics here. Suffice it to say that the cycle of the 12 “animals” is actually a veil and popularization of a deeper, more esoteric system of divination, and that the cycle of 12 is only one of many such cycles that the Chinese use. What we hear about with the animal sign for the year is actually a denominator of a particular phase of the Chinese Great Year of 12 years. It is a cycle related to Jupiter and the particular phase of their year in which we now find ourselves is the 10th one—one that is called “Yu”. What follows is excerpts from the tutorial of the upcoming Chinese astrology program my friends at Esoteric Technologies and I have been developing. This is a deeper exposition of the phase of the Great Year this year represents. It should give more a lot more detail than what we normally get from the “parlor table” Chinese astrology and show a bit more of what Chinese astrology is really all about:

“BRANCH X: YU The tenth branch is the phase of cessation of outer activity. The work has been done and it is time to retire from further labors. It is a Yin phase and has the conjectural name of “Liquor”, suggesting a time of refreshment. In the hour pillar this is the 10th double-hour of 5-7 PM. It is the time of sunset, when the Sun casts its final glorious rays into the clouds and gives a final burst of its resplendence before fading into the night. It is a time of reflection over the day’s labors and a time of relaxation and enjoyment after a hard day’s work. In the day pillar this marks the 10th segment of the month, encompassing 3 days and the 19th, 18th and 17th Xiu (Lunar Mansions)—the “Net”, the “Pleiades” and the “Stomach”, resp. The day constellations are the Crow, Cock [Rooster] and Pheasant, resp., and it is generally considered to be lucky. In both the Month and the Year Pillars it is known by the animal sign of the Rooster. In the month pillar it marks the 10th lunar month of the year and is the time of year when the fields are plowed under. The harvest is complete and the crops are stored away. It includes the autumnal equinox. In the year pillar it describes the 10th segment of the Great Year, known as “Danger; controlling the Tail of Tou (the Great Bear)” This is when the Year Star (Jupiter) goes past the tail of the Great Bear. In human terms, it is the time of birth—the sunset of the Soul and its final bondage in matter. On the outer planes it is a time of welcoming the new life, of celebration (“Liquor”), and is also a time of greatest danger for the mother and the newborn—both in animal and human life. Along with the 9th Branch it shows the full artistry of the creative process, because all is now complete and can be shown in fullness. There is nothing left to do now other to than to enjoy the fruits of one’s labors. Branches 9 and 10 [Monkey and Rooster] define the House of Artistry.”From The Imperial Astrologer, text by Malvin Artley

As you can see, you don’t get this sort of information from popular books on Chinese astrology. Just as with the astrology we know from Western books, this system has its orthodox interpretations which are the ones everyone hears, and an esoteric counterpart such as this excerpt, defining the real nuts and bolts of the system. Reference is made in the preceding excerpt to 4 separate Pillars in which the Rooster can appear. These are the Hour/Day/Month and Year Pillars. It is the Year Pillar after which the year takes its name.

What is not generally known is that every one of the animal signs has an element associated with it (of which there are 5 in the Oriental systems) and a polarity--Yin or Yang. So, in its fullness, the name of this lunar year is technically known as The Year of the Yin Wood Rooster, the Rooster Crowing at Noon. The element Wood is associated with the color green, so this year will sometimes be referred to as the Year of the Green Rooster. This Rooster also has some subsidiary qualities associated with it, having a sub-elemental quality of metal and a resultant quality of water--the Water of Rains and Springs. If this is all too confusing, not to worry. A bit of explanation is forthcoming.

Chinese astrology in the vein that is used in describing the cycle of the years is, as we have discovered, actually a numerological system and it has very little, if anything, to do with the actual motions of the planets. There are actually three main systems of Chinese astrology. The one that is being referred to here is called the Four Pillars system of fate calculation. The next most popular system is known as the Tzu Wei (Purple Crepe Myrtle or Great Bear) system, which is also largely numerological but actually does use some of the stars and planets. And, finally, there is a system that uses the first system along with the actual planets and a chart wheel with which Westerners would be familiar. This latter system was reserved exclusively for the Imperial Court and only the Emperor and dignitaries of the court had their charts cast by that method. Commoners found to be using that system were summarily executed in the old days along with their astrologers because it put too much power in the hands of the common people. Hoping to avoid the wrath of the Emperor, then, we will explore a little of the Four Pillars and see what they can reveal to us.

