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America After the Elections

by Malvin Artley print version
print version (graphics)
Emotions Run High


*******THE ELECTIONS OF 2004*******

by Malvin Artley

13 Nov 04


Greetings Everyone!

Last week started just like any other work week. We had just experienced the eclipse the week before, and I was feeling much clearer and more energized. Monday mornings usually drag a bit after the weekend, but this one seemed different somehow. I was soon to find out why. Sleep had been fitful the night before with all sorts of strange dreams bearing martial symbolism, true to Scorpio form. I share the shop with my ex-boss and he usually comes in a few minutes after me. But, he was late that morning. I began to feel something was awry. The weather was strange that day with a howling wind and sporadic heavy downpours of rain. The shop groaned and creaked under the onslaught of the purgative weather. It set me in an apprehensive mood. Soon my ex-boss’s sister came in white as a sheet, and my first thought was that something had happened to my mate, but it turned out that her nephew, the ex-boss’s son, had been killed in a motorcycle accident the night before. It turns out that the fair city of

Adelaide lost four of her young sons to motorcycles that weekend. What a way to start the week!

Needless to say, the family is devastated and their grief played as sharply on me as if I had lost one of my own. I had known the kid. He grew up at that shop. It was the family business. I saw the family briefly, but on the whole the shop was empty for the week. The weather was cold, windy and rainy all week, and as I rattled around in the empty shop and listened to the plaintive moaning of the wind and the pounding of the rain, I knew another turning point had been reached and that things around there were likely to change drastically from there on out. Then, a couple of days after the accident we had the US elections, which only added to the surrealism and melancholy of the weekly toil. The two events almost felt somehow connected in their impact on me. Indeed, the eclipses and the Grand Quintiles were doing their needed work, and the things that got brought up for me were deep—as they usually are this time of year. But life goes on. Many of us have felt stunned in some ways by the outcome of the elections and sometimes because of life in general. And, as it turns out, there have been calamitous events for many people here around the eclipses. My heart goes out to all who have recently lost loved ones. To those who felt the elections to be catastrophes as well, perhaps we need to rethink that, though.

After due reflection, I have felt prodded to add my input to the already voluminous commentary on the elections in the US and Australia. Apologies if you have had a gutful already. Emotions have run high and hot on all sides of politics and public opinion. To say that I and most of my friends were displeased with the outcome would be slightly understating the fact. But, I feel it necessary to bring out a few things that people may not have considered around all this and—despite it all—I can see what is coming, and I have to say I still feel quite bright about the future. Some readers might think me mad for saying so, but I can assure you that I have given the matter a lot of thought since the elections and there is Light at the end of the tunnel. For the above reasons, this is a longer letter than usual, so bear with me on this. It bears on matters close to my heart and the hearts of many of you as well. With that, let us begin.

I am a citizen of both Australia and the US, so I have watched both elections with a fair amount of interest. I will begin my remarks by saying that I am not affiliated with any political party. I simply vote my conscience and for the people I feel will do the best job for the country. I will have to say as well, though, that in these elections there was not really a lot from which to choose. I will get to my reasons for saying that in due course. The thing that surprised the more progressive thinkers in both countries was the fact that the conservatives got re-elected at all and that they also gained control of both houses in their respective countries. This surprise perhaps shows us how out of touch we are with our fellow citizens. The forces of conservatism are entrenched in government for a long time to come, it would seem. The other thing that I found most interesting to watch was the polarization of people on all sides and the very strong sentiments expressed. There seemed to be no group which sought a middle path. It was “us” or “them”, so it seemed, and even among esoteric and New Age groups the views expressed were often vociferous. I felt myself getting pulled into it from time to time. There was an urgency felt around these elections that was all out of proportion with the facts and folks on all sides felt as though they had to make some sort of stand. But, make a stand against what? Good and evil? That is what some camps would have us believe. I don’t buy it. There are crises looming in the near future, though, so let’s start to unravel a bit of what is really going on here.

There were many astrological predictions made about the probable outcomes for the elections in both America and Australia (we just had ours as well). Most of the speculations focused upon the charts of the candidates and the relations of those to the charts of their respective countries’ charts. This method has its validity, but upon due reflection it was not enough and there was precious little focus placed upon the prevailing world conditions at the time and upon one planet in particular—Saturn. Saturn has been transiting through Cancer for the last couple of years and it has brought up a huge amount of insecurity in the populace for examination. Cancer, as we know, rules family and home, protectiveness, women, land, property and real estate, to name but a few things. Saturn is the most fear-riddled point in any horoscope, and it is fear around the very things just mentioned concerning Cancer that won the elections for the conservatives. The opposition parties just did not know how to play those cards well enough. The conservatives, on the other hand, are old pros around playing the fear card, especially when it comes to “family values”, homeland security and untried leadership. It was the case in both countries that people chose what they knew and that with which they are comfortable, rather than being willing to take a chance with someone unproven. “Better the devil you know”, so-to-speak.

