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Katherine Brewster ATMA Center of Yoga & Healing

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Live Your Soul’s Passion

Svaroopa® yoga
Private & Group Classes
Yoga For the Office
Classes for Seniors
Private Healing sessions:
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Experiential Workshops
Courses in Meditation & Stress Relief


The ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing

Let go of stress.

Find inner peace and quiet in the midst of the life’s busyness.

Live your Soul’s Passion.

Call The ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at 212-222-9859 or e-mail

Katherine Brewster, the founder and director of The ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing, has an MBA from Columbia Business School and is a hatha yoga teacher in the style of Svaroopa® Yoga, a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, a certified practitioner of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and, Embodyment®; a level 4Reiki Master; and, a devoted yogini. After 25 years in the corporate setting, during which time she worked in marketing, sales, business development and fund raising for a variety of corporations and not-for-profit organizations, including Citibank and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, she transitioned her life's passion into her work. For the last 13 years, she has immersed myself in the study, practice and teachings of yoga. As a teacher, she draws from the various styles of yoga she has studied – Urban Yoga, Kripalu, Iyengar and Svaroopa®. She leads yoga classes, stress reduction courses, body-oriented, experiential workshops, and, maintains a private practice in NYC, as well as being a workshop leader for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. During her workshops and yoga classes, she invites people to experience the sense of wholeness that comes from integrating body, mind and spirit, and, to come within to the calm still point at one's center. She brings her knowledge and life's skills to her teaching with compassion and focus and a deep commitment to personal transformation.


YOGA for the SOUL

Care of the soul begins with observance of how the soul manifests itself and how it operates – listening and looking carefully at what is being revealed; observing the paradox; becoming familiar with its ways.”

Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore


Hatha yoga in the style of Svaroopa® Yoga

Svaroopa® yoga is a form of hatha yoga that is a modern expression of yoga’s ancient tradition of opening the spine for the purpose of delving into the deeper dimension of one’s existence.Svaroopa® Yoga targets the internal structures of the body to unravel the deepest knots of muscular tension, resulting in “core opening” or “spinal release.”Using precise alignment in body-friendly ways, the yoga poses release tensions in the deep spinal muscles, from the tailbone to the crown of the head.Svaroopa® Yoga is both a precise and compassionate yoga practice created for the purpose of healing, transformation, and, transcendent experience.

Svaroopa® yoga is great for all ages and all levels of yoga experience.Beginners love it because it is gentle, soft, safe, and invites an inner experience while focusing on alignment and propping to one's current level of flexibility.Experienced yogis slow down and delve deeper into themselves, opening into new dimensions while hanging out in simple postures that reach deeply into their spinal muscles.Because every posture is modified to each person's level of flexibility, seniors feel they can do yoga.They end class feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed.

During a Svaroopa® yoga class, you will focus on the spine, inviting release of deep muscular and emotional tensions from your tailbone up to your neck.You’ll use the weight and angles of your body to invite your spinal muscles to soften and open.Through propping, all postures will be modified to your level of flexibility, enabling easy release of the tension at the base of your spine.As your body quiets, your mind quiets.You will end class feeling deeply relaxed, renewed and energized.

Each month, my Svaroopa® yoga classes focus on a different theme.Listed below are some of the themes you will experience over the course of a year.

Daily practice.  Develop a daily yoga practice of 6 simple, easy to do yoga postures designed to keep your back flexible and strong.It takes just 15-30 minutes a day, and, of course can be done for longer.

Releasing the Lower Spine. Relieve lower back tension by relaxing muscles around the tailbone and the sacrum.

Releasing the Upper Spine. Relieve tension in your upper back by relaxing, firstthe lower spine, and, then, the muscles that attach to the vertebrae behind the heart.

Abdominals. Find your abdominals the yoga way, with a relaxed spine.

Backbends. Experience flexibility in the lower back by engaging your stomach muscles and relaxing your hip flexors.

Standing Poses. Let your bones support you while in standing postures, and, experience your muscles relaxing.


Hatha yoga in the Style of Svaroopa® Yoga for the Office

This is a a special series of 4 classes, each class is 1 1/2 to 2hours.Participants will learn how they can bring yoga into the office to support them in being more relaxed, energized and creative at their jobs.The will learn deep breathing, simple postures to do while taking a break at their desk or while standing at their chair, and, a daily yoga practice.

Breathing at the Office. Gain clarity and relaxation froma few minutes of deep, belly breathing.

Office Yoga in a Chair. While sitting in your desk chair, relax your hips and chest.

Office Yoga Standing. While standing at your desk, get your energy flowing by warming up your joints.

Daily practice.  Start the day refreshed, or, rejuvenate at the end of the day with adaily yoga practice to keep your back flexible and strong that takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

My Svaroopa® yoga classes are for people of all ages, flexibility, and, levels of experience with yoga.I offer special yoga classes for seniors, as well as yoga for the office, and, I can bring Svaroopa® yoga classes to your corporation.