The Four Pillars system of Chinese astrology is based, as the name implies, upon the 4 main divisions of time that we know--the year, the month, the day, and the hour. There are some derivations of this system that also use the minute, which means that the system would tie in with the 5 elements in a more holistic manner. But, most people use only the four, and that system forms the backbone of several of the Chinese systems of divination, including certain parts of Feng Shui. Every Pillar thus has three elements, a polarity, a phase and its associated descriptors. There are at least four of these Pillars associated with any moment in time, and it is for this reason that they form the basis of Chinese astrology as we know it in the West--in the same wav that our determinators of any chart are the date, place and time of day. The Four Pillars for this year appear below, and we will reference them as we proceed through this letter.













 Yang Earth

 Yang Wood

 Yang Earth

 Yin Wood





 Branch: V

 Branch: I

Branch: III

Branch: X 









Dragon of Pure Virtue 

 Rat on the Roof

 Tiger Climbs the Mountain

 Rooster Crowing at Noon













 Forest Wood

 Gold From the Sea

Ramparts Earth 

Rains and Springs 

Each Pillar has a different meaning and rules progressively smaller and smaller groups of people in a mundane chart, from the Year Pillar to the Hour Pillar, respectively. In a mundane chart such as the chart of the year, the Year Pillar rules over the general populace and the world at large. The Month Pillar rules the governments of the world and the brotherhood of nations. The Day Pillar rules people of note, communities and important figures of state. It also rules the national identity if the chart refers to a specific nation. And, finally, the Hour Pillar refers to the children of the world, aid agencies and the produce of nations (inventions. exports. manufactured goods, etc.). There is so much more to these Pillars than we could ever hope to cover here, but enough has been said to give us an idea of where 2005 is headed so, with that, let us begin to unravel the year of The Rooster Crowing at Noon.

Starting with the Year Pillar, the Rooster defines a phase of the great yearly cycle (the Chinese have a Great Year of 12 years in duration) wherein the gifts that have been garnered in the previous parts of the cycle are to be put on show and the wisdom gained is to be used for the common good. That is the intent, anyway. The phases, or animals, all come in pairs each having a Yin or Yang polarity. The Rooster is the Yin compliment to the Monkey. What is started in Monkey Years finds expression in Rooster Years. Yin phases describe parts of any greater cycle given to in-gathering, reflection, communication, nurturing, and building for the future. This would seem to be a contradiction to the statement about the gifts gained being put on show, but the reason the gifts are to be put on show is to ensure that they are made available to everyone, to draw attention to the things that are now available that perhaps were not before, to consolidate what has been produced prior to the next phase of the cycle and so things can be properly assessed and put in their correct perspective. This 10th Branch, as it is called, bears a likeness to the 10th house of a western horoscope, marking a period of achievement and recognition for tasks already done. Thus, this will be an especially important year for the governments of the world as an expression of the will of the people and we will be shown whether or not the efforts of the past are deserved or whether we need to change course or at the very least make adjustments.

There will be a host of new administrations installed throughout the world this year, and we will see if they come up to scratch (barnyard puns aside) or if they need to be curtailed or even thrown out. We will also be shown this year if we, as the human race, are up to speed and have learned the lessons presented to us over the past 9 years and what we need additionally to help us all move more securely into the future. The past Rooster year was in 1993 and in the US we saw the installment of the Clinton administration and the move more toward the left of politics and thus toward social reform. This time around the pendulum is swinging the other way, so we shall have to wait and see where it is all taking us.