People want to feel protected, nurtured, safe and comfortable at the moment. That is simply part of the human condition. But, with Saturn going through Cancer, folks feel anything but that. The world seems a scary place now. Things feel uncertain. I’ll never forget hearing the Australian prime minister John Howard after he had just won his first election saying that he wanted the electorate to feel “relaxed and comfortable” under his administration. I’ll have to tell you, I sure have. I have been known to be a bit sarcastic at times, too. Trust was a big issue in the campaigns, and the question that the conservatives kept hammering home was: “Who do you trust?” It was quite effective. I had a friend of mine write and tell me how feckless he thought the Democratic Party in the US was after Kerry conceded the election, butafter giving the matter some thought I am not that certain they could have done anything much better. They could have been more focused, directed and united, but that would have been no guarantee of a win for them this election. The public wants something more demonstrable than possibilities at the moment. It was fear and uncertainty that won the day for the conservatives, and people tend to stick with what they know in difficult times, even if it is not very good for them.

The major issues that surrounded the elections in both countries and which were the big deciding factors in people’s minds read like a litany of Cancerian attributes: family values, interest rates on home real estate (Australia), border security, homeland security, the “War on Terror” (which is really a perceived threat to the security of one’s homeland), keeping the status quo, “going with what you trust”, so on and so forth. I used to work with a Cancerian fellow whose favorite saying when I felt like questioning things was “Don’t rock the boat!” In other words “Don’t upset my little world!” He had a secure place at that job and he was quite content to keep things just as they were. This is a typical Cancerian attitude. Needless to say, he and I didn’t work together for very long. I have an annoying tendency to question things—annoying to him, anyway. There is something at a deeper level that is driving people’s insecurities and choices, though, and we need to look at that a little more intently.

There have been many commentators who have proclaimed that religion won the White House. There is a statistic being bandied about that a staggering 40% of Americans consider themselves to be “born again”, and that this group was mobilized to the extent that it pushed Bush over the line in the presidential race. It is generally thought that this group is more militant, but I would have to disagree with that. I know more than a few of them and they go quietly about their business and their faith. I used to be classed among them myself, and I can tell you that I was not on any crusade. While it is true that the US is a deeply religious country on the whole, I do not feel that having a “man of faith” at the helm is what won the election for him. And, while it is also true that Bush won the popular vote, he only won by a slim majority, percentage-wise. Yes, 51% of the populace supposedly voted for him, but 48% voted for change. We need to consider, too, that the Republican Party has traditionally been associated with big business and the monied interests and that a very significant part of his voter base is in the financial sector. I heard a rather interesting program on the radio the other day that tells the real story about why religion has been seen to play such a big role in the elections of both countries, but it does not really have so much to do with religion.

Due to cutbacks in social services, largely introduced by conservative governments, people have to rely much more on local community services in the US even for basic needs, and in the States especially, this means the local churches become a primary source of social services like women’s shelters, child care, help for the homeless, soup kitchens, etc., and for people generally down on their luck. And, the numbers of those are increasing steadily. Such groups are highly organized and they do a lot of good work in the community. They also inspire a lot of loyalty in the people they serve, religion aside. So, when election time rolls around and the call goes out from these grassroots organizations to get out and vote, how do you think the people they help are going to vote? Are they going to bite the hand that feeds them, even though the reason they are there to begin with is because the very government they are being asked to vote for is the one that has made it nearly impossible for them to get government aid? There is a smaller group of people in the “born-again” crowd who are more militant in their beliefs and who want to see religion made a much more integral part of government, but these are in the minority, from my observations. I think the numbers of people who voted for Bush can be broken down into several main groups, none of which are singly in the majority—the evangelical, politically active group, those more aligned with business and financial interests, those who are just naturally more conservative in their thinking and those who are simply following the direction given them by the groups with whom they are affiliated, like the local church organizations.