For a schedule of yoga classes and fees, or, for more information about bringing yoga classes to your place of business, contact The ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing at 212-222-9859, or, e-mail



Private Healing Sessions for the Soul

* Revitalize yourself

* Let go of deeply held physical and emotional tensions

* Overcome self limiting beliefs

* Increase your creativity

* Balance your energy

* Get a fresh perspective onyourself and your world

* Experience a sense of inner peace


Svaroopa® Yoga, the yoga of bliss  Svaroopa yoga is about opening up the energy along the spine so that you experience the bliss of your own being. During a private session, a series of postures tailored to your body’s level of flexibility will focus oninviting release of deep muscular and emotional tensions along your spine, from the tailbone up to the neck, by using gravity, and the weight and angles of the body to invite softening and opening of the spinal muscles. Through propping, all postures will be modified to your body’s level of flexibility, enabling easy access to the tension at the base of the spine. As your body quiets, yourmind will quiet, and, you will drop into the place of bliss.

Embodyment® Embodyment® is a hands-on-healing experience using yoga's healing power to invite your body and mind to relax and open. As you lie on your back, I hold 2 points in your lower spine, inviting the deep muscles along your spine to relax from your tailbone up to your neck. As you feel long held tensions in your body and mind dissolving, you’ll experience deep relaxation and revitalization. Many clients withinjuries, chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, and, nagging aches in the back, hips, knees, shoulders and/or neck, have discovered relief from pain and healing of old injuries through Embodyment® sessions.

Reiki Reiki is a therapeutic hands-on-healing experience that works with the universal life force energy, that power which acts and lives in all created matter, in your body to strengthen and balance your body’s energy centers. As energy blocks are cleared, you’ll experience physical, mental and emotional healing. Once the universal life force energy is flowing freely through your endocrine system and chakras, you may experience a sense of inner peace and health. Reiki supports and compliments almost every kind of medication and treatment used today as it systematically strengthens your body’s absorption and use of life energy.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy integrates the body, mind and spirit by combining the ancient science of yoga with contemporary body-mind psychology. It is client-centered therapy that consciously and actively involves you in the process at all levels, and, supports you wherever you are in your journey of growth and change. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy believes that each one of us is our own best teacher, and, that our body is the gateway to our inner source of wisdom, our soul. In our muscles, as well as our unconscious, we store unresolved emotional experiences, often hiding them from ourselves; thus, restricting our body/mind’s natural freedom and obstructing access to our inner knowing. While being supported and held in body positions based on classic yoga postures, and using verbal dialogue techniques, you can safely explore, release and ultimately integrate physical and emotional tensions that are blocking you, freeing you to connect with the innate wisdom of your body-mind-spirit. After a session, you’ll be much more in touch with how you feel, how you see your world and how you connect to your own spiritual being. No previous yoga experience is necessary to receive the full benefits.


For information abouit private healing sessions and fees, and/or, to schedule a private session: Call The ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing at 212-222-9859 or e-mail

A Stress Relief Course

Life Skills for Moving from Stress Into Wellness

We are living in a time of rapid change. Our attitude towards ourselves, events, and people around us can make the difference between feeling stressful or at peace in the midst of trying times. During this experiential, body-oriented, interactive course in stress relief and management, you will learn various tools to move from living in stress to being in a state of wellness. You will learn ways to stop and pay attention to where the stress is showing up in your body, and, to let go of it through breath, sound, movement, and meditation. You will practice techniques to help you get in touch with yourself, to listen to your body to tell you how you are feeling about yourself and others, and, then to make conscious choices about how you'd like to be and respond in a given situation. You will learn a series of simple yoga postures that you can do daily to relax and renew yourself in the midst of life's busyness.

The stress relief and wellness course will cover the following concepts.

1) Stress is a state where our self and Self are separated.In this state of separation, we respond to situations as either intrinsically good or bad and people as either inherently good or bad; we blame and shame ourselves and others.More oftenthan not we bury our feelings because we label them as either good or bad.And, these unexpressed feelings and all the energy of blaming and shaming are stuck in our muscles, causing constrictions and soreness and hurts, such as headaches, tight shoulders, back aches, etc.

2) Wellness is a state of being in which we are at one within ourselves. The wellness state of being can be described as being at peace within oneself and others; in harmony with oneself and others; centered within one self; accepting and loving of oneself and others; knowing what makes our hearts sing and living that out.

3) In the state of oneness, we respond to situations without a sense of blame or shame. We have and accept our feelings in response to a situation, and, then we make a decision as to how to respond.

4) Moving from stress to wellness is a process. We are so used to blaming and shaming, etc., that it takes a process to develop new habits, a new way of being. It's a process of becoming aware of how I am feeling and being while a situation is happening, accepting myself with whatever my feelings are, and, then allowing a change to occur.