This year is a Yin Wood year, marking a time of reflection. Yin animal signs are always accompanied by Yin Stems and elements, so the reflective, nurturing side is brought more to the fore this year. Such a statement will seem a bit difficult to take given the tone of the present US and Australian administrations, but we may indeed see a more moderate and conciliatory tone with them, especially if the will of the populace is brought to bear. Wood is an element associated with growth, starts, bearing, creativity, a more rustic approach to things, environmental issues, agriculture, electrical work and the general care of children. We may see advances in childcare this year and legislation for the protection of children throughout the world. We should also be mindful of any anger that comes up because it would have deleterious effects upon the associations with wood just mentioned. Anger is the emotion that “harms” Wood.

The Green movements generally took a pounding in the polls in the US and Australia, which would not seem to bode well for the Wood element this year, but last year was a Yang year, although Wood as well, and people were more concerned about the economy and security issues than they were about the environment, unfortunately. Little do governments seem to realize that inattention to environmental issues eventually undermines our security in a way that no war or amount of money could ever fix. Still, we are doing better about these things than we have in the past. The element associated with the Rooster phase this year is Metal, indicating an inner strength seeking expression, attention to health issues, a vigorous approach to life, along with a general trend toward more eloquence of expression. Metal rules orators, so we can expect more than our fair share of speeches as things heat up over the year. This also marks a year where it will indeed become more necessary for the voice of the people to be heard, and hopefully people will speak up increasingly as the year goes on over all sorts of issues that hold us back from a fuller expression of the higher aspects of our humanity. This particular expression of this Rooster is of interest, though, and it bears some examination.

The Rooster Crowing at Noon describes a phase wherein, although things may have been well thought out, they are often not welcomed. Change is not always a friend to people under this expression. It is an admonition to pay attention to correct timing and presentation around ideas. There has been many a great idea that has fallen by the wayside because it was either before its time or came along too late or because it was presented in an ineffective or in the wrong manner. The Rooster is a showy expression, much like a model on a catwalk. Presentation and timing will be everything this year. Feminine countries, such as the US, will be strongly affected by this dynamic this year as a result. Russia and Brazil are also feminine countries of note. This dynamic applies to both populations and governments alike, and it will be of great interest to see how these sorts of issues are handled in the coming year. The combined Stem/Branch element is of interest, too, because it shows the way in which the energies represented in the Pillar are most effectively utilized and also how they will express as a whole.

The combined element is the Water of Rains and Springs. It is an element that generally brings hope and joy, refreshment and new growth, renewed vigor and recovery from debilitating illness. Water is always associated with communication, deep reflection, intuition and telepathy. Herein lies the hope for the best expression of this Pillar. If people will first take the time to sit down and reflect deeply upon that which is needed for the greater good and then communicate it amongst the most effective parties for getting issues addressed, then a lot of good work can get done this year. However, if people speak at the drop of a hat, give knee­-jerk reactions to things and generally do not take the time to consider outcomes, then many fine ideas will fall upon fallow ground. This is only the barest sketch of the Year Pillar for this year and we still have three more to describe. But, perhaps we can begin to see how these things can indeed be descriptive of events and people.

It might be of interest to take a side track here and look at some of the people born on these years. Every sixty years we have this combination coming around, and the people born on those years say quite a lot about those years and what they produce. We cannot go into particulars here, but this list may be suggestive to some readers:

1885: Chester Nimitz, Bess Truman, Hedda Hopper, Otto Klemperer, Niels Bohr

1945: (These are some of my faves) Mickey Dolenz, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Bob Seger, Keith Jarret, John Fogerty, Carly Simon, Aung San Suu Kyi, Jim Davis, Steve Martin, Van Morrison, Jose Feliciano, Henry Winkler, Neil Young

Continuing, and very briefly rounding out our look at the Pillars for the Yin Wood Rooster year, in the Month Pillar we find the Yang Earth Tiger, which is Wood in its expression--The Tiger Climbing the Mountain--and which has as its combined expression the Earth of Ramparts. This beautifully describes the tone of governments in the US and Australia at the moment. Earth is the most conservative of the elements. It is unyielding, stubborn but circumspect, naturally gravitates toward affairs of state and is naturally connected with mineral resources--mining and oil, in other words. The Ramparts Earth describes administrations who will harp upon dangers outside of boundary walls (national borders), who barricade themselves against all perceived threats and who will constantly advise that it is unwise to stray from the chosen course of action. "Stay the course!" will be a constant catch-cry from governments this year, as well as the continued warnings against threats of all kinds. In fact, that is likely to be ramped up this year (earthly puns intended). The Tiger Climbing the Mountain refers to resolute pursuit of goals, the defeat of all enemies, many obstacles to overcome, but that success will eventually come (as long as it comes this year). It also points to the need for diplomacy, since allies in times of struggle and those who have opposed one in the past can be of great benefit at the right time.