There is a deeper reason still as to why emotions are running so high with people at this moment in history, and it has very little to do with religion at all. There are many great energies and forces shifting for our little globe in this transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This is causing major upheavals in everyone’s life and on a planetary scale. Many new things are coming in. Many old forms and ideas are dying out. But, through it all, we must persist and grow as well as stand in the midst of it all and maintain our spiritual centeredness. For the bulk of humanity this is causing huge problems, though. People with a bit of psychological or esoteric knowledge will recognize that whenever there is change in the air and that the old must give way to the new, one of the markers for such change in human terms is a sudden polarization of thought and emotion. In other words, as the new energies play upon a person’s psyche, that which is unresolved and/or which must give way is pushed to the surface and seeks to maintain the status quo of the old order. It does eventually die off, although often not without a fight. Conflicts are the oft inevitable result, whether personal or on a world scale.

I have mentioned in previous letters that the United States has a good dose of one such type of energy that is passing out, and that much of the Middle East also carries that type of energy. I refer to what is known as the Ray of Devotion/Fanaticism. This will not fade out overnight. It will take several hundred years to fully do so. In other words, we will see the final convulsions of blind faith and fanaticism for some time to come, though it will taper off gradually, with flare-ups here and there. The organized religions of the world resonate very strongly to this type of energy. It can be readily recognized in its baser state as a “them/us” polarization, as blind faith, as a violent rejection of all that is not like “us”, as an unwillingness to bend, as an unwillingness to accept other teachings/doctrines, as a tendency to self-immolation, as knee-jerk emotional reactions and as a tendency to addictive behavior, to name but a few qualities. Does any of this sound familiar? And if we (Americans—or Australians, too, for that matter) think this applies mainly to the Middle East, perhaps we should take a good look in the mirror. It is occult Law that we are confronted by the very things that are within us and that any conflict is really more about that which lies hidden within the depths of our own psyche rather than it being the fault of “the adversary”.We sow what we reap, to use the favored phrase.

The chart of the United States

yields up some fascinating insights with regard to what has just been outlined. I use the Sibly chart for the US which gives the 13th degree of Sagittarius rising. Sagittarius itself carries a highly devotional energy and one which marks us as a country very dedicated to reaching goals and toward the spiritual life. The key phrase for the US is “I light the Way” and the Sagittarian ascendant stands us in good course with this. We are a nation that aspires and achieves, and in so doing we light the way for others to follow. But we should recognize that ours is not the only path and that there are many ways of achieving goals. There are other, sometimes better, ways of doing things, little as we might like to admit it. This ascendant places our Cancer Sun squarely in the 7th house along with Jupiter, Venus and Mars—a very powerful stellium, indeed. The seventh house is the house of marriage and partnership, but it is also the house of litigation and open enemies. We have forged some powerful alliances along the way and we contribute in a magnanimous manner when needed, but we also attract some powerful enemies and, in fact, it is through this duality of partnership and enmity that we have had our greatest learning. It has often been said by others that we need an enemy; otherwise we are not really happy. We do not seem to be able to go for very long without one. And, we are renowned throughout the world as the most litigious country going, and not without good reason for saying so.

The Sun is square to Saturn in our chart, which is an aspect that has worked to guarantee our great material success in the world along with the stellium just mentioned. But this square also indicates a tendency to meddle in people’s affairs, to manipulate things financially, to have a sort of father complex, to a marked insecurity and to its opposite—an arrogance and unwillingness to admit failure or defeat which is actually a mask for the deep-seated insecurity. And for Australian readers who might be nodding their heads in affirmation just be aware that we have the Sun conjoined to Saturn in our chart, which points to many of the same things, along with a marked tendency to depression and self-pity. Australia has a higher than average suicide rate, especially among young men. This conjunction is a lone-wolf position.

Saturn is sextile the ascendant in the US chart, indicating that we are methodical in our pursuit of objectives. With the square to the Sun we know where we are headed and we know exactly how to get there—and heaven help anyone who tries to get in the way. Ambition is very strongly marked in the American chart, along with a strong determination to be noticed and respected. Well, we are both noticed and respected, but sometimes for the wrong reasons, and we seem to be attracting the wrong sorts of those things in the world at the moment. This is a Machiavellian aspect and it brings with it an inordinate amount of pride and a reluctance to bend that often eventually leads to spectacular falls from grace.

But, we can be incredibly giving and self-effacing, too, when the Soul of the nation is drawn out. There have been many instances of our giving and ability to forgive, especially in the last century. We rebuilt the countries of our ex-enemies after WWII and formed alliances with Germany and Japan that have helped us and the world enormously since then. We are a Light in the world that has shone brightly, but we have also created a lot of mess along the way, too, and that is quickly beginning to catch up with us. This brings us to the last major aspect in the chart, which will feature very strongly in the trials that are about to befall our fair nation, as if we didn’t have enough already. That aspect is the natal square between Mars and Neptune.