Tools that you will learn during the workshop:

1) Each individual is different; therefore, stress and wellness are different for each one of us. Each participant will be invited to answer for his/herself: What is stress? What are stressful situations for me? What are my signals that I'm stressed – feelings and physical symptoms. What is wellness to me? How do I recognize a state of wellness for me.

2) Once I know that I'm feeling stressed, how do I invite myself to let go of it? You'll learn to acknowledge your stressful state, and, then to let go through breath, sound, movement, and meditation.

3) How do I know what's going on with me? How do I listen to myself? You'll learn to listen to your body as a source of wisdom about yourself – how you're feeling, how you're showing up in life, what you need – by bringing awareness and attention to each part of your body and noticing what it has to tell you about you.

3) What just happened? What is my response to what just happened? How am I feeling about it? After each experience, participants will be invited to pause and reflect, to become aware of their response to what is happening, and, to share with a partner and then in the larger group.

4) What am I taking away with me from this session? How am I going to practice what I've learned? From each session, Participants will walk away with a very specific action to take in the immediate future around self-awareness and self-acceptance.

5) How do I relax my body and quiet my mind? Participants will learn a basic daily yoga routine of 6 simple, easy to do postures that can take 15 minutes to an hour to do that will relax, renew and energize the body, mind and spirit.

6) Participants will be asked to keep a daily journal as part of the process of becoming mindfully aware of themselves, getting to know themselves, how they respond to stress, what they want, etc.

This course can be offered as a 4 to 8 week series of sessions, each session lasting from 2-3 hours.

Call The ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing at 212-222-9859 or e-mail

Ready to Fly, Spiritual Growth Program



Come join the magic of a transformative journey into the depths of your being. Explore the vast riches of your body, mind and spirit, mining hidden nuggets of gold. Delve into your shadow, unleashing its creative potential.Develop a deeper and more compassionate relationship with your Self and others. Let your soul’s passion shine through and learn to live your life from the inside out.

This mindful journey to reveal the wondrousness of your soul takes you through a unique unfolding process drawn from yoga and qigong based concepts of energy movement, body-centered awareness and self-acceptance, combining:

* improvisational movement and vocal toning;
* self-observation, inquiry and reflection;
* dynamic connections ofbody, breath and feelings;
* non-judgmental listening presence;
* group and partner sharing;
* fun partnering postures;
* a chance to get acquainted with your inner child…and ….more….


Each stage of the journey opens with an attunement to oneself and the theme.It closes with an integration, acknowledging key awarenesses and insights and creating simple steps to practice them in daily life.


Getting acquainted with myself and my fellow travelers. Remembering my calling to the journey.Acknowledging my hopes and dreams. Noticing and accepting what can get in my way. Honoring my physical and emotional edges as agents of change.Holding the potential for new insights.


Getting to know the ‘more of me’ - the kaleidoscope of my physical sensations, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Exposing fixed patterns of thought and being, through breath, sound and movement.Paying attention to my body’s wisdom.Deepening my relationship with my feelings.Visiting stuck places.Experiencing the joy of ‘free flow’ energy … All with the help of my fellow travelers.


Exploring how I am showing up in my life with friends, family, at home, at work, in leisure. Getting a sense ofthe elusive feelings, emotions, qualities and characteristics lurking in my shadow.


Revealing the ‘hidden child’ parts of me frozen in my shadow. Offering themcompassion.Inviting them into a dialogue.Listening to and acknowledging their feelings and beliefs.Accepting them as they are.


Welcoming all parts of me, as they are, into the light of my complete being. Befriending every part of me. Celebrating my hidden treasures. Dancing my way into a fresh perception of my wholeness and…

Letting my wondrous cuckoo self fly!

During this soul journey, you will be asked to honor and respect the emotional and physical boundaries of yourself and others.

The soul’s journey is endless in its scope and boundless in its enlightenment.– Anon.

[For dates and times and fees of the current “Ready to Fly” spiritual growth program, Call 212-222 9859, #2, or e-mail]


Katherine Brewster, MBA & RYT, a Svaroopa® Yoga teacher, a certified practitioner of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Embodyment®, a level 4 Reiki Masterand a devoted yogini, is the founder and director of The ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing, a haven for inner peace and quiet. Through classes in Svaroopa® yoga (group or individual), private healing sessions and body-oriented, experiential workshops and stress management courses, you are invited to experience the sense of wholeness that comes from integrating body, mind and spirit, and to come within to the calm still point at your center, listening to your heart’s love song and remembering your soul’s passion.

Tel:212-222-9859 #2

Larry Hurst is a relationship life-coach with a focus on transitions in individuals, the family, the community and the workplace.He brings 35 years of experience and exploration as a health professional and corporate executive, and is affiliated with the International Coach Federation.His practice offers one-on-one and group consultations.In addition, he runs a workshop in personal insight and growth (Making Felt Sense) that attracts a wide range of participants from business people to body workers.He is a certified trainer with the internationally based Focusing Institute and has a particular interest in mind-body resonance.

Tel: 917-595-6884

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