The Day Pillar is defined by the Yang Wood Rat--The Rat on the Roof--which is also a Water rat, expressing itself as Gold From the Sea. This greatly supports the populace, and since this Pillar refers to important people and national identity--especially as it relates to the collective expression of the populace---then we have an interesting dynamic set up. With the Day and the Year Pillars we have a complimentary pair and one which is mutually supportive. This is an insurance against a government coming on too strong and ram-rodding things through to the detriment of the people. Wood controls Earth in the Chinese system and if the Month Pillar becomes too strong we can expect to see special personages come along who will offset some of the Earth excesses. The Rat is a very clever sign, and as a Yang expression it can bring some very interesting types of force to bear on a situation. The Rat on the Roof defines a dynamic wherein leadership qualities come to the fore and such people will be highly admired and respected. It shows a profound sensitivity and great creativity of mind. The true genius of such people may not be fully known at the time, since they might have to keep their gifts concealed. All told, though, such people will have the hearts of the masses in their hands and will be able to rally people in a way that governments cannot. They will shout their ideas from the rooftops above the din of the media and into the minds of people everywhere. This is a combination that gives motivational ability of a high degree. Gold from the Sea denotes a treasure such people can bring that is quite unexpected, almost like it is washed up on the shore, and it comes from profound depths of being. We will also see countries do this very thing as well and we may have some startling examples of leadership from communities and smaller countries throughout the world. In all, it promises to be a dynamic and fruitful year.

This brings us to an interesting consideration with regard to the Day Pillar. In the chart of an individual, the Day Pillar represents the most intimate and personal expression of people. It corresponds with the degree of the Sun in Western astrology, so astrologers will immediately see the implications. It is the unique psychic quality of the individual. But, it is also a quality that the person has to learn in fullness in that particular life, whereas the Year Pillar is a quality already bestowed by the ancestors. The Year Pillar in an individual’s chart represents extended family, ancestors and the world at large. So, it may be of interest to note some actors and actresses who have the Rooster as their Day Pillar and see what we can glean from that:

Alan Alda, Ann Magnani, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Bill Bixbey, Brooke Shields, Carrie Fisher, Cindy Williams, Fredric March, Madeleine Khan, Daniel Trevanti, Jackie Coogan, Joan Fontaine, John Derek, Judy Garland, Liza Minelli, Marilyn Monroe, Mia Farrow, Jan Michael Vincent, Myrna Loy, Orson Wells, Patricia Neil, Paul Lynde, Peter Ustinov, Sidney Poitier, Steve McQueen, Vincent Price, Yves Montand, Burgess Meredith, Cliff Robertson, Cindy Williams, Ron Zeigler

Of interest to note is that the Rooster is not the most predominant animal to appear in the Day Pillars of thespians. The most common ones are the Rat, Horse, Tiger and Pig. But, these people all exuded style in some way and many were certainly penultimate show business people. In fact, many of these people are show business legends. More than a few of them were also known to have exhibited bad timing and/or presentation at times and a few of them met untimely deaths.

Continuing, this leaves us with the Hour Pillar, which will differ according to one's location, so it would be pointless to go into it here. The US and Australia by themselves would express 6 different Pillars in this regard, for example, since the lunar year begins at the time of the new moon of Aquarius and not at local clock time. Hopefully this gives one a better idea of what is involved with Chinese astrology and what to look for in the lunar year to come. As always, there is a lot more that could be added, but this will suffice for now. If you have something you have wanted to put forward as an idea, though, this would be a good year to do so. Advertising should do a booming trade this year, and we can expect some real gems from that industry over the next 12 months. Whatever you do, though, make your voices heard. And if people will not listen and you know the time is right, stand up in your local forum or on the nearest fencepost and crow away at the top of you lungs. Someone is bound to hear you. And if nothing eventuates, at least you gave it your best shot and hopefully put on a good show in the process for all who were watching. So, make sure you have on your best costume, that you have the attention of your audience and let them know that they will absolutely miss out if they do not listen to what you have to say. The world depends upon the genius we can all express. Let us be certain that we give it our best presentation!