The Mars/Neptune square has been called the single most magnetic aspect a person can have in a horoscope. It confers an unusually magnetic hold over people, and it carries an energy with it that seems to have the ring of divine right. It is frequently found in executives of the church, spiritual and occult organizations. It is an aspect that over-awes people and it gives the owner of it a grip over the minds and hearts of people. When coupled with the Sun/Saturn square and the imperiousness of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction it is small wonder that we feel ourselves to be as one with God’s will, divinely inspired and king of the heap. But, this Mars/Neptune square carries a catch—it over-glamourizes everything and adds an emotional fervor that clouds judgment, makes one over-zealous and is, par excellence, the aspect of blind faith in one’s abilities and perceptions. In all, these aspects make for a very powerful horoscope, and the just-re-elected administration carries all the extremes of these traits to a tee. There is “a man of faith” in the White House, and he is on a mission for God, or so he says. This very faith and conviction is about to be sorely tested.

There has been a lot of talk in certain astrological circles as to the meaning of the final transit of  Pluto opposition Mars that is about to take place in the US chart. It will occur early next year, about the time of the inauguration of the next administration.It will occur early next year, about the time of the inauguration of the next administration. Just after Pluto opposes Mars it will move to a square with Neptune. So, what does all this mean? Mars rules the 4th, 5th and the 12th houses in the US chart by orthodox rulership. Esoterically, Mars rules only the 12th house. The 4th and 12th houses especially are concerned with the subconscious and unconscious mind, respectively. Pluto itself rules the subconscious and, more specifically, the clearing of that. Mars rules a great many things, but some of the more familiar ones--and some more frightening ones—are things such as the military, conflicts, cuts, warfare, heat, blood and bloodshed, energy, ambition, discord, anger, recklessness, self-confidence, steel, steel-workers, surgery, temerity and agitators. To have this planet rule the houses of home and family (4th), children and creativity (5th) and institutions and self-undoing is unsettling to say the least. But the house that is most implicated is the 12th, with the 4th running a close second. The 4th house also rules conditions at the end of life and hidden treasures. We could go on and on with associations, but the point to be made here is that with Pluto aspecting the ruler of these houses, especially when that ruler is Mars, it points to the fact that the psyche of the US is in for a major purging next year. It is worthy of note as well that these three factors in combination—Mars, Pluto and the 12th house—are a prime marker for assassins and assassination attempts, although neither planet is in the 12th house.

I am not making predictions here. There are any of a number of things that could happen with such a transit. One would be inclined to think that with assassinations, for instance, the president would be the target, but the 10th house and the Sun (national ruler) are not implicated in this. One would have to look at Bush’s chart to see if it is indicated. It could mean any of a number of officials. It could also simply mean that many of our institutions are in for a major overhaul. That would be a good thing in some instances. Pluto is the planet of major endings and separations. I think a far more likely scenario is that people’s sense of security is going to be shaken (4th house), that institutions will be under a lot of strain (12th house) and that people are going to feel hard-done-by (afflicted 5th house). At any rate, it will not be an easy year. Some astrologers are saying there is a possibility of civil war in the US. I do not see that myself, and I hope my doubts about that prove justified. I would think that people would have more sense than that. No, there is a more fundamental change taking place that is going to powerfully impact the country, and it is coming from the very Soul of the nation itself.

The US has been compared to a young woman, who would now be in her mid-twenties approaching the first Saturn return, if such a comparison can be made. The description was given by the abbot of a large monastery in Tibet some 50 years ago, but I feel it to be quite accurate even today in many respects. We do collectively give the impression of young adulthood in our persona as a nation—brash, materialistic, highly idealistic, mystically disposed, always quick to interfere with others but ill-disposed to take any advice ourselves, self-centered, thinking ourselves to be beyond harm’s way, thinking we have all the answers, that we have an absolute right to do and act exactly as we please and full of all the life and vitality that youth bestows with seemingly little of the needed common sense. I have traveled quite a bit and spoken to people of many countries, and we are fairly universally seen this way, not that many of us care. But, Saturn returns have a curious way of waking people up to the hard realities of life and of bringing those tests and opportunities that usher us fully into adulthood. The soul moves upon the persona at the Saturn return and gives the final integrating impulse that makes us fully functional, responsible adults—hopefully. And those tests are upon us now.

It has been said that the US is in for a lot of suffering—fortunately for the soul of the nation (and those words are from the same abbot mentioned above). It has also been said that the seeds of that suffering are being sown as we speak. It is not difficult to see that such a thing is so. The suffering will come through the very thing that we have worked so hard to build up—our material security. The conspicuous materialism of our country must give way to a more balanced and spiritual set of values if we are ever to move into a place of real maturity as a nation and take our rightful place on the world stage as a fully trustworthy member of the brotherhood of nations. We have maintained ourselves at the top of the heap through our sheer financial and military strength, but that is not enough to keep us there. It will, in fact prove to be our undoing if we are not careful. The financial straights in which we are about to find ourselves will be dire if immediate changes are not made and strong, positive leadership is not brought to bear. The problem is, if the US suffers, the rest of the world is likely to as well. It will be of interest to note, too, that the major theme/issue being worked out at a national scale as a life-lesson is the division and relationship between capital and labor (Sun square Saturn).

Consider the following: We have gone from an economy $240 billion in surplus at the end of the Clinton administration to a $450 billion dollar deficit (or somewhere thereabouts) in four years time. Our market value has declined a staggering 5 trillion dollars since the Clinton years. We are a debtor nation. So much for the myth that conservatives are better with finances. Where has all the money gone? The economy is stagnant. Over 2 million jobs have been lost under this administration—the only time it has happened since WWII. We are bogged down in a very expensive military excursion that is a heavy drain on an already strained economy and it shows no sign of ending soon. The Dow has barely risen since the Bush administration took the reins. It should be on the rise according to the planetary cycles. We are heavily dependent upon foreign oil and the rest of the world is beginning to look at trading oil in Euros. If that happens en masse then it would wipe a significant percentage of the American economy off the map overnight.

Oil will steadily get more and more expensive, since we have reached the peak of easy oil extraction. Prices may fall for a time, but they will rise again, and permanently. Count on it. When energy prices rise, so too, will the cost of everything else. In a few short years (in our lifetime) the number of people drawing pensions will be unable to be supported by the number of people left working. Social Security is fast becoming non-existent. From where will the money for pensions come? How will retirees live? People no longer have medical insurance provided by the companies they work for. They have to pay for it themselves, and it is expensive. There are families—a significant proportion—who have to choose whether to pay for pharmaceuticals or for their food and housing. They cannot have both. I have seen this first-hand. And these are just a few of the problems. I sound like a doom-sayer, but these are simple and well-documented facts.

There is talk of the War on Terror, but this is really a diversion from the larger problems that face us as a nation. I have called Pluto the “Handmaiden of the Soul” in past letters. Pluto is always active when the Soul seeks greater expression in a person’s or nation’s life, and it works to clear away the obstructions to that fuller expression. This is often a painful process. Soon our national desires and ego drives (Mars) will be seen for what they are under Pluto’s influence and many of them will be seen to be a hindrance rather than a help or a good thing. This is not to say people should be poor or unhappy—far from it. But a healthier sense of what wealth is and how it should be used and distributed is on its way for us as a nation. There is also a major disillusionment on the way for us as Pluto squares Neptune soon after it opposes Mars, and we will be forced to take a good hard look at what our ideals really are and where we have been falling short of them. People will be looking to our leaders for answers to a lot of hard questions. If we think things are bad now in that regard, wait until the financial situation gets worse, as it probably will. When Saturn moves into Leo next year people will also be looking for heroes as well as security, and in addition will have to reassess themselves. Our individuality will be tested under Saturn’s sojourn in Leo, as well as what it means to be a good leader or an American, for instance. This will be on a world scale, too. National and personal identities will be under examination everywhere.

We can expect to have new enemies presented to us under Pluto’s transit, either real (7th house) or fabricated (12th house), since Mars is in the 7th house of our nation natally. We have been going through a very deep examination of what it means to be an American and of how we present ourselves to the world since Pluto has been transiting the first house. It entered our first house (appearance, self-expression and self-image) at the end of 2000, and as it squared our solar arc Pluto in September of 2001, we had the great event of 9/11 that eventually lead us into our present situation in Iraq. Solar arc progressions signify major events. At that time Pluto by solar arc was also just within orb of a square to the ascendant/descendant axis, and our national identity was rocked to the core, as well as our perceptions of who or what our enemies are and where our partnerships lay.