Happy Chinese New year to you all! (Do have a spot of Yum Cha.)


13 Feb 2005

And now, for more famous Roosters by birth (Year Pillar):

1825: George Pickett and AP Hill (Confederate generals), Jane Sym (future first lady of Canada), Thomas Huxley (biologist) This was also a Rooster Crowing at Noon year.

1837: Grover Cleveland, Charles Wyndham, JP Morgan, Wild Bill Hickock

1849: Luther Burbank, John Ambrose Fleming, Edmund Barton (Aussie PM), Crazy Horse

1861: Rudolph Steiner, James Naismith (inventor of basketball), Lillian Russell

1873: Enrico Caruso, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Lee De Forest, Cornelius Vanderbilt III, WC Handy

1897: Wilhelm Reich, Frank Capra, Blind Lemon Jefferson, William Faulkner, Alfredo Bracchi

1909: David Niven, Benny Goodman, Burl Ives, Errol Flynn, Ruby Keeler, Al Capp, Johnny Mercer

1921: Cyd Charise, Dick Bogarde, Andrei Sakharov, Nelson Riddle, Monty Hall, Jesse Helms, Rodney Dangerfield, Steve Allen, my Dad (more infamous, as he puts it, but he is still a star to us Artleys)

1933:Michael Caine, Quincy Jones, Roy Clarke, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gene Wilder

1957: Osama Bin Laden, Spike Lee, Christophe Lambert, Paul Reiser, Sid Vicious, Gary Sweet, Siouxsie Sioux, Melanie Griffith, Gloria Estefan, Steve Buscemi, Ray Romano, Billy Bragg, Donny Osmond

1969:Renee Zellweger, Cate Blanchett (Could be your year Cate!), Steffi Graf, Dweezil Zappa, Shane Warne (Aussie cricketer), Catherine Zeta Jones, Hansie Cronje (South African cricket, deceased), Gwen Stefani, Ernie Els (golf), Trey Parker (South Park), Matthew McConaughey

1981:Lauren Jackson (Aussie women’s basketball), Natalie Portman, Beyonce Knowles, Barbara and Jenna Bush, Britney Spears, Yuvraj Singh (Indian cricketer), Lleyton Hewitt (C’mon!!), Roger Federer, Paris Hilton, Elijah Wood, Alicia Keys, Anna Kournikova, Serena Williams, Vanessa Amorosi (Aussie singer)

And finally, more famous Rooster types (Day Pillar):

Me (well, not famous, but I’m still a Rooster type), Oliver Cromwell, John Lennon, Aretha Franklin, Brenda Lee, Dean Paul Martin, Frank Sinatra Jr., Saddam Hussein, Bill Blass, Larry Csonka, Jim Henson, Shirley Jackson, James Jones, Joseph McCarthy, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Willie Mays, Kenneth McMullen, Robert Shaw, Tom Seaver, Gwen Verdon, Joseph Wambaugh, Jimmy Webb

Malvin Artley, Author & Esoteric Astrologer

Malvin Artley has been a practising astrologer for the past 10 years and is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers. He is the author of "Bodies of Fire: An Exploration of the Lesser Chakra System". He has authored numerous articles and was a member of the faculty of the Universtiy of the Seven Rays, a non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of the Trans-Himalaya tradition as expressed through the books of Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and others. His primary focus over the past 25 years has been on the sciences as they express occultism and with bridging work between the two. His special interests are the human subtle energy system and all the chakras, or energy centres, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Chinese occultism. He now lives in Adelaide, South Australia.

Check out Malvin's Archive at Satya Center for more articles.





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