We saw a very interesting dichotomy with that event. For the people of New York especially, and for the nation as a whole, there was a wonderful response to the tragedy in that people responded instead of reacting. They helped eachother and drew together as a family. It was a most impressive and moving moment for the Soul of our nation. We did get a glimpse of our Soul then, and the world responded in kind. At that point we had a marvelous opportunity to do some great work with the rest of the world in addressing terrorism and its solution, along with a lot of other issues. It could have marked a drawing together of many nations and factions in the world. There was tremendous goodwill toward the US at that point and nations all over were with us in our shock and grief. But the government had a different response. Initially it acted well and decisively immediately following 9/11. Then it began to follow its own agenda, and we now find ourselves locked in our present impasse in Iraq. Whatever goodwill we had with other nations has been squandered in large part and, instead of being universally supported in our efforts, people look over their shoulders at us now to greater or lesser extent. I think I can say emphatically that the War in Iraq was not Soul-inspired, although the events that have ensued as a result of that action are very definitely of use in the further awakening of the Soul of the nation.

I was recently asked to give a talk at an astrological forum that was taking a look at the astrological significators of conflict.

I was further asked to do so from the perspective of Chinese astrology. When I had to give a title for the talk the thing that immediately came to me was to name the talk: “Chinese Astrology and America’s Wars”. This was a few weeks before the elections. The talk was given on the 6th. So, in the intervening time between the elections and the talk I came up with some rather interesting information, some of which has prompted me to write this letter. In looking at the Chinese charts I was immediately confronted with a dilemma: Chinese horoscopes are gender-specific. How does one assign a gender to a country? Upon further investigation, I found that both the male and the female charts for the US gave accurate data, but for different reasons. In the end, one of the charts gave clear indications for the populace and the other for the government. As it turns out, the male chart fits the government very well, whereas the female chart fits the populace. I have not investigated to see if this is universal among countries, but the implications for the US are of major note. The long and the short of it is this: In 2005 the government will move to consolidate its fortunes (or it will have a setback in that area) and there will be an event that will shape or seal the fate of the populace for at least 12 years to come, probably longer.

The period after 4 Jul 05 looms large for the US. A good friend of mine who is quite a capable seer asked me out of the blue one day what I saw around the period of Aug/Sep next year. She was not given anything specific and was asking about the world in general, but there was something prompting her. So, I had a look. What I found matched very closely what I found with the Chinese charts and also with the Western charts for America’s wars. As an aside, it might be of interest to note that all of America’s wars were marked by strong quintile patterns, and we are under the influence of one now, hence the incursion into Fallujah. That period my friend mentioned—and especially October with its two eclipses—looks to be a definitive turning point in the internal workings of the country. Just as a very brief description, the subconscious of the nation is in for a very big shakeup at that time. A new order is seeking to be imposed upon the psyche of America from that point onward. The old ways of looking at things are simply going to be changed, and the projections of the masses are going to come forward as never before. Some sore points are going to be touched upon as the natal Saturn is strongly activated at that time (Saturn in the US chart is a very sore and sensitive point). The Soul of our nation will be moving very strongly upon us then. I will have to leave all the astrological indicators for a later date, but astrologers reading this would benefit by looking at 17 Oct 05, especially with an eye to solar arcs and transits, along with the eclipse on that date.

I may lose a few subscribers over what I am about to say next, but after due consideration there are certain points I have to make. I had said earlier in this piece that I did not feel there was much to choose from in the election. Many people had clamored for a vote for Kerry if for nothing else than just to get Bush out of office, so strong are the emotions against his administration among many groups. That is the wrong reason to vote and it is counterproductive. But there is something to keep in mind here. Bush and Kerry are cast from similar molds in some ways. They are both members of the same secret organization (the Skull and Bones Club). They both have a lot of big money behind them. There was actually not a lot in Kerry’s policies that stood out as a radical departure from the Republican platform. If Kerry had been elected there is no guarantee he would have effectively been a major force for change due to the changes in congress brought about by the senate and house elections and the monied interests behind him.

The one candidate early in the primaries that gained little notoriety, but who would have more closely reflected the Soul of the nation was Dennis Kucinich, but the media machine kept him in the background and the public at large simply did not resonate with what he had to say. Otherwise he would have made a much stronger showing. People voted their compulsions this election on the whole, bearing witness to the darker side of the Grand Quintile pattern. We need to realize that we almost have what could be characterized as a one-party system. There is the same thing in Australia. To listen to all of the political ramblings of all parties gets a bit mind-numbing at times. There are no particularly shining lights at this point in our history. Whatever happened to the Lincolns, Roosevelts, Trumans and founding fathers?

Our political system seems to be following a course wherein there is only a certain type of man who is put forward for the electorate to consider, and it has been that way for at least 2-3 decades. Think about it. Who was the last president who really evoked a strong sense of purpose in the country and drew out our higher qualities? Some would argue that there has not been one since WWII. There is something distinctly “on the nose” about the whole process. Now we have a “man of faith” in the White House and many see that as a very positive sign.But, I and many others look back on the past 4 years and when we compare the actions of the administration with the faith they supposedly espouse the hypocrisy is, at times, astounding. Yet, Bush is exactly the man who needs to be there at the moment, but not for the reasons many would think.

Who else would do more to highlight to the public eye what needs to change in the country and do more to bring it about quickly than George Bush and the Neocons? Who else is going to polarize the country like he can and force people to take a long, hard look at things? Who else is going to be able to bring enough force to bear in order to crystallize those patterns of thought that have become so entrenched in American politics and bring them to a point where they can finally be confronted and ultimately shattered?Who else is going to continue to suppress civil liberties and set back social reform to the point where people will finally have had a gutful and rise up to confront it? Who else but George Bush needs to clean up the mess in which we find ourselves as a result of his unilateral policies? When I speak of Bush singularly, I mean the entire administration. And finally, who else but Bush is going to be the exponent of the old guard—the status quo of the American psyche that is fast coming up for examination—to the extent that he can? He is a Cancerian himself, and in many ways he exemplifies a significant part of the psyche of America, our protectionism, the ability we have to crawl into our shells and to see only our own agendas, along with the tenacious desire to cling whole-heartedly to the past and to that with which we are most comfortable. I firmly believe that one part of him has the absolute conviction of his faith. But, the actions of his administration exemplify anything but good Christian values—those of love, honesty, self examination, charity to the poor, openness, tolerance, humility, a love of peace and the ability to treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves—the basic tenets of all faiths.

I could go on and on with this, but it would be pointless. I think I have made my case clearly enough and my thoughts on the matter known. I will make it clear, though, that I take no joy in what I have just said. I see a hard road ahead. But, I also see the promise of our great nation and I know for sure that Light and Love will eventuate. I do not want to see our nation suffer. But, if that is what it is going to take to awaken people, to bring out the more spiritual side of the nation and to solve our present impasse, so be it. I have learned the value of pain throughout my life, but I also know it can be avoided. I have only suffered when I have not paid enough attention to what I knew I should have been doing at any given time. But, what I have learned from all that has been priceless. One of my mentors once told me I should be happy for my pain. At the time, I thought he was nuts! Over the years I have grown to see what he meant. All pain on this planet is meant to bring with it some kind of spiritual reward, a greater sense of love and livingness and an increased ability to feel compassion toward others. We have seen the evidence of this in every disaster that has befallen our country in the capacity of our people to respond and come together in times of need. Now, if we could just do it all the time then we will have learned to live as Souls. My entire family and a great many of my friends live in the States. I have relatives serving in Iraq. I pray that nothing untoward befalls them and that we learn the coming lessons quickly. I pray that for all people, not just my family and countrymen.

I know I have painted what most would consider to be a bleak picture for the future. It could turn out that way. I hope I am wrong about that. I know also that many of the recipients of these letters live in foreign lands. But, what I have said herein could equally apply to many countries. It can very easily apply to Australia in many respects, for instance—maybe not the astrological implications, but many of the national woes. Conservatism seems to be on the rise throughout the world, as well as the polarization of thinking that we see so strongly in the US. That is only a symptom of what I have described in earlier paragraphs.

As usual, there is so much more that could be said and outlined here. All I can do is to give a broad indication of trends for the next few years, and especially for the 229th year of the US. I have said these things not to frighten people or to paint gloomy pictures, but rather to raise our awareness of certain issues, of which many of you would know already anyway. Though much of what is contained herein may seem negative and anti-Bush, the facts speak for themselves. I do not see him as a dark persona. We are all children of the same God. I do see that many of the policies of his administration are in error, though, and need to be corrected. Otherwise, what we feel as strain now could well become acute suffering later. It is time to do some national “yard-work” here and clean away some of the undergrowth. Nature has a marvelous way of self-correcting, though, and we are an integral part of nature.

When my ex-boss and his family lost their son their grief was palpable and brought up more than a few quiet tears in me. But, in their grief they found out just how large was the community in which they lived. The response at the boy’s funeral left them dumbfounded. It was the largest funeral the chapel had ever seen (and it was a sizable chapel), and for a man so young. They had no idea how loved he and they were throughout the community. There were many gifts presented to them through that. They are only now beginning to realize the gifts that their pain is revealing to them in the love of others that they never really knew was there. And, every day new gems present themselves to them. I wish them well. They have responded admirably to their crisis and are realizing just how important community is in times of trouble—more then that, at all times. And the capper to it all is that they will be receiving a new son or daughter into the fold in a few short months in the form of a grandchild, their second.

This brings us to my closing points. As I see it, there is but one solution to the trials that face all of us now and that are likely to increasingly surface in the future—community. The value of this was presented vividly to me a few years ago when my last long-term relationship ended. It was a deeply-felt crisis for me and I found myself alone, but for a few people. I was in a foreign land and was standing at a crossroads. So, I reached out and started to build on my connections within the community. Since then I have made some marvelous and invaluable connections with people and my life has been enriched immeasurably. That breakup cost me plenty in monetary terms and set me back for a time. But, nothing can replace friends and family and my life is now rich beyond measure. And, as my Soul was stirred, I began to give back to those who had helped me so much through my difficulties. These letters are one result of that, and my community grows steadily every day.

Community begins at home. Where it ends, we never really know. All we need do is to open ourselves to people, give of ourselves, especially of our highest good, and graciously receive when nature and circumstance reciprocate. It is as simple as that. This is a thing that all faiths recognize and which they do very well within their own communities. And, the churches are set to play a big role in the expression of the Soul of America in the coming years--not in militancy, but in simple Christian values. The same will be true of all the faiths that now find their home in America and through their own highest values. They would all do well by reaching out to eachother, too.

There is a new day dawning for America. There is a new age dawning for the world. We have all been inundated with talk of the New Age, of a golden era dawning for humanity, that we will all ascend out of our present morass and brotherhood will win the day. Someday all this will be true. But, in the interim we have a lot of hard work to do. We are prone to think people have chosen badly in the elections and that we will all suffer in the process. We are prone to think many of our fellow citizens somehow blind to the realities of things and that we personally will suffer because of the poor choices of others. I would ask the people who think that way what it is they would rather share with their fellows—just the good times or “life with the works”? Instead of recriminations and negativity toward others who do not think as we do and whom we suppose to have completely lost the plot, I suggest it would be better if we would instead get on with our work, keep up a steady pressure for the truth as one sees it to come out and to build common ground with people. We just might have something to offer eachother.

In the days to come let us be mindful that we are not really so different from eachother. We are one humanity regardless of nation, politics, religion or any of a host of differences. We are too apt to focus upon difference than on similarity. In so doing we forget the gift we are to eachother. And if we feel strong sentiment toward another or a group, let us be mindful of the mirror they are into our own Soul. I know the Soul of the nation moves upon the persona of America and the freedoms we have fought so hard to secure will eventually be returned to us, and even greater ones. There is no freedom greater than the Soul in full flight. And, when we free our own individual Souls, then the collective Soul is stirred much more intently. Lastly, for those who feel what is going on in the world and especially in the US to be a struggle of good against evil, I leave you with the following lines from one of the world’s more beloved poets, Kahlil Gibran:

“Oftentimes I have heard you speak of one who commits a wrong as though he were not one of you, but a stranger unto you and an intruder upon your world.

But I say that even as the holy and the righteous cannot rise beyond the highest which is in each of you,

So the wicked and weak cannot fall lower than the lowest which is in you also.

And as a single leaf turns not yellow but with the silent knowledge of the whole tree,

So the wrong-doer cannot do wrong without the hidden will of you all.

Like a procession you walk together toward your god-self.

You are the way and the way-farers.

And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone.

Ay, and he falls for those ahead of him, who though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone.”

The Prophet, “Crime and Punishment”

Many blessings to you all,




These letters are sent out as a gift and a service. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the mailing list, please let me know. If you feel inspired to, please pass this on, but do so without charge or alteration.


Malvin Artley, Author & Esoteric Astrologer

Malvin Artley has been a practising astrologer for the past 10 years and is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers. He is the author of "Bodies of Fire: An Exploration of the Lesser Chakra System". He has authored numerous articles and was a member of the faculty of the Universtiy of the Seven Rays, a non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of the Trans-Himalaya tradition as expressed through the books of Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and others. His primary focus over the past 25 years has been on the sciences as they express occultism and with bridging work between the two. His special interests are the human subtle energy system and all the chakras, or energy centres, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Chinese occultism. He now lives in Adelaide, South Australia.

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